The Girl and The Wolf

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Lucy thought it would be a good idea to take her fathers boat out never did she know that her life was about to be turned upside down.

On a hot summers day, Lucy thought today would be a good day to take her father’s boat out to sea. She had been out to sea many times and never had any troubles until it was mid-afternoon and she was a further way from shore then she has ever gone before suddenly the weather started to change, dark clouds began to cover the sun and strong winds began to rock the boat. Lucy was so frightened she held on to the boat as tight as she could then she heard the sound of rising waves coming from behind her, she turned around and then bam! she and the boat went under.
Lucy began to open her eyes, she didn’t know where she was, she didn’t recognize the island she was on either and how she was going to get back home. She screamed out for “help! but there was no reply, then she heard a noise coming from the bushes on the edge of the forest behind her, from the dark she began to see glowing yellow eyes and from the dark came the creature it was a wolf a black wolf. Lucy began to run and wolf chased after her; she ran towards the edge of the beach and she saw a very large rock and a tall tree, she raced towards the tree and started climbing it and the wolf jumped on the large rock, Lucy climbed halfway to the top of the tree.
The wolf just stared at her and then sat on the rock because it knew somehow it just had to wait. Lucy knew she couldn’t stay up there forever because if she could not find a way of the island and had any food she would not last long. It’s been hours and the wolf had jumped off the rock and was moving back and forward staring at Lucy. Lucy was so hungry thinking if the hunger didn’t kill her the wolf would, Lucy took her eyes away from the wolf and started looking around the beach and she saw what was left of her dads boat and thought to herself that her dad was going to kill her if she ever survived this somehow,she didn’t even tell her dad how far away from shore she going or that she was taking his boat, She really never cared much for rules or what would happen if she broke them.
 She took another look at the wolf only to find that the wolf was gone; she thought to herself maybe it was a trick and the wolf was baiting her, she took another look out towards out into the ocean and she saw a boat not too far from where she was, she knew if she could just signal the other boat somehow she could get off the island, she took a look in her pockets to see what she could use to signal the boat, all she had left was her lighter and there was no grantee that it would still work after being in pocket with her when the boat went down but if she had any chance of getting off the island alive she needs to get to what’s left of the boat, grab a piece of it, light it and signal the boat.
There was no time to waste she jumped from the tree and ran towards the wreckage of the boat, until the wolf came running towards her, Lucy began to run faster, she reached the wreckage of the boat but so did the wolf but it was carrying one of the pieces from the boat, the wolf came towards her and dropped it, Lucy just stared at the wolf then the wolf took one last look at her and just ran and disappeared into the woods. Lucy didn’t know why the wolf didn’t kill her but after the boat came and got herself off the island and came home, she will never forget the wolf who chased her up a tree only to spared her in the end.

Submitted: August 25, 2019

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