Escape from the dragons den

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Anna and Becky are going on an adventure out of this world.

Submitted: January 01, 2012

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Submitted: January 01, 2012




Once a time long before your gran was born,

There lived 2 girls called Becky and Anna. Becky was a person who was easily scared. She has chocolate brown eyes, rosy red lips and butter blonde hair.

Anna was completely different though. She had 

Ocean blue eyes, she was not afraid of anything (apart from spiders and clowns).And she had a great fashion sense. One sun shining morning Becky and Anna were fighting so mum told them to go outside. "Let’s Go to the woods ‘’ Anna said "no I hate the woods ‘’ replied Becky. But she didn’treally Have a choice as Anna had already went skipping into the woods.As they strolled through the woods Becky thought this isn't too bad there are flowers and, and (gulp) greenery .Anna tried to resist but she couldn’t so she yelped out ‘this is GREAT!!!’Becky too frightened to talk just went she continued gingerly tip toeing through piles of leaves and twigs and more leaves. As they continued through the woods Becky got more scared. But she had a reason to be! All the way through the woods evil voices and scary shadows followed.As they made their way through the woods they spotted a little hut ‘it’s a hut let’s go explore!’ exclaimed Anna. ‘NO, for two reasons. One someone could be living there. Two it could be dangerous! ‘Replied Becky nanananana was Anna’s response so she went inside. About 2 minutes later Becky decided to follow. Anna screamed at the deathly whispering then a crimson glow appeared and a dragon came into sight.AAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH they both screeched and turned to the door but it was locked.
 ‘Donna, Dixon stop breathing fire!’ said a sudden voice. Then a shrivelled up old lady about 84 came downstairs. ‘Are these your dragons miss?’ said the girls stuttering. ‘yes, sorry if they attacked you.’ Her quavering little voice said back. The old lady unlocked the door so they could go home.
When their parents asked them where they had been they just said their friends and agreed just to keep their adventure to themselves 

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