A Fallen World

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A short poem about life

Submitted: September 09, 2012

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Submitted: September 09, 2012



The car pulls up to the gas station
My father gets out and slams the door with great vibration
My mother sighs
Out the window I spy

A little girl crosses the cement frantically in a plain white dress
A man casts down a cigarette with distress
The area is full of regret
In fact I do not see a single smile anywhere only depress

If i could pull the burdens off of everyone and carry them myself
I would
But I can’t
So as the saying goes I shan’t

The world was a mixture of green and gray
But even the green was a mere shade
Of what this life was meant to be
Now it’s stuck in custody

Enslaved to hurt and pain
Where there is nothing to be gained
This world is rotten
And fallen

As I stared out the window
All these thoughts rushing my mind
I realized that even though life can be a constant grind
There is much more to find

Yes, this world is fallen it’s true
Only a shadow of what it used to
There is hope drawn on the wall
There is salvation for us all

I may not be able to carry your burdens
I may not be able to fix what has broken in your life
But I can do this
I can unite

I can help you
I can comfort you
You can lean on me
And I can lean on you

See there are many things wrong with this world
But the relationship between you and me is not one of them
When you fall I will help you back up
And help you drink your cup

And when that glorious day comes
When the feet will drum and the bees will hum
This world will be repaired
With hurt and pain spared

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