something called why

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this poem is about my first true love

Submitted: July 15, 2012

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Submitted: July 15, 2012



Effortless thoughts roam my mind about her and her heart

Why do I feel so alone and trap by u at the same time why couldn't ur heart and smile stay when u departed 

Why do I still see jumping Jacks

Why do I still see us up there 

Why are we still on cloud nine 

Why aren't we on cloud 10

Why we didnt make it to our end 

Why when we fuss the word trust come up between us 

Why u hide ur feeling away from me  but you can tell the world about me and u 

Why u can't open up to me and let me kno about me so I can fix me for us

Why u can't let the person who love u love u but let any fool be intimate with u and now u saying fuck u to someone who doesn't give a fuck about u 

Why u listen to love songs but have lust in your heart 

Why do u think lust is the only thing between us 

Why can't u love me for who I am and not what I'm suppose to be 

Why do I only have one true love 

Why do I keep checking ,reviewing,analysing,meditating,confirming,over thinking, loving ,wanting ,hating,lusting over you 

Why can't I get over not u but us 

Why can't I fall in love with another but fear the pain from his other 

Why are u his other and not his first but you refuse to make me your first and your last 

Why when I find someone new she remind me of you therefore I find more to attract me to you but knowing she's not you makes me think That since now im thinking bout you you never thought about me 

Why huh?

Why I can't hear you ?

Why aren't u listening ? 

I kno why cuz you can't spell lust without us and u can't spell love without love 

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