Words Unspoken

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Words uspoken as heartbreak rules over two exes.

Submitted: January 06, 2008

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Submitted: January 06, 2008



I see you there

I see him there

He broke my heart


You see her there

She didn't want what you gave her

Your heart

She broke it


To the Heartbreakers

The Heartbroken cry


"Why did you break it?"

"Why do you not care?"

"What happened to us?"

And your left with a stare...

A blank nothing they leave

You're confused, empty inside

So now, crawl away

And hide

Guard you heart

Keep it close

It's what matters most

We've been through the same thing

I understand how you feel

When you tell me how

Those lying words killed

Crushed you heart

Drove you mad

Crying, wanting them to hold,

And have

So now, I write the words


Carried by a heart that's Broken

Too, I feel your pain

You know, how I gave him everything

But he didn't want it

What I had given

My heart

He crushed it

And now, it's broken

You understand

How I feel

She did this to you too

But until

These words I write

That are left Unspoken,

Become words that are said

My heart remains Broken

You see me here,

In my eyes you stare

Gently kiss me on the cheek

I know you still care

Though he never really did

Never was there

Didn't really love me

Guess we weren't the right pair.

But I'll find him one day

The one that's right

And you will find her

But just not quite


So you could love again

And so could I

With what's left of our hearts

No more lies

So I leave with you,

The words left unspoken

No lie

I Love You



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