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Submitted: September 29, 2006

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Submitted: September 29, 2006



Ignorance watching from the tallest tower
Observing all the lands as they grow in power
The people staring up grow weaker every hour
As short sighted selfishness prays it’s not devoured

Reverence and promises will make them follow
They’ll worship all their toys in the pain they swallow
City gates forever guarded by the drowning hollow
Nobody’s getting in so we can sit and wallow

A protest under the moon in a dying streetlight
Declaring that our power is giving up the good fight
A man that never stood up to reflect our own might
Declaring that our law is taking away our own sight

For everything we’ve done and the things we’ve made you
You dare to stand and speak as if we never loved you
For everything that came from our sacrifice
You dare to judge us now as if you were right

For everything that came from our every backing
You dare to rise against and say that we are lacking
Statistics say we’re right and yet you still disturb us
The dying words you breathe we’ll twist in to our purpose

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