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Heroes of our century

Submitted: September 29, 2006

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Submitted: September 29, 2006



The fable of a hero broken into lies
A demon always able to make us all despise
An angel preaching cures that didn’t tell us why
But the people standing clueless could only ever cry

A mountain overshadowing the endless night
A sun that sits behind and begs to be in sight
The wisdom of a sage growing to see this fight
But still the shadows of the people overtake the light

Raindrops into mildewed, empty clouded eyes
Teardrops as fake and silent as an angels lies
Fear forever freezing prosthetic dead end cries
The fallen angels stepping back from the devils prize

Lonely heroes fading into empty crowds
The upper-middle class caught up in their shrouds
The fear that whispers not to ever look up into clouds
The self centred looking out but never hearing sound

A sacred empty room that’s worth more than gold
The possession of our sight, something we all sold
Love and self belief is something growing old
The infinite besieged by the devils deceiving goals
The fight is still to come; the only thing I know

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