what is our reason ?

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any other tittle idea will be very helpful

Submitted: August 08, 2012

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Submitted: August 08, 2012



All our lives we question the universe

We ask our selves how we can love so uncontrollably

When we can love to such extreme

We wonder who and what we really are

And for what reason we were out here


We spent our entire lives asking ourselves these questions

Dwelling on the unknown

Passing it through our mind over and over again

Trying to answer them when deep inside we know the answers

We just don’t know how to find them


With time we learn from our experiences

We learn how anger and hatred can boil our blood

And make us change for the worst

Just as love can bring blinding happiness

And change us for the best


With time and faith we learn who we are and why we were put here

We are all beings created out of imperfection

We’re not meant to be perfect

In fact we are expected to make mistakes


We all come with one reason to this world

And as simple as it might be

We sometimes spent our whole lives trying to answer this one simple question

Why are we here?

Little do we know god put us here simply so we can

Live life

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