Devil's Empathy

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

This hit me last night. This work is very raw. I have not proofread it. (I posted this while at work, sshhh.)

You didn't think you were alone all this time did you?

I'm worthless and useless.

- Lies

I'm alone and isolated.

- Lies, my disillusioned soul

I'm a failure at everything I do.

- More Lies I say to you

What?  Speak, you wretch!  Torturing me with mirrored shards reflecting what I know is Truth.  Why intoxicate me with your poisoned honey?  Your breath lingers enough for your turgid sympathies to overstay their welcome.  I did not come here to seek you by name or intention.  Speak now miserable wretch!

- Ah, finally my bewildered soul, you speak of what is. Though still trivial you writhed in the maternal womb and influenced greater things than you realize.  A sacrifice paid in full upon your birth by your mother's death, and your paternal name sake, while lost at the bottom of a bottle, unaware of my new delight.

Pompous ass!  I grow tired of your insults.  How do you know of my past and what purpose does it serve you?

- Nay I say to you.  You are worth more to me than a horde of writhing wombs a thousand fold.  Nay I say to that.  You are invaluable to my cause. Through your cunning acts carried many in your wake to me.  Legions of desperate souls seeking immediate salvation upon learning of your tales.  Your crafted words gouged all hope from the hearts misguided souls.  I bathe in the tears upon the herd of suicides.  Nay my brother, you are invaluable to my cause. 

Vile presumptions!  Vile to the core if such a beast has one!  I am not responsible for the course of one's life.  Such is guided by their thoughts, Faith, temptations or weaknesses.  No, do not put the burden of spilled life across my hands.  Do not attempt to shackle me with this falsehood!  I have not spoken not even silent murmurs to anyone of Heaven and Hell.  I am a recluse who's only craft is putting to scroll what I believe is Truth.  Those who read do so at by their own cause, not mine!  Where my pen runs dry is as far as my will stretches.  I put to scroll all I have with none to spare.  So this, this is why I have come to this precipice.  I can not fathom another breath.  Recall I did not come here to be bothered by your lies you malodorus fool!  Be gone!  Let me commit myself to...

- ...Brother, take just a trivial moment to hear these simple words.  If not from my lips then by your pen... 

'...Upon passing from this mortal coil, there is no repreve, just a simple end.  From ash to ash, dust to dust we shall return.  No eternal salvation from a mystical being prancing upon the clouds.  No eternal fear that boils away hope.  Thus there is no Heaven or Hell.  Since the birth of thought, how can such contradicting worlds exist without a grain of evidence of such supposed all powerful beings? Both kings of Heaven and Hell with free will at their beck and call, yet not once have they revealed themselves during one's most desperate times...'

This is exactly why I am here.  Not to be manipulated with twisted lies, but to return from whence I came.  Out of desperation, out of futility, out of a hopelessness I can not bear any longer.  Broken many bones in my hands by striking the wall holding my mirror.  I wish to be held in the bosom from whence I came.  Now be gone, I am done with you!  The sun sets such as my will be done.

- There is no romance in Death for you my brother.  You succeed by your talents in more ways than you are aware.  As your work is recited and crawled through it slays to rest what the other One pretends to offer.  Your craft, my brother, will carry through many generations to come.  I see this in the seasons to come.  Civilizations, kings and wealth come and go with the tide, but your toils, your philosophies are immortalized in the hearts of many.  There is much more to pen. You are not alone.  You have many silent followers.  You will succeed so as long as there is turmoil seeking salvation by your craft.  Be witness to your success.  You are worthy of my words.  I do not waste many for my time is fleeting. 

- Come now, step away from this useless fall and let us see my Truth.

Submitted: November 12, 2014

© Copyright 2021 youseethroughme. All rights reserved.

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