L.I.G.H.T. Part 3 (final)

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Last rap verse to my song: L.I.G.H.T. enjoy!!!!
please comment & let me know what you think of me writing my poems in songs please (: ideas & advice needed :P

Submitted: May 19, 2012

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Submitted: May 19, 2012



Last Rap Verse:tunnel of dark empty abyss feelin' like you can't survive no more anticipating no time to think or take a twix break\"cheeky\"

don't over think one way out put in like puzzle pieces even if scattered strength doesn't haveta kill the silence lay it to

rest locked up in your own minds distress brake free walk against the boring crowds don't think you taken this to heart

but you gotta open your door ways to your soul use the wisdom that's given if it ain't true no regretting it's permission

maybe an unspoken vow blood secret from the depths no looking back now on the path to righteousness don't be fooled

good looks are deceiving whatcha step kid only got one life to be living responsibility of mankind lost within the depths of

earth's crystal blue seas mask or not just look at the screen or map of keeping look up son take up that chin look at 'em

stars don't tell me I can't put them in your hands let's conquer the world let it be ours!!! the light be winning medical kids

take up our rights no longer must we stand this shit


Chorus: Living in God's Healing Times got this  programmed in your head mother fuckers?

these words i'm spitting learn it. believe it. get used to it. we represent offer up the pain & suffering

not holding back unleashing our team our family one unknown unseen passage way we must seek

(repeat  parts of that last line 3 times)

ready for the walk in the warmth with me???



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