Good vs Bad vs Existentialism

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A young teenager's angst and confusion.
Whether to continue in my current mentality of existentialism without faith or to embrace my sinful nature or to follow the 'path of god'.

Submitted: December 27, 2012

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Submitted: December 27, 2012



You might think  it’s rich coming from a private school boy

You might think i don’t have troubles, but oh boy

It’s much more complicated than fighting and bitches

Or getting injured and needing a couple stitches

Much more complex matters have been troubling my mind

The fact of the matter is the truth is really hard to find

Yes, i’ll admit a part of it is exam stress

‘cuz my desire to succeed has made my life a mess

I’m working hard, working hard and i get no sleep

My ambition for the future makes satan start to creep

Man why do i have such an holy dreams?

The power of the devil is greater than it seems

And no i’m not a man of fait but

This frustration turns my life into a rut

And people say that the devil can give you anything but at a price

You can sell your soul like it’s just a bag of rice

For me it took a traumatising nightmare

To suggest that there could be other powers out there

Life’s not gonna change at the swish of a magic rod

But part of me is saying that it’s time to go on the path of god

But the other part of me is enticed by disgusting lust and greed

Making me willing to drop my morals for things i don’t need

But i also contemplate the insignificance of man

I look for answers, i do all that i can

But the meaning of life can never truly be found

But do we just end up just 6 feet in the ground?

Surely there is no point then in morality?

Surely then there is no such thing as sanity?

Because, my friend, if nothing really exists

then we’re just temporary like the morning mists

i don’t like this situation or who i’m becoming

all i know is, i’ve got to do something

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Good vs Bad vs Existentialism

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