The Perfect Family

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The Robinsons, a perfect happy family which recently moved to a new neighbourhood, but how will the neighbours deal with them as time passes on.

Submitted: May 24, 2016

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Submitted: May 24, 2016



The Perfect Family

Ever since The Robinsons shifted to their new house in town, people started talking about them. Happily going out on weekends, friendly with all the people in the neighbourhood, did not have any complaints against them and no one ever heard a single shout or any kind of noise coming out of their house, making the neighbours sometimes stupidly think that they might have disappeared from the house at night...From that time, people started calling them '' The Perfect Family''.

One night, a sudden loud scream came out of the house which startled the whole neighbourhood. Few seconds later, silence filled the street. Day after day that strange noise kept awakening every person living next to the house. Some got worried, some felt uncomfortable and some really felt confused, but no one dared to go to find out what is wrong, everyone started avoiding any member of the family. Fear started controlling people's bodies and changed their behaviour towards The Robinsons which annoyed them a bit.

On Friday mornings, people in the neighbourhood gather and share different kinds of food and sweets with everyone. It was surprising that after not showing up for a while, The Robinsons were the first people to share their homemade food with the neighbours, people started wondering what was special about today.Suddenly Mr.Robinson shouted, ''EVERYONE LISTEN! WE GOT BLESSED WITH A NEW BORN BABY!" , "Oh so that is why Mrs.Robinson did not join us today", said one of the neighbours. This brought happiness to the whole neighbourhood and everyone started congratulating Mr. Robinson. He asked each family to send their youngest child to enjoy at the party that will be done as soon as the baby reaches home.

Few days later Mrs.Robinson and her new born baby, Jessica arrived and all the kids rushed to their house. John, one of the neighbours who is an ex-cop was looking at how the kids where running happily towards The Robinsons house when out of nowhere a thought popped into his mind which made him start thinking. When "The Perfect Family" moved in here, they were six, but now all i can see is the father, the mother and today, the new born baby... These strange thoughts kept him awake all night, peeping out from his window and staring at The Robinsons house.

"OH GOD! WHAT IS THIS?", within minutes he saw one of The Robinsons house's window covered terribly with blood, he quickly took out his pistol and rushed towards the house. As he was getting closer, his steps got heavier and heavier. He stopped for a second and thought that one more step may either put an end to his life or make him sit on a wheel chair forever,probably paralyzed. All of a sudden, Mr.Robinson opened the door and saw John standing not too far from his house. "Hey! what are you looking at?" He shouted. "I..I was", John took a glance at the window again and not even a single drop of blood was on it. "I was just admiring your window sir, Wow so clean it looks new! I would love to get the same window cleaner for mine as well", replied John. "Huh, this is not the time for your silly jokes, now go away I do not want to see you anywhere near my house again",said Mr.Robinson as he looked at John in a weird way which caused tension and nervousness in every part of John's body as he walked back home. He sat down and started thinking again. "Am I going crazy or its just that I miss  my good ol'days dealing with similar cases like this?" , "Maybe this family is really hiding something serious from all of us..." He kept all those thoughts aside and went to his only and forever love, his bed for a long deep sleep...

"AAAAAHHHHHH! HELP ME! HE IS DEAD, MY HUSBAND IS DEAD PLEASE HELP!" A woman's loud screams from the bottom of her heart woke everyone up terrified in their homes, especially John who jumped off his bed as soon as he heard the noise. But this time it was not from The Robinsons house... Day after day someone from every family in the neighbourhood left life. "Now this got serious, it is time to get back to my old job." John started applying every single thing he learned from all those years of fighting crime to solve this problem. He went to each and every house, except The Robinsons' , trying to find out any sort of evidence or clue about what is going on. One common answer was spoken out from all the families which was, "We found drops of blood in our youngest child's room." While he was heading back home with only that sentence running through his mind, he stopped, gave a quick glance at The Robinsons house and as he was just about to turn back and leave when this memory rushed into his mind. He remembered when Mr.Robinson invited only the youngest child of every family to his house when the baby arrived. "I have to meet Mr.Robinson now!", John went and knocked on the door.

A really pretty lady opened the door and stood next to it. "Hello there, I wonder why a lovely young man is here for at this time?", said Mrs.Robinson. "Well mam... I need to see your husband immediately", replied John.

"Well I am really sorry but his company sent him to finish some work out of town for a couple of days, he will be back on Saturday, but dear you look exhausted, please come in  and have some rest while i will get you a cup of coffee".

"Thank you mam, I appreciate it".

As soon as John entered, he wasted not even a second looking around anything, probably suspicious. Surprisingly, everything seemed so normal.

"Here you go, your coffee".

"Thanks Mrs.Robinson".

John drank his coffee and something caught his attention, "HFT". Three strange letters stuck at the bottom of the cup. He pretended as if he did not notice them, thanked Mrs.Robinson for her amazing coffee and went back home.

"Hmm...HFT, what may this mean, some new Chinese brand? name of a book? a clue indirectly given by Mrs.Robinson?, let me Google it..."

"HFT, A deadly curse causing death to a certain number of people within a short period of time. It is performed by using the lives of the dead as a sacrifice for a new creature to grow..."

John began thinking, "Sacrifice? new creature, grow?... The new born baby! I knew something really strange was with this family, they were responsible for killing all those innocent people to help their new born baby grow...", and by that John ended his long tiring day and went to sleep.

The very next morning, John decided to make another lovely visit to Mrs.Robinsons. He bought some flowers from the store next door and headed to the house.

"Oh hello, I can see a lovely bouquet of flowers with you, how sweet is that."

John handed her the bouquet with a bright morning smile on his face and asked if he could come inside and talk to her for few minutes. He sat down impatiently waiting for her to keep the bouquet aside and come back.

"Mrs.Robinson, I noticed three words written on the bottom of the cup you gave me yesterday which made me curious to look them up, I found out what they meant and i have few questions to ask you if I may", as soon as he finished talking, she lowered her head and with a very soft and calm voice said," You are the only one who understood this. For many years, I have tried warning people indirectly about this, but no one got it...Finally, I am glad that you are here asking about it. The reason why we kept on moving is because whenever he felt that I am trying to warn people, he gets really mad and start beating me with no mercy".

"Sorry to interrupt you Mrs.Robinson, when you moved here you had four children, but I can see none of them existing now except for the new baby".

"Well yes, we had four children, but they are not our own kinds, he adopted all of them few months back. They were part of the sacrifice along with all the other people that lived in this neighbourhood as you saw... I feel really sorry for their families".

"But mam, how did he kill them?."

"This curse works only with little kids, the youngest ones at home, twisting and controlling their little innocent minds, making them murder the dearest ones to their heart unconsciously without shedding a tear. That is why he invited only the youngest members of each family to the party and day after day a person from each family got murdered "as a sacrifice" for this baby sleeping peacefully upstairs to grow and live. Sadly, he was able to achieve what he wanted again..."

"Thanks a lot mam for all this information, may you have a good day", John stood up with a smile on his lips and walked towards the door.

"Wait John! \i wont be living for a long time, he will get to know what I told you and will come at any moment to kill me, I want you to take care of yourself dear", tears started flowing from Mrs.Robinson's eyes as she said those words.

"Do not worry, I will not let him harm you and I promise that he will not get away will all this", by this their conversation has ended and maybe it will be the start of a new friend with her...

John went home, made himself a cup of coffee, stood by the window and started looking at the people outside. "Oh no! I jus wasted two hours by simply looking outside and day dreaming, I should probably get back to work and find out a way to stop this man. As he was about to close the curtain, a car passed by.

"It's Mr.Robinson's car! what is he doing here? it's not even Saturday yet!", John ran towards his drawer, took out his pistol and rushed towards the house. As he was getting closer, he heard Mrs.Robinson shouting at top of her voice and the loud cries of baby Jessica. He kept on pushing and kicking the door and broke in. Silence filled the whole house as he entered, not even a single voice came out of anyone inside. John started looking for Mr.Robinson, but not even his footsteps could be heard. John ran upstairs looking for anyone. There was a room facing his side with its door slightly open, he walked towards the door and opened it slowly. It was Mrs.Robinson's body lying down on the floor with her baby in between her arms, both murdered. It felt as if she was hugging her baby tightly even when they are dead, the unbelievable love of a mother towards her baby and their blood splashed across the room in a horrible way.

John could not stand watching them slayed in this unmerciful condition and called the police. As he was walking downstairs, wiping his tears and trying to be strong. Suddenly Mr.Robinson showed up and said,"That is what you get when you betray others, hope you enjoyed looking at them haha..." John quickly took out his pistol and shot, but missed him. He ran after him, but the man already got in his car and started driving. "It was nice meeting you John, by the way I am Eric... Do not miss me!" Those were the last words that came out from Eric's mouth as he drove away...

The police arrived along with the ambulance to pick up the dead bodies. As they were taking them down, John asked if he could have a quick look at Mrs.Robinson for the last time. He held her hand tightly and saw a necklace hanging down from her neck, having her name carved on it . John took the necklace and said," I will do everything possible to catch him and avenge you and nothing will stand in my way. I promise you and a real man never breaks his promises. May you rest in peace Layla... Good bye".

- Never get fooled by people's looks, they may seem friendly and innocent but can turn out to be the worst living devils on this planet, and this was the end of the so called:

"The Perfect Family"

© Copyright 2019 Yousif AlRahma. All rights reserved.

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