Savanna Tales

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a little story. It's for characterization! Yay, characterization. It is the characterization of the character Erik, as I need to characterize him. Enjoy!

The day was a hot one on the African Savanna, but that was to be expected. It hadn't rained in a week. Heat shimmered up from the ground in waves, creating dancing images to the untrained eye. In the far distance, Acacia trees stood, their branches unmoving like tiny, delicate statues in the still, sweltering air. Erik leaned on his jeep wrangler, moving his dusty, wide-brimmed hat further down over his eyes. There was no use studying anything today. He would have to try agian in the evening, when the animals were still about but not yet asleep. It would be cooler then, and maybe he would actually be able to get some work done.

Erik got in his jeep and started up it's engine, enjoying the rumbling sound that told of it's starting back to life. He started towards the village in which his colleagues and he had made their base of operations to study the animals out here. It was a small village, for the larger ones in this area usually had more savage customs with outsiders, especially white-skinned ones. Through an open window air rushed, made cool by the speed at which the car was going. As Erik drove, he noticed a gathering of clouds on the horizon. With luck, he thought, they would sweep towards here and rain. The villagers would be doing their rain chant when he got back, as they were ever vigilant in watching the clouds at times like these. 

When he got to the village, sure enough, a group of the most respected villagers were chanting their strange lyrics while others behind them were beating drums slowly and softly. The others were standing in a circle aorund them and swaying to the beat. He parked in the spot designated by the villagers at their arrival and walked a wide circle around the ceremony to get to his base on the other side. It always made him nervous, walking by a ceremony like this. Erik was an atheist, but he was afraid that he would interrupt something with his presence or ruin the drum beats or something ridiculous, and all of the villagers would get angry. And the last thing he wanted was to be surrounded by angry people with hurt pride and extreme religion. 

As usual, he passed the ceremony fine. He walked through the door of the office and looked around. It looked exactly the same. Papers scattered across many desks, bookshelves cluttered with cups and plates(clean of course, Erik couldn't stand dirty dishes lying about), sketchbooks open to random pages. It was a wonder that they managed to get anything done with an environment like this, but they did. By 'they' he meant his partner Arthur Fulton and himself. Erik took some African dialect worksheets off of the least cluttered chair and moved it to the far left corner, the one that he always kept clean. He propped it against the wall and sat down, taking off his boots and grabbing a book that looked new off of a table corner, where Arthur tended to put new things. It was titled, 'How to Draw Animals'. Erik snorted placing it back on the table. His partner had always been envious of his sketching skills, especially of animals. 

Arthur walked into the room, holding a mug in each hand. He handed one to Erik, who accepted it gladly. It was full of ice. Erik took a cube and crunched on it happily; ice was a rare treat down here.

"So, where's the chief?" Arthur asked. He had picked up the dialect worksheets that Erik had moved and was putting them in a folder. Erik could hardly beleive his eyes. Was Arthur cleaning?

"He's doing another rain ceremony, there are some clouds to the north. You won't get the chance to speak to him for another three hours." Erik answered, trying to stay calm as his partner gathered up dishes from various corners of the room. This was truly a once in a lifetime activity to behold.

"Ah, you never had any interest in religion, did you?" Arthur sighed, taking through a doorway across from the front door that lead into the kitchen. "As I remember, you said it's all mumbo jumbo."

"Hmm. Well, most of it, anyway." Erik usually wasn't one for lengthy conversation, but when it came to religion, he was strongly opinionated. "It's stupid to think that a god of the rain will come down just because you bang on the drums a bit. That goes double if there's only one god, no matter how all powerful he's perceived to be. And also, why are there fewer goddesses? I mean, come on, religion."

Arthur looked up sharply. Erik had forgotten that he was christian. "Don't go around talking about christianity like that, Bailor. No matter how stupid it may seem to you." When Arthur was angry, he used last names. Erik had to keep his mouth shut. "Anyway, I'm going out to practice my Storm village dialect. Don't say anything stupid while I'm gone." Arthur said over his shoulder, grabbing his beanie from a peg on the wall as he went out the door. Erik sighed, glad that the tension was freed from the room. He looked around, trying to pinpoint where a good place to start cleaning was. The least he could do was finish Arthur's job, although besides the lack of dishes on the bookshelf, he couldn't see a real difference. They would have to work hard at this. 

But, then agian, you had to work hard if you wanted to get anything done. Cleaning wasn't so bad, compared to other things in life.


-- To Maybe be Continued--


Submitted: November 26, 2015

© Copyright 2020 YoungButExperienced. All rights reserved.

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Lionel Walfish

You betcha, this has got to be continued !

This is good stuff YBE !!!

Well crafted and very original !



Thu, December 3rd, 2015 7:53pm


Thanks Lionel! I try to be creative with this sort of thing. Sorry, I don't think I'm going to continue it, although I'll think about it. Cheers!

Thu, July 14th, 2016 2:45pm

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