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why cant he see it this way

Submitted: August 08, 2012

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Submitted: August 08, 2012




Some guys think having a girlfriend means having to act perfect

So she doesn’t think any less of them

Or having to pretend they’re life is perfect when it’s really not

Others think it means having a smile on their face

When they actually feel like crying

Or just simply having to spend every minute of every day with her

But they’re wrong


We don’t expect perfection

Because we love regardless the flaws

We don’t want lies all we want is to get to know the boy

We’ve fallen in love with


We know his life isn’t perfect because no one’s life is

We want to be able to make him feel better when someone has hurt him

And make him smile when he’s lost the ability to do so

We don’t care where he came from

Because we know he’s better


We don’t need him to act ok when he’s not

We want to know he trusts us enough to show the pain he feels

Tears are expected at some point

Being a guy doesn’t make him invincible


Not having free time is ok we understand

All he has to do is tell us

We know his whole life doesn’t revolve around us

And besides it doesn’t matter if we see him 5 minutes or 5 hours

All we care about is seeing him

We don’t care if it’s at the movies alone or at school

Or simply when we do our homework together

We don’t want to see him every day for hours sometimes

Its nice to spend a day or two without him

So we notice how much we missed him


I am the girl who has you in every thought

Who cares immensely

The girl who loves you irrationally

I am your girlfriend


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