A Monster 3

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This is the sequel to A Monster 3. If you haven't read the first two, I'd highly suggest it. You don't have to, though. It might take a while, but you might be able to catch on to the plot line. Enjoy!

Submitted: January 23, 2016

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Submitted: January 23, 2016



Matt jumped out in front of the door as Jess did, holding his torch up high. He was surprised to see... nothing. There was nothing except open air and the empty street in front of them. Jess tilted her head the side in confusion.

"This is just the empty house on my street painted to look like a barn!" she exclaimed, stepping back to look at the house that they had just exited. Matt, seeing no further use for the torch that he was holding, extinguished it in the sand and went over to look at the house with Jess.

It did seem very familiar, and Matt was sure that he had seen it before. "Why would she have me escape from somewhere so close to my apartment?" he asked no one in particular.

Jess started walking down the dark street, and Matt followed her. "Well," she said, "it depends on what she did with you."

Matt stopped. "What?" he asked incredulously.

"Well, now that I think of it, she's got to have done something with you. Something that she wants to expose to the public." Jess said, still walking.

"Then shouldn't I just go into hiding?" Matt rushed to catch up with her again.

Jess sighed. "No, first we've got to find out what it is and stop it, 'cause it's not gonna be anything good." They turned a corner and Jess pointed at a large house that looked more like a mansion. "There's my house, we'll be safe in there."

They entered the large house, which looked even more like a mansion on the inside. While Jess locked the door, Matt gazed in awe at the two double staircases that led up to a balcony going all around the room, the well-polished wood furniture standing neatly nearby, and the huge crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling that brought the whole room together.

Jess looked around in satisfaction. "Yeah," she said, "it's one heck of a mudroom. My father had too much money." She led him into a small study under the left staircase.

The study looked like either a file cabinet had exploded or a tornado made of papers had formed inside it. Matt sat down in a nearby armchair, but then got up again when he sunk almost a foot down into the soft cushions. Jess took his place, and he decided on the corner of a desk instead.

"So. What am I, anyway?" he asked, moving a very untidy stack of documents from the edge of the desk.

"Well, it's a delicate topic. Some call you a lycanthrope, but you're not really. First of all, what you have can't come from the bite of a creature. It's either passed down genetically or you've got to ingest a formula that causes it." Jess paused, then carried on. "It's sort of like there's another, very violent person that lives inside you and comes out at night. There are ways of controlling it, but it's tough. And if you mix it with the proper... things, it can make very... disastrous results." Jess explained. Then she threw up her hands. "Oh, what the heck. You're like a werewolf."

"Oh." Matt said. There was an awkward silence. "That's cool, I guess."

Jess gave him a disapproving look. "No, it's not."

He put up his hands. "All right, not cool."

She sighed. "Anyway, back to work. It's just about eleven at night. That mean anything to you?"

"I usually change... I guess I change... at midnight."

Jess nodded. "That's typical. Come on, follow me."

Matt followed, curious. "How do you know this stuff?"

"Oh, just the usual. Long line of family history and all that."


Jess had led him out of the study and down a smaller set of stairs, expertly covered in a trapdoor that looked very much like wood flooring that was covered in a small rug. It was dark in the staircase. At the bottom there was a huge steel vault door, like the kind used in banks. Jess grunted as the turned the lock, then she gave a little bow and gestured in.

"Werewolves first."

Matt stepped inside. The room was a large one, with padded walls, ceilings and floors. in the corner stood a small red truckle bed. It was the only thing in the room besides him. At the top of the high room there was a large square window from which Jess waved. Then she sat down in a wooden chair with a pen and notepad and started observing him.

The observations were weird, but Matt supposed that it was for his own good, so he just sat on the bed and tried to ignore it. He tried taking his mind off of his situation, but he couldn't think of anything. He looked around, wishing for a pen and paper, even though it was probably a safety hazard. His werewolf side would probably stab someone with it. That gave him a great idea. Matt passed the time by making a list of ways you could kill someone with just a pen and paper. It was actually quite entertaining. He had gotten up to a whole twelve ways when suddenly, he started to get lightheaded.

He looked up at Jess, who smiled and gave a thumbs up. He tried for a faint smile back and raised his thumb shakily, then his world plummeted into blackness.



When Matt woke up he was sprawled on the floor. He got up and groaned; his muscles were sore all over. Just like usual, his clothes were ripped and he smelled of smoke. Matt looked around at the padded room surrounding him and noticed that the little red truckle bed was nowhere to be seen. He looked around some more and found out why. The truckle bed was in splinters against the far wall, just like it had been smashed against it by a mighty force. It probably had.

The large vault door started creaking, and Jess came in. She gave Matt a little wave.

"So, how was your sleep?" she asked with a smile.

Matt rubbed his head and stood up. "Could have been better."

"Well, come with me and I'll tell you what happened. It's quite interesting, really."

He followed Jess out of the room and back into the study, being sure to cover the trapdoor as he left. Matt began to ask the question that was uppermost on his mind. "So. When I changed, was I..."

"Don't you even start!" Jess interrupted, a frown on her face but a smile in her eyes. "And if you really want to know, yes. You were. Now don't mention in again!" Matt nodded, grinning widely.

The study, which had formerly been extremely cluttered, was now in pristine condition. Matt looked around in awe. "Was I out for that long?" he ask, running his hand over the spotless desk.

"Yup." Jess answered matter-of-factly. "And I brought in a chair that you won't sink into so much." She had, indeed, brought in a wooden chair that didn't feel like it was going to swallow him. He sat down in it, rubbing his sore arms.

"So. Let me tell you something about your case." Jess said, plopping down in the extremely deep chair. "Most of the people in your position have mindless forces of destruction inside them. You, however, do not have a mindless force of destruction in you. You have a very clever force of destruction in you.

"You see, most of the time when they take over your body, your other side will go on a rampage immediately. A big old killing spree, destroying everything they can. Yours, however, did not. It waited and bided it's time, scouting out the areas, and tried to make you think that it was nonexistent. As you know, you would wake up in your bed with nothing but ripped clothing and the smell of ash."

Matt scratched his head. "I didn't wake up in the bed this time."

Jess nodded. "Right. As I recall, it was in splinters. That's because the monster knew that we knew about it. It no longer had to take precautions about us finding out, because we already knew." She tapped the notepad in her hand. "I actually spoke to it, which I'll admit is a first. I recorded our conversation." Jess leaned in. "I actually had an intelligent exchanging of words, Matt. This is really exciting!"

She leaned back into her former position and coughed. "Anyway, basically it at first pretended to be confused and asked to get out. When I was firm, it tried to bargain and said it would cause no trouble. And when I still refused, the monster threatened me and

hurled the bed across the room. It continued to rampage like this until you returned to consciousness."

"Is there any way to get rid of it?" Matt asked. He realized that it was bad, this monster inside him. It wasn't in the least bid good. At first he had thought, how bad could it be? But it needed to be exterminated. Even if it made him...

Jess interrupted his thoughts. "Well, if this were a normal case then I could probably trick it into killing itself. But this is not a normal case, and this thing that you have won't be tricked, so we'll have to see what happens. For now, you should probably stay here and sleep in the vault until I've figured out a way to deal with this."

She yawned and rubbed her eyes. "Anyway, feel free to explore this old mansion if you want. I'm going to go catch some shuteye, I've been up all night." Jess walked out of the room and was gone.

Matt stayed awhile, contemplating his new predicament. This was not good. He had an intelligent being inside of him, and it was violent. He wondered what it's purpose was, why he had it, and what Lilith's role in all of this was. What had she done to him? So many thoughts whirled around in his head that it began to hurt to think. In any case, the first thing that they had to do was find it's motive. Maybe then life with a monster would be bearable.

Matt sighed and walked out of the study. From now on, life would be a lot more complicated.


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