Chained Soul

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
Written on impulse at a pub just after lunch, instead of working across the street.

Submitted: November 13, 2014

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Submitted: November 13, 2014



After frantic words scribbled about
I offer my last words to remove all doubt.

In this night soon broken by dawn
hold my hand while my last breath is drawn.

My life remains to last
the span of this gasp.

After countless drinks and bottles of sorts
my soul still contorts.

My soul lurches to escape
but chained to its mistake.

Held captive by demons unseen
dinning on my mind so unclean.

Nay I say to you
I am not the sort to hold true.

My eyes fervently sought the next betrayal
I hammered hard the iron nail.

After my years of toil I finally put to rest
All I detest.

An empty wall was my only friend
hearing all at no end.

Hallowed halls echoed my vacant stare
my sins are all Satan cares.

What have I gained
through my years in vain?

My weary face reflected
is all I have collected.

Listen closely to this sinner's plea
take to heart what I say to thee.

Of the lives I have broken
I only have this token.

Misery with every breath
silent guilt of their death.

After confessing this blackened moment
I regret being the fruit of my mother's lament.

You speak of Salvation
none for me, except Damnation.

No earthen tones cover my hands
crimson shades is all I have.

Satan waits with bated breath
to envelope me upon my death.

These dying words in solitude
at last I say to you.

Best to resist Satan
than to succumb to his temptation.

Never is the way
when the soul is chained.

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