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when poetry pops into my head I have too write & write until it comes too a temporary hault. this was a poem originally then an idea occured to me that I could make it into a song. So I hope you enjoy & awesome comments & legit feed back are appreciated! thanks :P

Submitted: May 19, 2012

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Submitted: May 19, 2012




Intro:I looked into an abyss of darkness not toolong ago & as I star-struck gazed into it with ambivalent

emotions I couldn't help one pending thought that could not leave itsremarks off my mind this is

an abyss nothing ever is that any individual human being will look into forever because as the sun once

again gives the breaking sky the dawn breaking sky a gentle kiss of encouragement with a whole new

energized beginning the black hole grew ever so light it was no longer a lost & caught in time

afterthoughtwanting to be forgotten IT. WAS. LIGHT. appeasing the door ways to the ever-lasting soul

back on it again for a second chance...There was no longer a lengthy shadow streaking across untracked

land but a promise a brand never-before-seen born into an opprotunity of a whirlwind of adventure


the very concept is complex sometimes the brighter side of anything can hurt more than the dirty lies but

when it it comes too the ultimate meaning it almost makes sense in someway I just can't explain worlds

exploding not mixing by dimensions imagining I can see them colliding waiting for a ready opening too beat

me down or shuffle me around in a new mess of complications leggo we are ready for the fight

Chorus: Living In Go's Healing Times

you hear these words I'm spitting?

learn it believe it get used to it we represent

offer up the pain & suffering not holding back

unleashing a beast one unknown unseen passage

way <--(those 2 words repeat 3 times deeper to lighter)

Come on lets get along now take a walk in the shade of what's meant to be

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