Commiting To Event The Tiniest Thing

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This was sort of a competition between me and my sister. We were to writ a story inspiered by the song 'Again and Again' by 2PM. Also the sentence "I won’t ever see you again" would have to be in there.

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Submitted: October 01, 2009

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Submitted: October 01, 2009



Commitment has never been my thing. I quit my soccer team five times in one year when I was ten. I dropped out of high school when I had one year to go. I quit my first job after two weeks, and I even liked working there. By the time my 20th birthday came around I hadn’t had a relationship that lasted longer than three weeks. Sometimes I laughed about the reasons for my breakups: her nose is too big, she’s Jewish, her dad is too rich. Though most of the time I cried.  
It came as a big surprise as well for myself as to anyone else when I proposed to her. Two years, two whole years I had stayed with her. Not even thinking about leaving. She was wonderful. Her laugh, oh my God her laugh. The way she frowned every time she drank coffee in the morning, even though she liked it. I loved everything about her, and that’s why I asked her to marry me.
I had asked myself several times why I had such a hard time sticking to things. When I was five years old my dad had walked out on me and my mother. She never really recovered from it. That might be the reason. Or maybe I was just screwed up from the beginning. Either way, now I was finally cured.
It had rained the day I met her. She had been soaked, her long brown hair hanging down her face. She had worn a flower printed dress. From the moment I first saw her, I knew she was the one.
“Lady, you can stand under my umbrella”
The wedding planning had gone trough smooth. We had picked out a delicious cake, sent out all the invitations and the brides mates all had their unflattering dresses ready. I had called up my old friend from Michigan and asked him to be my best man. He had been unreasonably happy about it and I sort of regretted my decision to ask him, though I didn‘t tell him that. All that mattered was that I am marrying the love of my life.
We aren’t like those crazy couples that must do everything according to tradition, so we both slept in the same bed the night before our wedding. I watched her from the bed as she got ready. Slipping gracefully out of her clothes and into her nightgown. She twisted her hair together and brought it
over one shoulder before she lay down in the bed next to me.
“Tomorrow is the big day” I whispered as I stroke her head. She smiled.
“Finally it’s here, finally we can be a family”
“A tiny family, but a family non the less” I gently brushed my finger against her lips.
“Maybe it will be a slightly bigger family than you expect” She gave me a look to confirm my suspicions.
“You don’t mean?”
“I do. You going to be a father” Her entire being shined in a way I had never seen a human being shine before and I wondered how I could have missed that she was pregnant. After giving me yet another smile she turned around and fell right asleep. I lay awake for hours, watching her as she slept. It was as if I wanted to memorize every single detail of her. I studied her long lashes, twitching as she dreamt. Her tiny nose, her chest lowering and rising with every breath, her lips; pink and beautiful. I tried to remember all of her habits, from the way she walked and talked, to the way she always tried to sing along to all songs, even if she had never heard them before. “If I just could hear her sing once more” I thought for myself before I got out of bed. I didn’t even fight it, I had sort of seen this day coming. I cursed myself for ever thinking it could go away. I kissed her one last time on the cheek before I silently left the room. On her nightstand I had left a note.
I won’t ever see you again.

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