One Night, Another Race (Brian Love story)

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Brian Has another race to win tonight, But He Ends up racing an old lover. How will this night End?

Submitted: May 04, 2011

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Submitted: May 04, 2011



Chapter 1:Let's start

Brian Started up his car and looked at his Compatition, This one was acting strange, They Had a helment on and was not even trying to look over at him. He had a strange feeling about this Who was this person. Was is a man or a woman, Who was it?Who?He had to know but the only way he could was by winning this race, He was going to win He was not going to show Pity on this person He did not care who it was.

Chapter 2:Finding out.

Me and Brian Both Crossed the finish line at the same time, Iopened the door of my car and stepped out as I did Itook My Helmet off and looked straight at Brian, Then he looked back at me and Smiled as he then Yelled "Mags!"Ilaughed and ran over to him He just smiled and Gave me a hug and held me "Ishould have known it was you, Imean You are the only one who has the Balls to take me on in a Race"Ilaughed "Sure Brian"Isaid as Ihugged him back

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