Santa Goes Evil

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A few Kids decide Santa has been too naughty. And confront him for it.

Submitted: July 25, 2012

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Submitted: July 25, 2012




Santa Goes Evil



Little Nicky wants a bike for Christmas.  But, not just any bike.  So,  he decides to write a letter to Santa. 

The letter says,“Dear Santa.

I want a cherry red Big-Wheel with tan rockets on it.  Daddy says if you don’t get it for me, then you’re not very nice.

P.S. I love you,

Little Nicky”


Santa received the letter twenty-one days later.  He reads it to find yet another kid is turning greedy.

“I hate them, all the kids today are getting so needy and greedy!”So, that year Santa made all the elves build grenades.  That was the year all the kids got a little surprise.  They woke up to expect their new toys.  They see a huge hole in the wall instead. 

They cried for days and days, until the South Elgin School was very upset.  The kids who are too old to believe in Santa are very annoyed. Yes they have now been proven wrong, Santa is real, but it was too late, and Santa was now angry.

“Hey, Joe, what do you want to do, to get these kids to stop crying?”  Peter asked.

“I thought about this for a long time.  Let’s go get Santa and show him how to be jolly” Joe told Peter.

Early the next day, Joe and Peter call up some nerds to call up some bullies from around the area.  By the end of the day the nerds had 996 bullies, and on lieutenant. 

 “His name is John.”  Little Nickie commented.

“Send him in.”  Joe demanded.

“Hi, my name is John, and I live on the south side of Chicago.”

“Be ready to take your troops to the North Pole.”  Joe ordered.

Later that day, they were on their way to the North Pole.

“Hey, can we turn on the radio?”Little Nickie asked.

“No, we cannot!”  John yelled.

“Come on, just let him listen to the radio,” Peter demanded.

So, Joe turned on the radio as it played “Jingle bells, Jingle bells, jingle all the way.”  Joe quickly turned the station to “Santa Clause is Coming to Town; Santa Claus is coming to...”  Joe again quickly turned the station to “Feliz Navidad, Feliz Navidad.”  Joe and all the others looked puzzled and Peter ripped out the radio!

“Enough with the Christmas music!”  Peter grumbled.

“Oh no!  What will we listen to now?”  Joe’s sister Kaitlyn asked. 

“Don’t worry, I have an I-Pod,” Nickie suggested.

“OK, let’s plug it in.” Joe yelled.

“Hit the play button Peter.” John told him.

“Nothing is happening,” Joe questioned.

“You have to wait a few seconds,” Nickie answered.

“Oh, I hear something now!” Joe exclaimed.  “Feliz Navidad, Feliz Navidad...”

Peter screams, “That’s it!  I’m ripping out this I-Pod!”

Five days later, as Joe, Peter, John, Kaitlyn and Little Nickie travel along in truck number one we hear:  “Hey Joe, you better get on the CB and tell truck number five that they are lagging behind.”  Peter advised. 

Joe’s voice came over the CB, “Hey, truck five, what’s going on?”

“Nothing.  We are just a little tired.”  Joie’s voice came back.

“Are you the only one on the truck?” Joe asked.

“No, there’s Adam, and Mr. Pickle.”  Joie answered again.

“If you’re so tired, get someone else on the line.” Joe yelled.

“Hi, this is Adam.  Can you hear me, now?” Through this here fancy talking device?”  Adam questioned.

“No, now listen up.  Take the wheel Adam.” says Joe again.

“Hey, Peter, it’s been ten minutes,  has truck number five got back up to speed yet?”  Joe asked.

“No, it’s got a lot worse.” Peter said.

“Hey, truck number five,” Joe yelled into the CB.

“What?”  (Adam’s voice.)

“You have to take the pedals, too.” Peter told him.

“What?” Adam questioned.

“Yes!”  Joe yelled.

“Well, in that case, I have to run back to the truck and unbolt the pedals, and carry the CB, steering wheel, and now the pedals!”

“No, you aren’t supposed to ‘take’ anything!  Just switch spots with Joie and drive!” They said unison.

“OK, I am on; my way back to the truck,” Adam said.

“Let’s move out, guys.  Let’s go!”  Joe ordered,

The next day, “Guys, guys, wake up!  We’re here.  But, where is truck number five?”  Joe eagerly asked.

“They ran out of gas,” troop number 987 answered.

“Let’s just leave them alone.  What are we waiting for?  Let’s move out!”  Joe demanded.

They walked up to the side of the house to set up a perimeter.  Joe moved his arm over to the door bell and he heard, “Feliz Navidad, Feliz Navidad” “Forget this,” Joe charged inside to see ...nothing?

“Where is everybody?” Kaitlyn screamed.

“Hi, my name is ‘Elf Negative One.!”

“That’s you’re name?  Why are you called ‘Elf Negative One’?”

“Because, I didn’t want to go to the South Pole.  Oh, did I mention that Santa is at the South Pole?”

“How do we get there?  Kid number 007 asked.

“You can use the back up sleigh,” Elf Negative One answered.

“Feliz Navidad, Feliz Navidad...”

“Nickie get over here!  What did I say about not ringing the doorbell?”  Joe screamed.

“To not to,” Little Nickie shyly answered in his squeaky little voice.

“Let’s go!” Peter hollered.

“My bike, my bike. Santa built my bike!”  Little Nickie shouted

“Nicky, put that bike down!” Peter yelled.

They arrive at the South Pole. 

“Hey, Joe!  Wake up!  We are here.  We need a password for the gate.”

“Try, ‘Ho, Ho, Ho.” Joe suggested.

“It didn’t work, Joe.  What should we try now?  We can’t get in to Santa’s Village,” John yelled.

“I know what it is!  Stand back...’Feliz Navidad’, Joe mumbled. 

Before you knew it, all the kids were running inside, fighting off the reindeer and elves.  Joe and Nickie ran over to a safe that Santa had, and hid inside.  Meanwhile, John and Peter and their troops are fighting off reindeer and elves. 

“We need a code!” Little Nickie shouted.

“I know, ‘Ho, Ho, Ho,” Joe answered.

“Error!” said a mechanical voice from the machine. Joe didn’t guess it right.

“Joe, I have to go to the bathroom,” Little Nickie announced in his squeaky voice.

“OK, fine.  Just go over there.”  Joe motioned. 

“OK, I’m back.  I am ready to work,” Nickie said in a deep voice.

“Nickie, your voice is low, what happened?” Joe questioned. 

“Yeah, I haven’t gone to the bathroom since we started the adventure. Guess my bladder had backed up more than I thought!” explained Little Nickie.

“I don’t really care if your voice is low.  Just try to open the door,” Joe said exasperated.

With the deepest voice Little Nickie could use he said, “Ho, ho, ho.

The door opens up slowly and it is pitch dark in the vault.  Santa suddenly jets out of their in a Ferrari.

“Ha, ha, ha, you will never get me now!” Santa yelled.

“Hey, Joe I found a Jeep over here!” Little Nickie yelled.

“What are you waiting for?  Go, you guys, go!” John shouted.

“No, this is my fight.  Let me go alone,” Joe demanded.

Joe gets in the Jeep and drives off into a race with Santa.  Joe and Santa are head to head.  But, because of Santa’s long hood Santa is in the lead.  Joe reaches for the radio and tunes to his favorite station.  “Born to be wild...Born to be wild...” comes thru the speakers.  Joe pulls ahead of Santa and slams on his brakes.  So, Santa would have to do the same.  But, Santa flies through the window, and flies straight through Joe’s rear window, and lands in the rear seat.  Joe turns around and hand cuffs him.  Joe gets back to the battle to find they have won.  Joe reaches inside and pulls Santa out.  But, Santa pushes Joe down a hill and follows.

“Ha, I got you now!” Santa yelled.

“What do you mean?” Joe asks.

“It’s a dead zone.” Santa says in an ominous voice.

“What do you mean ‘a dead zone’?” asked Joe.

“Calls keep getting lost,” Santa answers.

“Don’t worry I have the Verizon Network, Joe,” Little Nickie says as he tosses him his cell phone.

Joe hesitates to call but he decides to try to talk to Santa. 

But, before he could, Santa says, “How ironic, you try to rid the world of an evil Santa.  But, you’re a bully.”

“No, I’m not a bully.  I am one of the few kids my age that still believes in you,” Joe shouted.

Joie, Adam and Mr. Pickle pull up to see, they have already won the battle.

“Hey, we won!  Let’s party!”  Joe shouted.

So, Christmas was never the same again.  The Easter Bunny had to fill in for Santa because Santa was in jail for ten-thirty years.  Bullies and nerds became one.  No more nerds, bullies, or little greedy babies, who write to Santa.


  The End.



Adam, Joie and Mr. Pickle get back from celebrating.  They look up at the sky to find the South Star.  Joe looks to both his sides, to try to find Adam and Mr. Pickle.  “Guys...guys?  Where are you? Whoa! I didn’t know they had eight foot kitties at the South Pole.  Wow! You look hungry...”

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