Red Lines: The Beginning (or The Ending depends upon how you look at it)

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Bliss, a new vampire, and her vampire husband, Ben meet the Twilight vampires. The starting idea of Red Lines

Submitted: July 24, 2009

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Submitted: July 24, 2009



I lied down on the floor of the house he had bought for my final days in this state. I was still in his button-up shirt; I unbuttoned the top two buttons and pulled it away from my neck. He was out hunting. I lied their wandering if I was making the right choice. Nevertheless, I knew I could not live like this any longer. Not after what I had done…

The door opened and suddenly I was in his arms. He moved my hair from my neck and face. I smiled trying to hide my nervousness. He returned a worried smile. He touched my neck, where he would soon bit it. According to him, the transformation would cause so much pain I would want to die. This time would be different. Pain would seem to never end. He hoped to keep me in a trance in my "happy place".

"Are you ready?" he asked looking into my eyes. "Yes." He kissed me so softly I could barely feel his lips just a lingering coldness. Then he held my eyes again. I knew I would not be able to look away even if I tried. "I love you" before I could say, "I love you" back I was in a forest, it was night and I was going so fast. I was looking at the trees, which were to blurry to actually be sure that they were trees. It made me feel somewhat sick. So then, I closed my eyes and pressed my body as close as I could to his. I loved being held so close to him while he ran. He whispered my name. I smiled "I love you, Ben" He held me closer. So close, it hurt his usually cold arms and chest burned me! I was burning! I screamed. The burning never ended. He was gone. I was just floating in darkness miserable so much burning pain. I wanted to die. Why wouldn't I? There couldn't be any of my left to burn. I screamed over and over.

Then everything stopped. I was dead. I had finally burnt to death.

"Bliss" a soft musical voice whispered. I opened my eyes and looked at the person who had spoken. He smiled a smile that would have taken my breath away if I were breathing, that is. Why didn't I need to breathe? Who was Bliss? Who was he? My throat burned. I was so thirsty! Gosh, he had gorgeous eyes! "Bliss" he said again this time more urgently wanting me to reply. So I replied with the only thing I knew, "I love you" He smiled and pulled me closer to him and kissed me. Ugh, all the fire seemed to have moved to my throat. His breath smelt good, delicious. So thirsty. I wanted; I needed to sink my teeth into something. Ergo, I did.
He made a very painful sound much to my pleasure. Then he touched his lip and laughed. He was laughing! "I'm sorry, I should have realized." He was so confusing. Why is he apologizing? Realized what? Weirdo. He leaned closer to me and told me to hold my breath. My eyes were looking into his unwillingly. I did what he told me to. We walked out of the house and headed for the woods.

"You can breathe now" I inhaled, something smelt good. The hunt began "I'm sorry" he said after a while. "Why" "I couldn't keep you in a trance." "Happy place" I corrected not exactly sure what I meant. He smirked. Then I remembered, my happy place. The forest. His voice saying Bliss, my name. Then my old voice saying Ben. "Ben" I said aloud and then again, "Ben" There was such a nice ring to it especially with this voice. "Bliss" he replied. I was Mrs. Bliss Austen. Benjamin Austen's wife. Ben, my vampire and now I was his vampire.

About 2years later

I had gotten good at resisting human blood. I had not drunk a drop of human blood. I lost most of my human memories so I did not really miss being human there was a memory, a human memory that was bothering me though;

I was to good a liar. Ben did not know this man scared me. The man was drunk and angry. He was holding something. A knife! He was holding a knife! He pushed me down and was shouting something at me but the words were too slurred for me to understand. Suddenly he brought the knife down to my shoulder. But before the knife could enter my skin, fury took over my fear. I wanted him to die and then…

“Are you alright?” asked Ben. I didn’t want to tell him about the memory, so I smiled and said yes. Then I sensed something

Ben’s P.O.V.

Lately it seemed we couldn’t stay off one another. We’d barely even drank any blood; we’d been so distracted. Now Bliss and I were dressed. She was leaning against me in my arms. Her black eyes were staring off into space, the thundering and lightning not even affecting her focus. Probably thinking about random human moments she remembered. A lot of her memories I hoped she could be free of. But some I had hoped she’d remember, like her memories of me, well some of them anyway their was one I hoped she would never remember

Suddenly she was shaking. With Anger? She looked ready to kill. “Bliss” She didn’t seem to hear me. “Bliss!” Then she turned to me instantly making her face look calm. “Are you alright?” She smiled and said yes, through gritted teeth.

Then before I could react she was up and running toward a smell, a human.

I started running after her. Darn it! I should have been paying more attention she shouldn’t have gone more than a week without drinking. There was no way she’d he able to resist the human’s blood.

I kept running but I knew there was no way I was going to make it in time to stop her.

When I finally caught up to her, I expected to find her draining the human of its blood but instead. She was being attacked by another vampire. I grabbed the other vampire and yanked him off of her. Then I grabbed her before she could take off toward the human girl. Bliss was fighting me off. I quickly caught her eyes. Then she became freighted. Of me? “Relax, hold your breath”
Once we were far away from the human we hunted. We came upon several deer, not all that appealing but she was so upset about attacking the human or trying anyway. But something else seemed to be bothering her too. She hadn’t said anything since earlier though. This was the first time that she had really tried to kill a human, as a vampire. Maybe now, it really hit her, that she was a monster. That I had made her a monster. I finished hunting and watched her. She was drinking very messily. Blood was all over her. A beautiful monster.

But she needed to forget everything she told me. She was falling apart. I couldn’t stand to see her that way. I had to change her into a vampire. She couldn’t go on. Not after that day, that terrible day that changed every thing. Why didn’t she tell me?! I still can’t understand. But how could I not see it! How many times had I looked into her eyes? Her biggest regret was killing her mother. Her biggest fear was people truly knowing her. Her biggest pain was me leaving her. Her biggest joy (or happy place as Bliss calls it) to be was alone with me in the forest. When I told her that she had the most insane happy place I had ever seen she said “With sun shining on you, you running at impossible speed, saying things to me, I could never hear in reality because it’s the furthest thing from reality…”
How could I not see it then She hated reality. It pained her. But when I came into her life, I caused her biggest pain to change so I never saw it. (BTW, I will eventually explain Ben’s power but the time isn’t right yet.) Even the first time I trapped her eyes the pain had nothing to do with her painful reality. Her biggest fear by then had become the attachment she felt to me. Her biggest pain was how things were changing. A scream interrupted my thoughts.

In a second I was beside Bliss. She was staring at her arms as if they had just threatened to torture her to death. She was perfectly still starring at them, terrified. She wasn’t paying any attention to me. “Bliss what’s wrong“ Still starring at her arms, she said “There were cuts, bloody cuts on my wrists” I chuckled trying to lighten the mood. “I think you’re being pretty imaginative, a deer could never get through a vampire’s skin.” “But they were there I saw them! And the blood did not smell like deer blood, it was familiar human blood” I tried to think of something to say to calm her, to distract her. She couldn’t remember this. I wiped the blood away from her arms. “I’m sure as a human you had to get cut up sometimes you were probably just remembering something, drama queen.” “Yeah, sure of, course” she obviously didn’t believe that.

Bliss’s P.O.V.

I finished drinking and decided to clean up so I wentto a close by stream of water, cleaned the blood off me took off my ruined white dress and changed into a gorgeous tight long silk red dress. I had bought the last time we were near a mall. The white heels I was wearing had broken while I was running toward the girl’s scent. How convenient! I smiled. Now I would have to go shopping. Ben really hated my shoe wear. He told me it was pointless to buy shoes if I kept destroying them.

Suddenly I was off my feet and in his arms. “Hello he said. I laughed, “Hello.” He began kissing my neck and then he sat down. I put my fingers under his chin. He moved his lips to mine. Then he ran his fingers along the low neck of my dress. The second time his fingers found the lowest part of the neckline he stuck his fingers under the material getting ready to rip the dress in half. Before he could though, I grabbed his hand and pulled it away from my dress. He pulled away from me slightly. “What’s wrong?” he asked. “You can’t ruin this dress, it’s my last one and I need to go shoe shopping”. He chuckled. “Don’t you always need new shoes; you should have like 50 by now.” “I broke them all you have kept me so distracted. I haven’t been shopping or been eating much.” “Ah, so it’s my fault.” “Yes, but now that I’ve eaten I’m sure I can handle a simple shopping trip.” “Simple.” he sighed and released me. On our way to the closest town, I couldn’t help but think about the memory I had had during my attack earlier. Ben’s eyes frighteningly black. The skin under his eyes was deep purple. He was staring at me, bloodthirstily. He was in a crouch, surely, about to drain me of all my blood. All I could do was stare at him trembling. I had to ask Ben about the memory “Ben,” he turned his head to look at me while we ran, “um, when was the last time you... You drank human blood.” He turned away before I could read his face.” When I bit you and changed you into a vampire.” “Before that” I said. He sighed and paused as if he was trying to figure out exactly what to say. “What are you remembering?” I told him the memory. “My eyes were black if I’d had human blood they’d be red, and if I’d drained you of blood, you wouldn’t be here.” he stopped then he told me some of what had been going on before that memory.
“I hadn’t been wanting to leave your side because something was wrong. I was worried that if I left, well I couldn’t be sure what I would come back and … and see. Eventually my thirst was too much so I had to go. I left and began hunting while wondering what would cause you to hurt yourself,” he winced; I realized he hadn’t meant to say that. The cuts on my arm I saw earlier were caused by me. He went on, :As I was thinking an image kept coming up in my head, something was wrong with it but at first I couldn’t figure it out but then it all came together,:” he sounded angry now. “I quickly headed back to you before drinking anything. I was so angry. I wasn’t thinking. Then I smelt blood in your house I broke in I saw you and him,” He said “him” sp disgustedly. Who was “him”? “He was mad, he was yelling about you leaving him. There was a cut on his chest. The blood was filling my mind I was so thirsty.” “You drained him of blood.” I cut in. “No” he said emotionlessly. “I was about to but then I heard you hyperventilating.I put you in a trance I couldn’t think straight so I grabbed you and went to the edge of a forest, and then I let you out of the trance. Then I tried to assure you that everything was fine. I got you to stay there and wait for me, while I hunted”“What do you think was up with the 7 vamps and one human girl?” I asked changing the subject. Ben relaxed, “I don’t know maybe a snack for later.” “One human for that many vamps? And the way the others surrounded her was odd. She also didn’t seem frightened at all. The way the guy attacked me it was as if I threatened to take his life. He tried to kill me. How did you get him off me?” “I don’t know. He didn’t really seem to care like he knew I was planning on getting you away as fast as I could and didn’t even look at the other vampires and the human.” “I should apologize to her.” “I really doubt they’d let you near her besides they probably drained her by now there wouldn’t be much left to apologize to.” I sped up and headed for the nearest mall. I tried on many dresses and shoes. I bought 3 dresses and 6 inch red heels to go with my dress, and several other healed shoes I wanted to buy but they were to inconvenient to carry around wit us. “Why don’t we buy a house here?” I asked already sounding like I was complaining. “I don’t think that’s a good idea” he said. “But I don’t like wandering around and no one would really notice us, if we only stay for a few years.” “Yes, but we both look like we belong in high school especially you.” “So we could enroll in a school.” “Did you already forget what happened this morning? Do you really wanna chance that happening again?” “But if I drank enough blood then it wouldn’t matter.” “I’ll think about it.” “You do that.” “So if we went to school would you still wear your ring?” “We could tell the truth (somewhat) that we ran away together and our parents kicked us out so we moved but didn’t want to be high school drop-outs.” “And why exactly did we move all the way out here?” “Um, I don’t know.” I touched my ring, or tried anyway, but it wasn’t there. I lifted my hand to my face it still was not there of course geez. Ben noticed too.
I tried to think of the last place I was wearing it. “The field.” He told me. “So we’ll be returning to the scene of the crime?” I asked. “You didn’t commit any crimes.” “Well, I came really close.” We left and headed for the forest. Once we were running though the forest, I began trying to remember Ben asking me to marry him. I got nothing. “Maybe we are high school drop-outs.” “You are.” He said. “And you aren’t? You finished high school as a vamp?” “Graduated early.” “Nerd.” He laughed. “Maybe I graduated early too.” “With your grades?” “I can’t remember school at all.” “Well they weren’t good grades, far from it.” “It’s not fair.” I said. “What’s not fair?” “That I can remember bad things about my human live but no good things, I can’t remember when I first saw you, what the first things you said to me were.” He seemed surprised by what I had said ,but then he smiled and said, “You first saw me at a bus stop, the first thing I said to you was “it’s red?” and---” “Why did you say that to me?” “You sat beside me on the bench (at the bus stop) and you were staring at me, I looked back at you, you didn’t mind at all that you had been caught starring at a stranger or that he was starring back at you,” I tried to see this, but I could only imagine it, I couldn’t remember. “But most people stare at you anyway.” “Most people can’t help but look at my eyes, so I normally have to concentrate on not forcing a person to look at my eyes. At first I thought I wasn’t concentrating enough but you weren’t looking at my eyes it took me a while to figure out that you were checking me out.” he laughed. “WhenIturned to you , you smiled and said “Did you know your hair is unbelievably red.” I tried to remember this but it wasn’t familiar at all. Not even a bit of a feeling of Déjà vu. “You didn’t even act like it was an odd thing like was an odd thing to say, and I looked at your gorgeous dark eyes and I did notwant you looking away so I made it so you couldn’t look away. You blushed as if you knew what I was doing.” “What did you see?” I asked. He stared straight ahead as he spoke now. “From what I saw I could tell you were uncomfortable in your own skin, you weren’t happy but that didn’t seem to fit the way you greeted me.” He looked at me then with a slight smile. “I had to find more out and couldn’t concentrate to let you look away from me, it was like having my power turned against me, I couldn’t look away,” suddenly he laughed, “The bus stopped but I was not going to let you leave. Then, you yelled at me like you knew exactly what I had done. You were very angry with me you yelled “How dare you make me late! Now I have to walk!” “I’m sorry I fail to see how this is my fault” I said knowing full well it was my fault, well mostly my fault anyway, then you yelled some more. I soon realized I was sitting beside a short-tempered drama queen who is a lunatic ---” “Is a lunatic?” “Yup” He said. We made it to the field.
After a little searching I discovered a box with a not in it. The note said this:
You weren’t going to find the ring so I took it. It’s at our big white house you will find it.
“Weird.” Ben said at the same time I said, “Cool!”, I get to meet more vampires.” “No” “What do you mean “No”! I want my ring. They have it. I want to meet more vampires. They are. Lets go! Please, my finger is NAKED! We have to go!” “To see vampires, one who attacked you so you’ve already succeeded in ticking them off” “Only one attacked me and that was ‘cause I was trying to steal something from him.” “His food.” “You make your self sound so superior you’re a vamp too.” “Yes see how awful I am.” “But…I want the ring.” “I’ll buy you a new one.” “But it won’t be the same, it won’t have my human memory attached to it” “Then I’ll go by myself” “But you’ll be rude” “…” “Ha! I win, lets go” “I miss it when you were quiet and more antisocial than me.” “How on earth could we ever have worked out if we were both quiet and antisocial?!” “When you were angry or uncomfortable you’d talk nonstop” “So you’d make me angry to got meto talk” “No I’d invade your “bubble” and that made you very uncomfortable sort of like this,” His right arm went around my waist and pulled me against him. His left hand stroked the side of my face. “Of course, I had to be much more careful with your body.” He placed his hand under my chin trying to make me look into his eyes. Realizing what he was doing I pressed the top of my head against his chest and stared at his feet.
“I’m going.” I said feeling his eyes strengthen, trying to force me to look at them. “I don’t see how this would be uncomfortable, other than the fact that you’re trying to put me in a trance.” I said through clenched teeth. I had a hold on both of his wrists, squeezing them while I concentrated on his feet.
“You weren’t always very comfortable being so close to me.” “What do you mean?”
I didn’t see how it was possible that I hadn’t broken his arms or made a round indention in his chest.
“About the only time you would let me hold you close, was when I was running. The first time you kissed me was actually only a few weeks before you became a vampire.” “How is that possible?” “Our relationship was very different back then than it is now; you are so different.” “Do you miss the old me very much?”
Suddenly the force of his eyes disappeared. I couldn’t help it; I looked into his eyes and lost hold of his wrists. He wrapped his arms around me, holding me as close to him as possible.
“I don’t miss anything, you are happy now. You are happy now, the way you would be if you hadn’t been, hadn’t been so badly mistreated, I was joking when I said I missed you being quiet and antisocial. It was quite irritating, forcing you to talk to me.”
I realized at any moment he could put me in a trance, so I looked down again.
“Alright, you win. I won’t try putting you in a trance you’d probably kill me for it later anyway.” He released me and examined his wrists. “Obviously most of your newborn strength has faded.” he mused. “Hmph lets go.” He chuckled, “Where to exactly?” “Umm, a big white house.” “And how are we going to find this “big white house”?” “Um, by following the human girl’s and the vampire that attacked me’s and this note’s scent?” Great was all he said. I giggled.
We ran, following the scents and then I realized something and laughed. “What’s so funny?” “Well if I were going to drink someone’s blood you’d think I’d pick someone who smelt real good. Her blood compared to most human’s isn’t that appealing, I mean the cashier who sold me the dress I’m wearing now her blood smelt far better. Of course that could have to do with the fact that she was paying far too much attention to you.” He laughed.
Then a gigantic white house came into view He paused a foot away from the front porch. I however didn’t stop until I was in front of the door so his pause was very short. He quickly came to my side, in case you know the evil vampires popped up through the porch floor and get me. Before I could knock, someone opened the door. He had blonde hair and was absolutely gorgeous. The most gorgeous man I had ever seen, well maybe except for Ben but Ben’s a different type of beauty. However describing him as a vampire seemed like an oxymoron his face was far too kind looking. I couldn’t imagine him as a bloodthirsty monster. I could feel him tense behind me. I couldn’t help it, I tried to stop it but it escaped, the giggle caused by the idea. He looked at me. Probably noting the contrast of Ben, who was most likely glaring at him, and me who just laughed at him. “Hello” he said smiling. “Hi” I said. Ben said nothing. “Can I have my ring please, I miss it very much.” “Of course, please come in,” he looked at Ben, “if you’d like.” “Thank you.” I walked in holding Ben’s hand pulling him in also.
“I’m Bliss and this is my anti-social husband, Ben.” The inside of the house was very surprising. I’d never seen a vampire house before; I didn’t even know vampires would need a house.
“I’m Carlisle,” I think he was going to say something else too, but I tend to interrupt people. “I’m very sorry about earlier, I don’t normally act that way, I was just very thirsty.” A black-haired girl (Alice), another blonde (Jasper), and a brunette (Esme) had joined him. The black-haired girl hand Ben my precious ring. Ben struck my ring in his pocket as I reached for it. I considered reaching in his pocket and getting it but decided that would be too weird.

(There was some writing write here but I deemed it lame so I saw no point in putting it on here)

“Can we go now?” asked Ben. “Yeah, bye everyone it was nice meeting you.” Then Ben practically dragged me out of the house then picked me up bridal-style and ran as fast as he could ‘til we were deep in the forest which ya know only took 2 minutes. Then he put me down, got on bended knee, took my hand, and kissed it. “Bliss, will you marry me?” I looked at him, confused. “Aren’t we already married?” he laughed. “Yes, but you can’t remember and now your free from your past so you might make a different choice.”
“You’re insane, I will always choose to stay with you and be yours no matter what.” “So that’s a yes?” He said, he was standing now. “YES!” I said as I proceeded to press myself against him, accidentally knocking him to the ground. We laughed. He placed the ring on my hand. “Such a different reaction than the first time.”“What happened the first time?”

The End
(Sort of)

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