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a short compariosn of now and then .

Submitted: March 28, 2013

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Submitted: March 28, 2013



Momma always told me "sucess is the key". Back then i never questioned. i never had a doubt in my mind. what momma said always went. AlWAYS WENT. if she were to tell you it was going to rain, quess what, IT RAINED. if she told you to go sit down somewhere, quess what you did? You went and sat down somewhere. If momma told you that your daddy was no good, to busy out there chasing hoes. SHE WAS RIGHT. I never apprecaited what she had to say, i just knew i had to listen. Now i know i should have wanted to listen.THEN , i thought  that with rain came a rainbow, with tears came a lolipop, and with life came sucess. I had the game all fucked up. With rain comes thunder, with tears comes more, and with life comes STRUGGLES. THEN, i didnt see the struggles , all i saw was the naked baby dolls, and new flavors of candy through the candy store windows. THEN, i never imagined that life would be this hard. NOW, i dont believe how easy life was THEN. Helen Keller  always said : " when one door of happiness closes, another ones opens". Momma always says : You leaving? Don't let the door hit you on the way out".... THEN, the door was held opened for you. NOW, the door is shut on you before you even get in the door. Famous artist " Lil Boosie" says " they said i'd never make it to the top because i come from the bottom". Momma always said " You'll make it to the top cause you came from the bottom". THEN, it was okay to been in a "group".. NOW, being in a  "group" gets your life gone..
THEN, taking medicine was smarties. NOW, taking medicine is morphine and mollys. THEN, drinking was sipping kool-aid from the jug withoit momma knowing. NOW, drinking is sipping from glass, driving and killing an innocent human being. THEN, a boyfriend was a guy who just happend to be someone you played cars. NOW, a boy friend is someone who hurts you, makes you cry, && cheats. THEN, life was a bundle of fun , filled with Happiness. NOW, life is a contastrophy.

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