We gotta try...

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Everybody gives up at one point, but don't

Submitted: February 04, 2011

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Submitted: February 04, 2011



Take a second and look at your life

You've only gone so far and now you wanna die

But death don't come easy

It never did and it never will

We all trying to drive straight on a road made of nails

We all trying to make a living in a place of confusion

Every tear drop we cry

Every broken heart we survive

There's a million others out there doing the same

Life's not easy no one said it was

We all gotta take some bumps and bruises

To get to a simple place where we can just cruise

But happiness can only last so long

Because everyones try shut someone down

We can't make it up that hill

Because someone's always trying to knock us down

But when we get knocked down and don't get back up

You not hurting no one but yourself

As long as you're laying there on life's floor

They gonna keep stomping and stepping on you

No one's here to lift you up, we gotta do it ourselves

We driving on a cracked and unpaved road

Smoothness only comes once in a while

We gotta face the storm to see the sunshine

We gotta fight the battle to win the war

We gotta get back up when we fall

We gotta keep trying when push comes to shove

We gotta not give up on ourselves, because we only have ourselves

We gotta realize that life didnt come with instructions

We trying to figure how to survive with out no directions

We gotta make mistakes to find out corrections

We can't give up on ourselves because no one else cares

The only person that should care about you is YOU

So take a second look at your life

Is death really the answer

Death don't coem easy and it never will

Just think of those who've died you're family

You're friends

And look at yourself

Is it worth it

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