cruel world

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Commercial Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

i just wrote this and felt like sharing it ....

it's one of those moments you know, when you feel like crawling into a dark place and 
sit in a corner and cry for good 2 or 3 hours but in the same time you want to scream and break things
you feel like in that moment you are capable of doing crazy stuff like killing someone 
that's exactly how I feel right now,anger, sadness, depression but mostly wrath, pure wrath
like the whole world is against you, and the only one you can turn to is gone, you trust no one
but you still try to move forward, and you say I can do this, and you try to rise from the ashes 
but it's impossible because every time you try, something has to bring you down, something has to remind you of 
who you really are and what are you trying to run away from, that's life you say and it's true
but it's not living it's just surviving and that's what most people are doing lately trying to survive
not to live, everywhere you look you'd see people with empty eyes, just shadows of people everywhere...
you think you know someone really well, and they think they knows you well also, but in the end you'd be surprised
of how much pain one person can take without breaking down in front of you, the more pain he take the more he'll be good at hiding it
see a wise girl once said we don't really get better we just get better at hiding it, and that's real, because you can't
just take that part of your life and pretend like you never lived it, like you never been hurt, never felt like drowning, never felt like you are your own worst
enemy, people just can't do that, because if they could there be no more sadness, no more teenagers wearing oversized clothes to hide their scars,
no more grieving parents for the death of their off springs even thought most of the time it's their own fault for not noticing or worse sometimes they notice but pretend it's no big deal
that it's just a ''phase'', so they go and spend their money on useless stuff rather than spending it on their kid's mental health...
we survive on a cruel world and we only faced with two choices and two choices only  either to keep on ''surviving'' and keep it all inside of you or to take your own life to finally feel free...

Submitted: April 30, 2015

© Copyright 2020 youraverageteenager. All rights reserved.

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This is really good! It explains how I feel exactly, I'm not living, just surviving. Nobody guesses, nobody cares. By best friends said "why didn't you tell me?" after I spilt my guts to her and promptly didn't mention it again. Keep running ~ Melody Paige

Sat, September 19th, 2015 7:32pm

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