The Hole Had Something To It

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A hole found me. Where do I go from here? I am asking the public to suggest how I should continue or end this written piece.

I welcome your ideas.

I walked while lost in thought, half paying attention to my surroundings and that is when I noticed the hole.

Just the width to fit a man standing straight, with an indiscernible bottom.  I was too tripped up with my first thought to fit in a second thought in my fumbling mind.

It was just a hole. I stared at it as if it were a miraculous sunrise on a distant land. My mind expected something from the hole, but my brain was stumped by my odd gaze.

My body was numb, waiting for my head to decide on the next move. It was simply, a round, black hole in the sidewalk, with nothing around it.

However, its presence gripped my existence with a force that sucked all coherent thoughts into it. All this in a matter of milliseconds.

A strange wave came over me.  I cannot tell if I wanted the hole, if it wanted me.

I bent down to find the bottom without success. Before I realized it, my hand was reaching into the hole. With a mind of its own, it stretched its fingers into the hole as if it had texture my hand wanted to feel.  I pulled back with surprise. I thought to myself, \"What the hell, I might fall in.\"

My eyes never broke from their longing gaze on the hole. My brain could not understand what I was doing there, but my mind would not break its mysterious trance. My eyes watered from their attempts to focus on nothing.

Another wave washed over me. I wanted the hole again. Like that feeling you get for an impulse buy. You just want it.

The world spun around me, but I could not care less. My hand reached into the hole again, believing it would disappear when broke its surface.  This time I did not pull out. I sat on its rim dangling my legs inside.

A swell of familiar longing permeated my body. The hole knew me. My senses searched for any discernible characteristic. My feet swung freely as they stretched down to feel the bottom. Nothing.

Instead of asking myself, \"What am I doing here?\", I was asking, \"How should I get in?\"  My brain fought with logic of potential dangers, but my mind was intoxicated with wave after wave of the familiar longing feeling.

While my brain barley started a list of worse case scenarios, I was in.  I did not look up. I came from there and did not care to see it again.  My eyes wide open frantically searching for more hole.

My mouth open with frightful anticipation took in a large gasp.  I was with the hole.


Submitted: February 23, 2015

© Copyright 2020 youseethroughme. All rights reserved.

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