It Takes it's Toll Anyway

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I don't think that this really needs a description. Enjoy.

Submitted: February 01, 2016

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Submitted: February 01, 2016



Mathew slumped heavily in his chair, resting his head on the small windowsill in front of him. He was lucky that his apartment had a window at all, but it was times like this when he wished that he had been less fortunate. Outside, the wind battered at the narrow palm trees that fringed the grey parking lot, making them bend like twigs in the hand of a rambunctious child that was trying to see how far they would go before snapping. He wouldn't be surprised if one of them snapped someday. The wind also battered the rain, driving it in sheets down onto the hard pavement and making it rat-a-tat-tat on the roofing tiles.

Leaning back, Mathew surveyed the grisly scene of weather taking it's toll on the dreary parking lot. He felt like a warlord commanding vast, unstoppable armies, for the weather always seemed to relflect upon his mood. Maybe that's why it was always so stormy.

A creaking then clicking sound behind him told Mathew that Cathrine had come home. There was a rustling, then she walked up and sat down next to him. Her hazel eyes surveyed the storm outside quickly, but soon returned to his face. She always knew when he was feeling low.

"Bad day at work, huh?" Cathrine asked, leaning back. Mathew nodded.

"You didn't go into this job so that they would like you, so that they would like your work. You went into this job so that you could share your talent. Stop taking their stupid ignorance as a sign of hatred, Matt, you just need to put yourself out there."

Mathew sighed, then straightened and stretched. "I know, I know." he said softly. "I've tried, Cathrine. I just... maybe I'm doing something wrong. Maybe I should change, and then I'd get some recognition."

Cathrine's eyes hardened, she was almost glaring at him now. "Are you saying that you think you should change your style for other people? Where has my Mathew gone?"

He sighed again. "They shouldn't get to me, I know. But isn't it everyone's dream... doesn't everyone want people who will follow them, who like what they do? Isn't it everyone's dream to be liked?"

Cathrine's voice softened, and she touched his hand gently. "Yes. Everyone wants to be loved. It's okay." She looked into his eyes. "But you can't let it get to you, Matt, it'll be the end of you as it has been for many others."

There was a long pause, and neither of them spoke. Matt's voice was barely a whisper now. "I've tried so hard, and I'm tired. I've tried to keep the ignorance and the silence away, but the silence is so loud and the ignorance is jeering."

"It takes it's toll anyway."

"No matter how hard you try."

"It takes it's toll anyway."

"Unless you have someone, it always does."

"I can keep it at bay for you. You could never do it on your own."

"Anyone could have done it except for me."

"It's the same for everyone."

"You are not alone."

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