Desert Stream

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Holding on to despair.

Submitted: September 29, 2006

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Submitted: September 29, 2006



Requiem of solace hate
Dreams and lies that I sedate
Rhythm of an empty place
Existing here in the realms of space

Spin, contort and twist my fear
Blinding thoughts take me far from here
Reach for something that pulls me back to bliss
Sigh and guess nothing will grant this wish

Patient eyes can see this plain
Fields of spite, and so much vain
Why I looked is something that I will never know
Rippling streams that beg me to be the flow

Touch, return and sing a song
Much I’ve learned, this thing still longs
To swallow me and take me far away
But I just watch, fear makes me stay

Sand and dust, deserts of dismay
Hands of lust, my vision sways
Preaching lights that tend to beg
But reflecting eyes take away my legs

I lay here, in a heart of black
I can’t move and I’m on my back
Staring out at stars and dreams
The desert eats me but I can not scream

I’m hanging on to what I was
I know it’s wrong and ominous
But despair is what I really am
Soon the desert turns me into sand

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