Perfect Mirror

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Submitted: September 29, 2006

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Submitted: September 29, 2006



I am a perfect picture
The background bloody skies
The centre full of angels
But the foreground steals their eyes

A massacre of demons
An agent with a smile
The scars depict an empty vessel
And the shroud depicts denial

I hold a dream of hatred
I raise my glass to hope
I promise I will wake up
When the darkness throws a rope

I am a perfect poem
The words were never there
Only people standing silent
As the paper makes them stare

A silence full of reason
A tear for the cost
Every second they are breathing
Was another meaning lost

We held the dream of hatred
It poisoned every hope
We could promise that we’d wake up
But we’d need to steal another’s rope

I am a perfect mirror
I reflect what you’ve become
I am the disconnected
If only so I never turn and run

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