Lion and the Bat

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Lion sending a message to everyone in the room

Submitted: November 11, 2014

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Submitted: November 11, 2014



Within a university, there is a museum type room with old printing machinery. Abnormally large flying bats circle near the cathedral ceiling. The bats are black and brown with a toothy-mousey look. Moments later a lion enters the room. It engulfs the entire doorway. His radiance illuminates every corner of the room. It lunges upward and clenches a bat within its jaws. With a heavy swing of his head, he slams the bat to the floor. He roars fiercely. The Lion methodically rips off bat flesh using his long canines. The bat shrieks and squeals in agony. The Lion tears off just enough flesh to keep the bat alive. There are other people watching just beyond the circle of anguish. One of them gasps, when the Lion looks up. With a fluid motion he bites down and crushes the rodent between its jaws thus sending the message to everyone in the room.

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