The Unfinished Legend

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This is my entry for Spell's Music and Magic Challenge. We were tasked to pick a song from her list of music and make something from it based on our interpretation of that song. I have chosen the song Promise by Thomas Bergersen.

Please bear with me, I apologize for the errors, I know there's just so many, especially on tenses and the storyline. This is just my first or second attempt in writing something in this genre. But I still hope you enjoy reading. ^__^

Submitted: July 05, 2012

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Submitted: July 05, 2012



Promise by Thomas Bergersen

There was a legend that Enthecia and Eldosia were two very close worlds. They share, they help each other. They treat their people as one of their kinds. Their people valued each other so much. They treat everyone equally.

Enthecia was the earth village, with big trees, rich forests, fertile soils, different kinds of flora and fauna. Its villagers are human-like but their features resemble more of those of the elves. They have pointed ears, fierce eyes and gorgeous shiny hair that could come in different colors and shades. They have such beautiful faces and don’t forget their glowing sun-kissed skin. They made things from pretty much everything they could find in their land and nature.

Eldosia was the water village, with crystal clear water which glistens under the moon and sun, with numerous kinds of water creature. Its people resemble more of those of the mermaids, half human with beautiful fish tails. They have snow-white skin, slightly pointed ears, their fish tails are in various colors and shades, with long flowing dark hairs for women and short dark hairs for men, their eyes are mainly in different shade of blue and green and don’t forget their pointed teeth and gills on the neck. But in order to get in to Eldosia, you have to dive deep in the lake near Enthecia.

During the full moons, Eldosian’s will swim in the shallows of the lake and there will be the Enthecian’s waiting for them in the shore. They meet in there to swap products, just like a barter system. The earth villagers supplied them with livestock meats, fresh vegetables and fruits, twigs, vines, woods and pretty much everything. While the water villagers supplied them with sea foods, from fishes to crabs to lobsters even seaweeds, sea cucumbers, corals, pearls, shells and many more.

For them it was a way of experiencing and understanding each other’s world. They chose to meet every full moon because the tide was high where the water could rise even a bit farther to the shore and because the water villagers couldn’t tolerate the UV rays of the sun in their bare skin. That was also the reason why the water villagers couldn’t explore Enthecia plus they don’t have feet, they have tails. They don’t want to bother the earth villagers to carry them all around and they couldn’t breathe outside the water for long hours, so they need to go back to the water once in a while. In the case of the earth villager, they couldn’t go to Eldosia because it was too deep for them to dive and they couldn't breathe in water.

So every full moon, they meet at the lake, do bonfires and the barter system, and all about bonding after. It was like partying after the business. They shared stories, describing and appreciating their little worlds.

Until their good friendship and trust was put to the test.

One night, where Enthecia was quiet, all were soundly asleep. Then all were awaken by scream. “FIRE!” There were villagers knocking on every door to wake those who were sleeping. Everyone was so horrified of the massive fire engulfing their whole village. The women took the elders and the children to safety and so as to their livestock’s while the men tried to at least control the fire but it was too late. The fire was so massive to put out and it was running really quick, burning their homes, their village and everything they had.

The sun was up, the fire was gone and so was their world. Enthecia was burned down. The earth villagers could do nothing but weep. It was the fire that took everything from them and it was the fire that took a number of their villager’s life. Some were oldies, some were children, and some were animals and the village itself. It was really a downfall for Enthecian’s. And they couldn’t think of anyone who could have done that?

“I saw them.” Said by a guy in gritting teeth, eyes full of anger. He was the guy who first seen the fire. Everyone was looking at each other and back to him. Curious or better said, confused. So he explained that hewoke up last night because his dog won’t stop growling, he opened his door to check out if there was someone outside but his dog took off running. He went after him, they were near the lake when he caught him and he heard laughter. He commanded his dog to be quiet and he saw them. He said in a much angrier voice, tears flowing from his face until someone had asked him who were them.

“Eldosian’s.” He bluntly answered. Everyone gasped. Eyes widened, hands covering their mouth, looking at each other, everyone was clearly shocked. Who couldn't be? It was a very heavy accusation. He strongly affirmed that hecouldn’t be wrong. That they were so vivid in his sight. There were three of them. He couldn’t be wrong because he saw those piercing blue eyes, those pointed teeth when they were laughing, and of course what else, those shiny fish tails. They were laughing like they were really happy and then he saw a torch from the bonfire they had made the last full moon. And the next thing he knew the fire was blazing already. He shouted and tried to went after them but they had quickly moved back into the lake.

There was a moment of silence, can’t believe of what they had heard. Some cried even more, some heavily sighed in disbelief and disappointment.Then he said that it reallyhas been a very unfortunate happening. That they can do nothing about it but to deal with it because it already happened. He tried to motivate his fellow villagers by saying“Now we need to gather ourselves and think of ways on how we could get back our village. Full moon is coming in three days, we’ll talk to the Eldosian’s about this.”

Many of them hesitated to go to the lake because they have nothing to offer to them but he said that there will only be a number of them to go there, not to trade products but to confront them of the catastrophe. So they did but the conversation didn't went well as the Eldosian's vehemently denied their accusation, that they don't have any idea about it. They even clarified that they were very good friends so they couldn't have the guts to do it, even think about betraying them.

But in the end, the earth villagers told their dear friends that they had given no choice but to protect their village and their people, that they were afraid that they couldn't be there for the next full moon because they have to work much harder to rebuild their little world. The water villagers accepted it wholeheartedly and promised them that they will help to unveil the truth.

Then no one seemed to understood or knew what happened next.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Those were the scenes that keep on showing in my dreams every night for few weeks now. Yes I have heard that legend many times from my father, he even called it "The Unfinished Legend" because he was just too annoyed that the legend seemed not to have a closure or an ending, that it made everyone wanted more from that legend's cliffhanger. I don't know but for me I was convinced that it was just that. They have chosen to depart and minded their own worlds, or I just thought so. I could be wrong.

In my dream, I remembered visiting my Papa, put some beautiful and colorful flowers over his grave. I also remembered talking to him, telling him how much I missed him and how everything has changed without him and then I didn’t know I fell asleep.

“Marthena.” A cold but soft voice awakened me.When I woke up, the beautiful afternoon sun peeping through the oak leaves, welcomed my sleepy sight. Then I heard the voice again, I stood up and walked searching for the owner of the voice until I saw him.

“Papa.” I felt my eyes watered. A little smile curved on my lips.

I saw Papa looking at me, he smiled and turned and continued walking. I know he wanted me to follow him, so I did. I have no idea how deep I have gone in the forest just to follow Papa and I don’t care anyway. I wanted my Papa, I wanted my Papa back. Somebody robbed his life from him and somebody has stolen him from me and I just can't accept it until now.

I don’t know how long I have tried catching up with him until he made his final turn and I was stunned on what was in front of me. Two big trees standing opposite to each other, with luxuriant autumn leaves bended down with its branches locked up twisted with each other forming a beautiful arch. Together with its autumn leaves, the rays of the setting afternoon sun gave the arch a dramatic lighting. It looked like a very, very big door.

Then Papa showed up, standing in front of the arch. Our eyes locked, I saw his face soften, just like when he was worried. I noticed tears gathered up on his eyes like he was about to cry but of course, he didn’t. We’re just intently looking at each other until he managed to smile at me.

“Papa, wait.” I said when he was about to turn around. But it seemed he heard nothing, he turned and walked through the arch and disappear. “Papa.” I called for him one more time but nothing happened.

Suddenly, everything felt so overwhelming. I couldn’t control my tears escaping from my eyes and flowed down on my face like there’s no tomorrow. I dropped myself onto my knees on the ground still bawling my eyes out, trying to comprehend what was happening.

I have been crying in there for I don’t know how long until something clicked in my head. If Papa wanted me to follow him, and he goes through that beautiful arch then that means I should go to. I looked at the arch again and managed to convinced myself. So, I wiped my tears away, my eyes sting already. I gathered myself together before walking towards the arch; I let in a deep breath, closed my eyes and walked through.

I took a couple of steps in brightness and before I knew it, a soothing breeze of wind played my long hair and sent chill on my spine yet the rays of setting sun felt so good and warm on my bare skin. The different smells and scents of nature enticed my nose with the lyrical chirping of birds that were like music to my ears. When I opened my eyes, beautiful and colorful surroundings with lots of big trees with lots of fruits and numerous number and variety of flowers and landscapes surprised my sight. The beauty of the scenery right before me literally made me drop my jaw. From the vivid colors of nature to picture perfect scenery overwhelmed me so much. Everything seemed untouched. Everything was just so perfect.

Yes, I was like drooling while daydreaming. That’s how beautiful that place was, until I was gotten back to my senses when I heard the sound of water that was like falling from a very high height. I heightened my hearing and searched for its whereabout, so I ventured to the land. That place never failed to stun me every step of the way. I don’t know how far I have gone; I was just so busy appreciating every place and everything I could see. The sound of water got stronger and stronger that could only mean that I was close. The land was so brown, the trees were so big with mosses on their roots.

I continued walking to the sound until something sparkling caught my eyes. I walked to its direction and Oh my God! A fall.Was all I have to say. Could you believe it? I just found a fall. The sound of water was from the fall itself with glistening and crystal clear water. The air coming from it was really cool. The water was just so inviting and I felt my throat dried up. I couldn’t resist so I walked to the edge of the water.

I knelt on my knees and bended down to scoop out some water into my hands when my long hair fell passed my shoulders. My eyes widened and I gasped for air. Whoa!My hair supposed to be long, straight and blonde with braids on each side of my temple but no, it wasn’t. My hair became auburn in color which was half-tied at the back with some kind of big curls and messy wave and it was longer, it was passed my hip. Couldn’t believe of what was happening so I looked myself in the water and again, Oh my God!I had more pointed ears; I couldn’t help to hold it to know if it was real butdang!It was, indeed real and I have more pointed fingers.

My eyes were supposed to be green in color but no, it was hazel-brown. I even had some kind of a forehead band or hair vine that I never noticed was there, with leaves opposed to each other and a little crystal drop in the middle that serves like a pendant and the rest of the band has crystals and pearls delicately arranged with a long and a number of crystal drops that ended in the middle of the lower part of my head, dangling over my hair. Even my dress has changed! I am supposed to be wearing a green dress and belt with a pocket around my waist but now I am in a long off-shoulder flowing dress in skin-tone color that really matches my complexion and I even have a dagger hanging on my waist. I think I am just too preoccupied that I never noticed the changes on me. That was really weird.

It was getting dark. I needed to go back because I’m sure my bestfriend Dano and his family was probably worried for me. They had became my family when my dad had passed. They’re the one who’s there when I got no one. So I stood up to find my way back, but then I heard something, it was like something bubbling. I looked around to find where it was coming from and I found myself looking at the water again. Then images flickered.

I saw aman and a woman came, they were smiling and laughing and singing. They were just simply happy. The man had brought a basket full of laundry while the woman was also carrying a basket but full with foods. They had washed their clothes and ate their lunch when they heard a little voice of crying. They looked at each other as if to confirm if they heard what they heard. Then they searched for it and eventually found it. They found ababy girl wrapped up in a white cloth soundly sleeping in her basket in the back of a big tree few steps away from the river. They looked around to find out if she has company but obviously no.

The woman picked her up and craddle her into her arms. The man's face soften, she looked at him and they smiled when their eyes met, as if they were given hope, again. I couldn't make out or understand the images until I saw that the couple took care of her. Few years ago when the baby was like three or four years old, the woman got very ill. With the kid beside her, playing her toys and constantly looking at the woman and with her husband to her other side, holding her hands, crying and saying something to her which I couldn't comprehend until moments later she passed away. The man was really really broke.

Suddenly, something hit me that made me dropped my jaw, why didn't I recognized them. I involuntarily covered my mouth with my hand. The woman was my mom, yes she died when I was little. The man was Papa and the baby girl, the girl .. was me.So, I am not their real child? They just took me at the back of a tree and took care of me? Then who am I? Where I came from?Those were the questions that lingered on my mind, I couldn't believed what I just found out or was it even really possible.

I was just right there, shocked, wide eyed, tears falling and I even dropped myself to the ground. I have no idea how long I have been like that but all I knew was before I could cry even harder, I heard the water in that fall bubbled again.Oh God! What now?Was all my mind could utter. The next set of images then flickered in the water truly made me worry.

There I saw my fellow villagers doing the things they had to do, doing their chores when all of a sudden they were running everywhere, screaming. Panic and horror doomed my village. A mix of red, yellow and orange color was all I could see for a moment and then a blazing fire quickly eating my village. Then I saw figures behind the fire as they jumped into the woods and I even got a closer look to the last one who jumped. I am sure I haven't seen creatures like that.

I saw two round eyes sticking on the top of his big wide head, his broad muscular body, his got long powerful legs and arms, his also got webbed- fingers and toes and I'm sure I saw sticky, slimy substance sticking on that warty skin. I even covered my mouth with my hand in disgust seeing that.What are those creatures?

And that moment I was having arryhtmia, superfast heart beat. Then I looked again in the water wherein I couldn't figure anything except for the black and white color that keep on flickering until my eyes were darted on a small dot in the middle. I stared at it until it growed bigger and bigger that really freaked me and I knew I what I saw.A big, big hand came out from that dot, strangled me and pulled me into the water. I remembered the feeling of drowning and I woke up. Yes, all of a sudden I woke up.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Where am I? What place is this?I asked to myself when I opened my eyes, lying prone in the sand. I sit up and there's this lake in front of me, its water glistens under a huge, round and bright moon with the stars sparkling in the dark night sky.

I heavily sighed as I am watching the scenery. I feel tired, like I have been working non-stop. I blinked and oh, my eyes hurts, like I have been crying all day and I have never been so sore like this before. A chilling cool wind breeze sends shivers on me that I instantly crossed my arms as if I was embracing myself, and there's this unfamiliar feeling in my hands, half feels I'm touching a cloth and half feels my skin. So I take a look at it and my eyes just widens.

I am wearing an off-shoulder skin tone colored long flowing dress, topped with a chocolate colored vest from under my bust down to between my hip and waist with a dagger hanging in my left side. Just like what I wore in the dream and that truly gives me a fright. And I am soaked! That is why I am so cold. How did that happened? Considering the fact that I am a few feet away from the water. I am really scared right now and starting to shiver even more, not sure if that still because of the cold or the fright that I'm in right now. I am really scared.

I take in a breath, stand up and started taking steps into the water. And I see myself looking exactly the same as with my dream. I instantly take a step back and fall on my knees, and I feel like I am suffocating, so I'm breathing hard, trying to catch my breath.I don't understand. What's happening?And I just can't bear anymore and I breakdown into tears.I feel like I am just so tired and weak to deal with any more of this.

I can hear myself crying in hoarse voice, my eyes hurts even more. Then I hear a sweet voice calling after me, when I lift my head, I see Papa in front of me. His face is soft and worried, then I burst out more into tears.

"Marthena, dear. I know, all of this has been so overwhelming for you. This is no dream, dear. This is all real. Please, help our people and the others."What does he mean about the others?I wanted to ask but he continued. "They are in great danger. Save them, save everybody from extinction." I shake my head from side to side, to tell him no I can't. "Remember that legend I used to tell you, on why I called it 'The Unfinished Legend?"Oh my God!"History is bound to repeat itself. The reason why I call it unfinished is because it will live again ... through you, my dear. You, will continue the promise of the continuation of the story of that legend, Marthena."

"What?" I let out a quick sigh. "Why me? Why me, Papa?" I asked in hoarser voice, tears just never stop pouring, I couldn't bear anymore.

"Because it was you, Marthena, it was you who was chosen .. to continue and maybe end this." He let out a forced smile. "I know it'll be hard but always remember that you have me and your mama on your side every step of the way." He puts his right hand over his left chest. "Just listen here, whenever you feel lost or confuse and you'll hear us. I know you have so many questions on your mind, you'll find the answers to them on your journey. We will always be with you and remember your Mama and I loves you so much." He gives me a flying kiss then disappear.

Oh my God! What am I gonna do? If I am just dreaming please wake me up, please Wake. Me. Up. I don't want anymore of this.

I was just right there, hands on my knees, crying. I'm cold and I have no voice, my crying may have consumed it. I am just too tired, I wanna go home and sleep and forget all of this. Dano must be so worried about me now. When I go home, I'm sure he'll scold me and preach me like a father does when his daughter got home late. But how can I go home? I don't even know where I am.Oh great!I uttered and throw some of the sand into the water.

I don't know how long I have been crying in there. Just crying. And I am just so exhausted to even move a muscle. But now I managed to wipe my tears away and decided to stand up. My eyes seriously hurts from all the crying I have been this day. Then I notice I'm walking, to where? I don't know. It's like my feet has a mind of its own. When I'm about to take another step, I suddenly heard something chirps and followed by someone crying behind the boulders ahead of me.

As I am taking my way towards it, the crying grows stronger. So, I slowly peak out my head from the boulder to see what or who is behind it. And we both gasp. Yes, we. And I even take a quick step back and covers my mouth with my hand. She's sitting there, with her long dark hair, when she looks at me, I see her piercing blue eyes and her sharp pointed teeth and she has a shiny blue fish tail. When she turned her head to side, I see she has gills on her neck. So it's true then, the Eldosian's.

"I'm sorry but are you .. really like .. for real?" I asked in shocked, and so does her, I could see it on her face looking back at me.

"And I was about to ask you the same question." Oh her voice, even though its trembling and shocked, still her voice is just so sweet, like a siren. I must've heard it like a song.

"I heard crying so I thought I should check it out, I'm sorry." Then I notice her left arm, bleeding from a deep scratch. "Oh my God! You're wounded." I quickly move to her. "This must have to be cleaned. What happened to you?"

She cries even harder. I could see she's trying to talk but couldn't so I just let her. When her tears slightly subsided she started to tell me the story. "The Salentian's."The what?I asked. "The Salentian's, they're the one who did this to me. We're just starting to retire the night, I was about to sleep when I heard someone screamed. His voice was full of .. suffering. It was just so scary, it made me tremble. So I peered outside and I saw him. They were eating him, bit by bit, parts by parts. They were eating everyone. Someone got me and tried to eat me but luckily I have managed to escape. I have pierced his big eye with something sharp and made my best to swam ashore." She tells me in between sobs and I am in shock hearing this.

"So, this Salentian's. Who are they? What do they look like?"

"I have no idea where they came from. But they look like frogs." She said and she decribes them like those creatures in my dream or if it was really just a dream.

"I think they're the ones I have seen in my dream, the ones who burned down our village a long time." We've looked at each other, like something has been answered. "You're an Enthecian? The earth villagers." I nodded. "I thought I have heard the Salentian's talking about your kind. That once they are finish to extinct us, they will return to land, to extinct you, for real because they have fail before."

"But according to the legend, I'm sorry but it was your kind who did that to my kind."

She shakes her head, saying no. "They have the ability to transform, to copy the appearance of whoever they wanna copy. My grandpa once told me that, the Salentian's wanted to break the friendship our kinds has, so that it'll be much easier for them to extinct us."

"So it wasn't just a legend, at all." She shakes her head, agreeing to me. She then tells me that, they have even thought about it as a legend too. And that their ancestors waited for us the next full moon in this very lake but my kind didn't show up and that they completely understand on why we had never see them again.

It really wasn't just a legend after all. All was real. My Papa was saying the truth. And does it mean, that everyone's fate is in my hands? I am consumed by the thought and is distracted when she held my hands, crying and begging me to help her save her kind, to save everyone from this chaos.

All of this seems so surreal for me, but even if I or not the chosen one, there is nothing to lose to help them. Then I give up. I give up protesting about what my father have told me, instead I hugged her and reassured her, I will. "But we cannot do this alone. We now have to go back to my village to treat your wounds and asked them for help."

There isn't going back now. This is what my Papa wants me to do. Then I'm gonna do it, for him, for Eldosian's and of course for my kind, the Enthecian's. If this is really what fate has in store for me, then I accept to live through the promise of the continuation of the story "The Unfinished Legend".

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