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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

This short story is about an organization consisting
of wealthy and influential authoritarian figures that plan
on saving the world from the disaster due to the ozone layer ripping from ozone depleting chemicals. Although
in reality the organization: Exodia plans to deceive the
public and create a far greater problem. A problem mankind
has never faced before...




Chapter One


The last day for mankind on this now sacred globe has come. The last survivors stared down at to what is left of Earth as they slowly approached the gigantic space ship. Nothing was like it was before, since 2198 when the Earth’s ozone layer had finally ripped apart due to ozone depleting chemicals. Since then Exodia, a large group of wealthy and influential individuals set up the goal to migrate all citizens of Earth to Paradisia as Earth is no longer inhabitable. In reality Exodia has existed since the Middle Ages with a mysterious goal only revealed to the inner circle of the Exodian leader, yet never were their services required as much as now and never were such advanced technologies at their disposal. Although the public was well aware of the strength of this single organization, their most powerful tool beyond doubt was their art of deceiving which very few were well aware of. 

 Desperate times mankind was facing called for desperate measures and so all continental representatives agreed in the United Continents of Earth emergency meeting to use Exodia Services to transport their citizens to Paradisia, an ultra large planet terraformed by the most modern robots. None of the representatives were aware that this move physically stripped them all from their power.


Nova stood nervous, hiding behind the curtains preparing to be presented to the entire globe. He peered around trying his best to get a glimpse of the massive audience. The dark red curtains that separated Nova from the audience rid the place from any light coming from the outside. Within seconds, came his turn and Nova walked confidently towards the front of the stage trying his best to force a smile out.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you the founder of Exodia, Nova!” The entire hall was filled with applauses and chants; every channel was now broadcasting Nova.

“Good Evening citizens of the world, today I wish to announce Exodia’s great achievement. We have officially transported every citizen from Earth into our beloved planet Paradisia. No more earthquakes, no more Floods, and no more meteors. This is the future you have all been waiting for. Since the start of Exodia our goal has been to unite the world under one name that will promise greatness and fairness to all of our people, no one will be mistreated or neglected here in Paradisia. Thank you very much and good night.” With a wide smile on his face, Nova left the stage retreating to the curtains.

To an ordinary citizen Paradisia may have seemed like heaven or perhaps really paradise, yet behind every public location Exodian secret agents would be lurking around in the shadows of skyscrapers, monuments and the impressive metropolis of Paradisia, monitoring the actions of every individual. About six months ago, the entire upper staff of Exodia consisting of the most influential members were assassinated by a secret agency hired by Nova allowing him to claim their wealth and increase his influence over the planet. Greedy for power, he let none of this leak into the public. The organization itself had only become popular in 2198 when the organization offered to save the entire globe from the chaos and Nova was presented as the official leader as the entire globe including Nova himself were unaware the previous leader was in fact lurking around ready to claim the golden seat for himself once more.

The EXDN (Exodia Daily News) covered the mysterious disappearance of over two hundred upper staff members. Although Nova had inherited the position as leader he had agreed to share his powers earlier with several hundred other powerful contributors to Exodia, yet with all of them dead and everyone aware of the truth afraid to speak about it, Nova remained in the golden seat and exemplified the art of deceiving once again to those inferior to him as a threat.

Like a puppeteer controls his puppets, Nova moved the strings in the media and entertainment industry allowing the puppets to further glorify his name with lies. Worst of all his mysterious plan following the end of the construction of Paradisia was unknown by even his closest advisors.


As Nova was shifting and turning the entire night in his bed unable to sleep, thinking deeply about the last meeting, suddenly all three televisions in his room turned on and so did all in every household, and building in Paradisia. At first the screen was plain white, no one had control over what was being broadcasted. The scene changed within seconds to an entire gloomy room with two candles on the floor on either side of a rocking wooden chair was being broadcasted. An outline of a man in total black appeared from the side and slowly walked towards the chair and sat down. Not a single noise was made, although all thirteen billion people including Exodian employees were witnessing this unusual channel. All remotes were deactivated and turning the television off wasn’t an option to anyone. With anger Nova commanded his PR (Private Robot) to contact the Exodian headquarters. “What is going on?” shouted Nova in anger as he spoke with a technician. “I demand to know what is going on and cease what is being broadcasted at once.”

“Sir we have no command over it, it seems our entire system has been hacked and shut down, all security cameras are down.” After hearing the reply from the technician, Nova was furious and ready to smash his PR and end the call.

“Greetings to all of you, this is a message on behalf of Anonymous. We wish to inform you that you had been hypnotized and are living in a fairytale. Wake up to see the truth, Exodia has called upon all continents of the world to send their citizens to Paradisia to use you all. There is hope for our planet Earth, support us now and together we shall return to Earth and rebuild our homeland, not work for dictators. Your cooperation is required; we have hacked all systems owned by Exodia and have challenged Exodia to a Cyber War against us, Anonymous. Heed my words Nova, the more you fight back the more we will reveal the true crimes you have committed.  Exodia’s long term plan is to convert all humans into robots, to create the most powerful and advanced army in history and anyone that stands against Nova will exist no longer. This can be easily carried out with the usage of nanotechnology which Nova’s top scientists have been implanting in all citizens. Listen carefully.” Nova was motionless, his heart beating faster than ever now as if it is about to explode. Thousands of questions were racing in his head, who is this person? How does he know my plan? Speechless he kept listening to what seemed like a nightmare. “Our Earth is capable of recovery, and is capable of returning to how it once was. With enough funds, and man power we can return and leave Paradisia. We will not fight to injure anyone as every human is vital although Exodia your time has come to an end.” hearing that was enough to make Nova crazy. Even as he went in his car to head to the Exodian Headquarters all radio stations were dominated by Anonymous. “Call Desmond.” commanded Nova loud and clear. The car analyzed his command and within seconds he was on the phone with Desmond, his closest advisor. “Any plans to what we can do now?” asked Nova in a surprisingly calm manner. “Sir we have no control over any Police Robots or Security Cameras and we have lost connection to any communication device we provided our Employees, just the HQ is still standing. This was a shock to us all, we had our best technicians programme our Anti-Hacking software yet these are no beginners they clearly know better than us.” replied Desmond. “Exodia controls all services across the cyber space shut our cyber space down and that will save us ten minutes until they are able to control our devices again.”

“Sir, the Cyber space isn’t ours anymore. We are losing all our data second by second and top secret information is leaking.”

“Call for a meeting at once in the headquarters I will be there in five minutes.” after that said Nova ended the call, very nervous, thinking this may be perhaps his last day as leader of the world.


All of the citizens seem to react with fear and shock. No one could believe their own eyes; they had been lied to and were soon going to become robots to work for Nova the man himself that promised them a wonderful life in this planet. Some decided to side with Anonymous and head to the streets to protest while the majority remained in their households afraid of what was going to come. By now Anonymous was listing and showing documents proving Nova’s crimes.


“Alright let us start now, we haven’t got much time. Anyone have any suggestions as to how we can defeat those hackers?” said Nova, as all participants of the meeting took their seats. “One possibility would be tracking them down, they must be broadcasting this from Paradisia it shouldn’t be too hard to find them.” Suggested a worker.

“Alright gentlemen get to work; we need to track them down at once.” All three hundred employees attending the meeting sat eyes glued to their holographic devices, tracking down Anonymous. After what seemed forever a technician sitting close to Nova lifted his head slowly with horror in his face. He was shivering, nearly about to drop his holographic device; slowly he took a deep breath and spoke in a serious tone. “Sir, Anonymous is not located on Paradisia.”

“What on earth are you talking about, of course they are in Paradisia there is no life outside of here or the International Space Station!” shouted Nova

“Sir they are currently on Earth...”





























Chapter Two


The streets were mostly empty throughout the entire day. No one dared leave their house, although rumours were flowing from household to household that soon an anti Exodia group would hit the streets and protest to save Earth. All senior staff members of Exodia remained in the headquarters while the majority of the staff quit working for Exodia and either sided with Anonymous or retreated to the protection of their home. Nova sat glaring at the latest headlines on his electronic newspaper. “Save Our Earth” written in bold and capitals on the top centre of the newspaper. Anonymous remained dominating the television and all radio stations, second by second top secret information was being revealed, information that exposed Nova’s corrupt organization and crime, second by second people were feeling unsecure with Exodia and started siding with Anonymous.


“Gentlemen we shall not allow this minor group from Earth to ruin our plan at once get me in contact with the international space station!” commanded Nova. For the last two days since the attack of Anonymous, Nova neglected sleeping now appearing like a walking dead soul. The entire Exodian army were deployed when several groups began demonstrating. Though they came to an end as soon as all streets were filled with robotic soldiers threating to shoot anyone. Some citizens initiated Anti Exodia groups and bombed monuments and impressive high rise buildings to portray their anger at Exodia. “Sir, we will initiate a holographic call with the International Space Station in two minutes, till then I ordered our dock to be closed to incoming space ships in case Anonymous tries attacking us directly.” said Desmond. Second in command Desmond was afraid most of all on the fall of Exodia. Before being recruited to Exodia, Desmond was a master mind and used his intelligence for evil. Being a most wanted criminal on Earth left Desmond very little chance to start a new life until 2190 when Nova took him under his wing. Nova became like another father to him, taught him how to manage an organization and hack anything yet even Desmond was unaware of the plan of converting humans to robots broadcasted by Anonymous. “Sir, is it true?”

“What is!” shouted Nova. Desmond remained silent for a while afraid to speak. Nova would rarely raise his voice at Desmond. Desmond knew immediately it wasn’t the time to ask. “Never mind Sir, another time.” answered Desmond in a shy tone and continued setting up the call with the International Space Station. “Sir Holographic call has been initiated.” Within seconds the entire hall was cleared with just Nova and Desmond staring at a holographic picture of Astra the highest ranking member of the SSA (Space Safety Association) an Association based in the International Space Station.

“We require your assistance Astra, we have lost-”

“I know Nova I heard all about it, you have allowed such information to leak we cannot do anything about it.” interrupted Astra.

“But how can anyone be alive on Earth?”

“Nova our Earth isn’t dead, but simply in a horrible condition, there is hope.”

“Well any ideas on how we can take down Anonymous?” asked Nova. An evil smile swept across Astra’s face almost as if he was enjoying this incident. “It is not a question on taking Anonymous down, Anonymous isn’t just a few people on Earth anymore it is more than half the population of your planet.” With sadness and misery Nova stared at Desmond hoping for an idea or suggestion yet Desmond’s lips were sealed. No one had a clue on how to end this storm that has swept across Paradisia. After a few seconds of silence, Astra stood upwards in a standing position and spoke in a quiet tone. “Although Nova... you have been a loyal friend since the start. I will have my men take out Anonymous on Earth just have some of your scientists appear on television and assure everyone that planet Earth is no longer inhabitable and disprove any accusations by Anonymous. Send all your forces to take out Anti Exodia and with some luck Paradisia is yours again.” with that said, Nova’s eyes lit up with hope as his anger faded away.

“Thank you very much for your assistance Astra I will personally make sure you get rewarded very well for this, good bye.”

“It is my duty to serve you Nova forget the thank you or any other rewards after all I am only S.S.A. captain due to what you have done.” With that said the holographic picture vanished leaving Desmond and Nova staring blankly at the air. “Desmond make sure you inform our top scientists to get ready to speak in front of the entire world.” Desmond nodded his head and stood up to leave the hall. “Wait I almost forgot Desmond, what was it you wanted to ask me?”

“...Is it true sir... the plan you created to convert humans into machines?”

“Of course not Desmond!” answered Nova. Though Desmond knew Nova was only lying it wasn’t the time to start an argument.

“Nova be aware, Earth isn’t our only hideout.” Nova nearly jumped out of his seat hearing that, he stared around the entire hall wondering where the noise was coming from. Slowly he took out his phone; the same scene was displayed on the screen as earlier. A chair, and on either side a candle apart from that the entire room was dark. A mysterious person sat in the chair covered in entire black. Nova stared in horror with eyes glued to his phone’s screen. “We have a goal, and we will accomplish it. You can try stopping us, hunting us down, getting assistance but you will pay the price for what you have done.”

“Alright listen Anonymous; I have a deal for you and your entire group. Join Exodia and work for us in Paradisia as our top technicians, you will live wonderful lives and I can guarantee you, your salary will have many zeros on it. Cease your hacking and we will greet you with peace as a hero along with your entire group.”

“I see you are becoming desperate here Nova, we don’t work for money and we will never work for you. Well Nova I simply want to inform you on this: Monday night is going to be a day you will never forget.” Right after that the phone turned black and the call was over. Nova gripped the phone in anger and smashed it into the ground. He slowly lifted his head up glancing upwards, noticing no one has entered the hall. Deciding to check on the rest of the staff Nova stood up making his way towards the central exit. As Nova arrived to the door and opened it about to exit the meeting hall, he couldn’t believe his eyes. He froze, unable to open his mouth, staring deeply at what had happened. The headquarters was being raided. All his employees were on the ground with several guards walking around monitoring the area. Immediately as all guards began to chase after him, he pushed the door shut and ran as fast as his legs would let him to the exit leading to an underground chamber. Now three guards were chasing after Nova, two bullets hit him on his chest and ankle. Struggling to run any longer, he fell to the cold marble floor screaming in pain as the guards got closer. Suddenly when everything seemed over for the evil leader of Exodia the roof collapsed, nearly falling on Nova and ending the evil leader’s life. A space ship broke into the hall and within seconds the guards were dead although reinforcements were coming in lightening speed. Two guards wearing an armoured suit came down and helped Nova up to the space ship. Seconds later they were on their way to a secret hideout in Paradisia.  The remaining guards shot with anger at the space ship yet to no avail.


Nova was bleeding heavily, almost about to die he was forced into a deep sleep by his personal doctors as they operated on his body.  All that could be seen now was the skyscraper building that housed the Exodia Headquarters burning and about to collapse as thousands were running out in fear.




Chapter 3


The entire city was filled with demonstrators destroying monuments, burning cars and houses, teachers, engineers and doctors left their jobs and after two days the entire globe became a chaos. All streets were burned up; the opposition has become the majority of the population on Paradisia. Quiet villages far from the metropolis of Exodia became barracks for the opposition and farmlands were being seized by demonstrators to serve as housing facilities. The rest that sided with Exodia were being tortured or buried alive. Earlier treated as respected employees of an honest organization, now Exodian employees were chased, their homes were ransacked, and their families threatened. The atmosphere in the capital became filled with black ashes and sky scrapers hanging loose about to fall. The streets were unbearable and overcrowded. Most street lamps were broken and shattered. Billboards with pictures of Nova were abused and government buildings were set on fire. The beautifully designed metropolis has become within several hours the most chaotic place on Paradisia. Few parts of the massive planet were not affected by the uprising and demonstrations while the majority of the regions have become fighting grounds and barracks. Normal life ceased to exist in most places, the general majority were on a strike and the quality of life decreased tremendously.  A single signature from Nova’s defence minister led to the deaths of thousands, as the minister commanded his men to pollute the water pipes and remove electricity from the opposition. The military also took advantage of the regions tightly packed with demonstrators and released toxins into the air with the ability to wipe out anyone within several hours. The death toll was increasing at an unimaginable rate as the war of quality versus quantity continued. 


 Only two days remain until Monday, the day Anonymous highlighted to Nova as a day he would never forget. Their intentions for that day remained a mystery though their statement was not taken lightly by Nova.  Meanwhile the wanted leader of the planet made a full recovery within the last two days, spending his entire day watching the news and trying to contact Astra and Desmond. “Earth suitable for life?” was the new headlines on the international newspaper. Many started questioning the Earth and returning to live on Earth. “End of Exodia, back to Earth we shall go.” Was the latest headlines on PNBC (Paradisia News Broadcasting Channel)  Scientists across Paradisia agreed on a new mega project to make Earth suitable for life again.

“Dr. Vincent how long do you believe this project will take to make Earth suitable again for humans?”

“Well depending on the funds and support we receive, momentarily we are expecting this project to take two years thanks to the support of over 300,000 Physicists and over three million construction engineers. This is a project that will reflect our anger on Exodia and especially Nova for committing such crimes. It was found out that within 65 months all citizens of Paradisia would have become emotionless robots, Exodia controlled everything from the food we consumed to what we did in our homes. Nova cannot escape unpunished and thanks to the raid on the head quarters of Exodia by the Anti-Exodia group we have obtained enough information to prove Anonymous right. The idea of transforming all of us into robots using highly sophisticated technology that is not known yet to the public was the major plan of Exodia. At first we have to focus on constructing a system that supports our ozone layer and release certain chemicals in the atmosphere that help strengthen our ozone layer again. Earth has changed significantly but over the next five decades we can guarantee that Earth will return to its ordinary form as we know it.” Nova continued browsing through the channels, relived that Anonymous has taken off its control over radio stations and the television. Nova stared in anger at the television viewing pictures of Paradisia becoming an entire chaos with explosions nonstop and protestors destroying the master piece his employees have constructed. What made him angrier than ever was simply seeing all his old employees protesting against him and appearing on interviews to reveal further more about him. While browsing through the channels, Nova came across a channel set up by the opposition where his former head of department of Robotic Technology was being interviewed by several young adults.

“Mr Andreas, what made you work for the evil fool we once called our leader?” asked one of the reporters in a curious manner.

“I had no choice... if we tried to escape we would be killed and if we spoke out to anyone we

would be killed too. I came looking for a fine job to make a living earlier on Earth, not expecting this would happen and certainly not expecting Nova to be like this.” Andreas paused once more and took a deep breath staring at the camera. “I will do everything in my power to support the opposition, that I can guarantee you.” 

 A guard came in with breakfast for Nova, he silently entered the room placed it on a table and just as he was about to leave Nova gave him a command that would change many people’s lives.

“Tell the Minister of defence to deploy the new X-12 Class robots to fight off these pests on the streets ruining our beautiful planet. Make sure they kill every single citizen they see!” shouted Nova turning red from the anger that had accumulated inside of him while watching the interview of his former employee.  The guard hesitated, shivering from Nova’s anger but contained himself and answered in a professional manner shortly before leaving the room.

The new X-12 Class robots has just been completed and known as the most powerful robot designed in history. Standing at about 16 foot high, these giants could take on anything  though only a very small amount have been created. The general public is unaware of their existence yet soon further more secrets hidden by the government will be revealed, sparking more anger in the public than ever before.


Thinking back it was just about a few months ago when humans started entering Paradisia and two weeks ago since the majority of the citizens arrived to Paradisia. Within four days Paradisia fell to the control of a minor group. The more Nova thought about it the angrier he became. “Call Astra.” Commanded Nova and within seconds the holographic screen lit up.

“Good morning Astra.” said Nova in a calm manner, a long silence followed and seconds later Astra’s assistant answered in a serious tone.

“Astra has been assassinated Nova, once it was revealed he was abusing his powers to help you, we couldn’t let him remain captain. The S.S.A. recognizes you as a threat and as hostile toward us, thus we will support the revolt. Be careful Nova you cannot always run away. The Paradisian Dock has been closed to anyone but SSA reinforcements to support the operation of taking down Exodia. We will meet again soon Nova, very soon.” The Exodian army wasn’t going to be a threat anymore while the citizens receive support from the SSA. Till now Anonymous has remained in an unknown location. Rumours spread that Earth was simply a trick to lure people there yet the real headquarters of Anonymous remained unknown.


Many questions began appearing in Nova’s head, where is Desmond now and what did the anonymous person mean by “Monday night is a day you are never going to forget.” How worse could things get for Exodia?  Construction had already begun on a foreign planet to create a hideout in case Nova’s location is discovered. Worst of all the SSA was actively searching for Nova, asking his former Employees and close friends about Nova’s whereabouts. With no luck for the SSA, an entire search team was deployed to track down Nova. One last evil plan remained to be used by Nova.  As Exodia has constructed the planet, Nova had the ability to self destruct the entire planet meaning the end of over thirteen billion lives. Soon he would be discovered and everything would be over. “Call Desmond.” commanded Nova hoping Desmond would reply to his phone.  After several seconds the holographic device replied “Number currently unavailable.” The possibility of Desmond being alive was slim, perhaps it was best to escape and self destruct the planet.


During the evening Nova planned to meet his Minister of Defence Dominic. Sitting quietly in his luxurious room watching the ongoing slaughter on his holographic television awaiting Dominic’s presence.

“Sir, you wish to speak with me?” asked Dominic slowly entering the room.

“Yes come in Dominic, we have a lot to discuss and very little time is left.”

“Sir I wish to inform you before anything else, our forces are currently leading, the opposition may seem a lot more though our men are highly trained and well armed. I heard the SSA will be supporting the opposition, but worry not sir our men have placed a time bomb by the dock. Within 30 minutes from now it will explode destroying the entire dock, in other words the SSA cannot interfere for a while until they find another location to dock and by then the mercenaries we hired will do a great job bombarding the International Space Station.”

“Which mercenaries?” asked Nova.

“They are highly trained, carried out many operations earlier. The SSA will not be able to interfere a lot until their base is secure. It is not over sir, we are dominating this battle-”

“Leave it simple we can escape and self destruct Paradisia.” Interrupted Nova.

“Sir that would not only mean killing innocent people but our own men.”

“This is a command and it will be carried out, no one apart from you and our staff working here will escape.”

“But the damage could be very immense; it will cause the destruction of the International Space Station and even destroy our Earth. Do you not understand what this could lead to, the end of humanity. Momentarily life exists only in Paradisia and the International Space Station but nowhere else!.” shouted Dominic,  still shocked by his leader’s words.

“Our goal is to stop people from returning to Earth and this will be carried out, the paradise we have constructed for them has been ruined. This is how we are being thanked, for providing them with hope. After the ozone layer ripped it was over for all humans but thanks to us we transported everyone in time to our paradise. Not only will we be killing them but the official members of Anonymous which caused us all this.”

“Sir, I will not allow you to carry out this plan. I understand my duties but this is going too far now. Anonymous has been working to restore our planet. It is our wrong doing from the start constructing this planet.  Thanks to your foolish ideas we have led the world to the brink of destruction, no man like you deserves to live.” Never had Nova heard such words coming from his close friends. The tension was high, both men filled with angriness ready to unleash their wrath on one another.  For a moment the entire room was completely silent.  Without hesitation Nova grabbed his gun and shot Dominic several times in a relaxed manner as if he was shooting in the air. Immediately following that, he left the room notifying his guards to set the timer for self destruction of Paradisia and to prepare the Space ship ready for takeoff. Never had anyone seen Nova this angry. Although Nova had a short temper he never let it show especially with his high ranking allies.

The destruction was set for Tuesday, keeping his men busy at work preparing the space ship for launch out of Paradisia. The majority of his men were not aware of it, fighting for their

leader in the battlefield as he was preparing to betray them. Nova was keen to find out what Anonymous was planning for Monday and decided to stick to his hideout till his escape on Tuesday, morning.


Meanwhile Desmond was sprinting for escape; his entire face was filled with scars and bruises. The central streets and roads were flooded with protesters and the Exodian army fighting to the death. Unable to see or hear clearly anymore due to the destructive explosions Desmond relied on his instincts retreating to narrow empty streets. He would not make it far as his body has already endured several explosions and a bullet to his right shoulder. There were several wanted posters with pictures of Nova, Desmond and several other employees of Exodia. Although thanks to the explosions that left Desmond’s face covered with blood and scars, no one was able to recognize him. The explosions and screams were deafening, and worst of all many high standing elegant buildings began collapsing on the opposition and the Exodian army. After what felt like years of running for Desmond, he collapsed on the dirty ground.  He could no longer sustain the immense pain and gave up hope admitting defeat. Many small pools of blood surrounded him, all around Paradisia rivers of blood were flowing through the roads where the battle was being fought. Recently Exodia modified the weather, instead of the beautiful shimmering rays of the sun shining down on Paradisia; it was now filled with clouds and rain to show the anger of Exodia at the opposition. 


Several hours have passed away since Desmond collapsed. the sounds of explosions and screams were reduced. Desmond stood up staring around at the empty narrow dirty street and remembered he could still contact Nova by his HP (Holographic Phone) he reached for his pockets yet with surprise he noticed the HP wasn’t there.  He looked around angrily when suddenly Desmond remembered; while he fell his phone must have dropped out of his pocket sliding on the wet ground a few meters ahead. As silent as possible Desmond walked towards the end of the narrow street that opened up to a central road. There were several demonstrators injured on the ground and a few others aiding them. At last after thinking it through a few times Desmond decided to run grab his HP and enter the nearest building to hideout. After all the blood that had helped Desmond disguise had disappeared due to the rain and he was still wanted by many angered citizens. He tried his luck and carried out his plan running toward his HP grabbing it and sprinting as fast as he could to the nearest building.  Seconds after he had gripped the HP a citizen with a gun spotted Desmond and raised his gun to shoot. Desmond kept his eyes on the building entrance door, he has nearly done it, a few meters away from the door when suddenly everything got worse. The citizen fired a single bullet that met Desmond’s right thigh. He was bleeding rapidly yet even that didn’t stop him he was determined to call Nova for help after escaping from the citizen. Just as the citizen was about to fire another shot that would kill Desmond, two robots ambushed the citizen and ended his life. Now bleeding rapidly Desmond let himself drop after he entered the elevator and pressing the button of the 31st floor. The pain was excruciating, he felt his heart was about to explode yet nothing stopped the determined survivor. He called Nova with hope that Nova would send him a private jet to come rescue him. “Number currently unavailable” replied the HP. Desmond kept trying yet knowing all his effort of retrieving his phone was for nothing gave him little motivation. “Number currently unavailable” replied the HP again as Desmond kept calling Nova whose phone has been switched off since several hours ago. After a minute the elevator door opened to the 31st floor where several members of the Anti Exodia group were hiding. As soon as Desmond found out whom they were and they found out who Desmond was it was over. He tried pressing the 25th floor button yet his body would no longer let him move. The men fired a few times ending the life of Nova’s closest advisor Desmond.


 Monday night had arrived and the war was far from over. As the night came, both the opposition and Exodian forces retreated to their barracks. Food and water has become the primary concern of the opposition. Their large numbers were eroding away day by day as some starved to death, some were shot to death and others were tortured or exposed to toxic gas. Both sides were suffering each with their own unique problems.

After waiting for what seemed eternity, Nova’s phone lit up and as usual the same picture appeared a figure sitting on a chair, each side a candle providing the room with very little light. Apart from that the entire room was empty and most of it was plain black. “Nova, don’t allow the superiors to be involved. Carry out your duties as a noble human being. Protect your civilization like we have protected ours. We may be light years away and our technology is beyond comparison yet during our early stages we kept to our planet do so and we will stay away. Ignore our words and prepare to fight our species and there is not many places you can hide if your enemy controls the entire galaxy.” Nova’s entire view of Anonymous changed immensely and so did his facial expression. Instead of anger, it was fear and growing fear from every word he heard from these unknown species. At first it seemed obvious he was dealing with an intelligent group of humans although now things changed. “Who... are you?” asked Nova, the fear and shivering in his voice was easily noticeable by anyone. “We are from a foreign civilization light years away and highly advanced.  We pose no threat to humans, we seek to protect them and the continuation of their development. Consider us the universal police if you would like. All the meteors that were planned to hit Earth by 2150 and 2175 which the world feared would bring chaos was changed by us. We changed the course of thousands of meteors to avoid slowing down your progress. We were only able to communicate with you just recently when we disguised  our species to learn your international language.  We rarely ever come in contact with your kind, and unless you cease the self destruction we will act and act fast.” Many thoughts began rushing through Nova’s head. It wasn’t a shock anymore, Nova was mind blown and felt weak, almost as if he had never had control of an immense army. Anonymous isn’t anywhere near and even his army wouldn’t stand a chance against them. “You tracked us on Earth, and sent some of your men to eliminate us. Wonder why they never returned? We were on Earth to recover your homeland from the awful condition it was in. If any human opened their eyes and went to see Earth, it has returned back to its state that you would call “normal” this is the last time that we will interfere to recover your planet.  If you wish to live, cease the war and the killing, stop the raid on the International Space Station. We have granted you a second chance, a chance you will never receive again. Good bye.”  The holographic picture disappeared and the conversation was over. Throughout the entire call Nova was too stunned to speak and decided to place his holographic phone on silent mode. He decided not to question anything said by Anonymous, and within the next day things changed drastically.
























Chapter Four


The Self Destruction plan was cancelled and just in time Nova contacted the mercenaries to cancel their attack on the International Space Station. Nova also pulled out his entire army, and decided to compose a speech to be presented to the entire world of Paradisia.

“Dear citizens of Paradisia, the last two weeks have been chaotic and life changing for everyone.  I wish to inform you on the changes that have occurred, it is no rumour if you have heard our Earth has returned to its natural state. If I tried explaining it, perhaps everyone would think me as very crazy. I will personally make sure everyone leaves Paradisia safely and returns to Earth.  The war is over, the entire Exodian army has been dismissed to work for the Space Safety Association and Exodia itself will no longer exist after this day. All resources used in constructing Paradisia will be returned to Earth and used to build the future cities you will live in.” after the end of the speech, everyone was surprised and silent for a while. No one knew how to react to this. After hearing Exodia will no longer exist and reassurance from the SSA that Nova was speaking the truth, a few citizens of the opposition agreed to forgive Nova yet the majority were still filled with hated towards him. No one was sure how a person could change within such a short period of time or why he had changed at all. Even though the war was over, Nova was sentenced to life imprisonment, although every penny of his fortune was given voluntarily by himself to support reconstruction.


“Wake Up!” two guards surrounded Nova’s prison, both glaring down at him as he lay on the cold ground. The prison was mostly dark, with a small amount of light from a distant lamp placed on a table the guards were seated around. Nova looked up slowly expecting to be beaten again by the prison guards, but in fact to his surprise one of the guards was holding a package. “We received a delivery for you, we are all strictly forbidden to search it, tight instructions from our boss, but if it contains any weapons we will confiscate it at once. Is that clear?”

“Once you have seen it, you will be asked to destroy it as it is strictly for your eyes, are we clear here!” the other guard continued. Nova nodded silently. One of the guards opened the door slowly and threw it at Nova. Both guards chuckled as they tried taunting him, but Nova was too busy examining the package to take care of anything around him. He slowly tore the covering away and examined the delivery. After removing the material it had been covered with, he noticed a letter and without hesitation he opened it and began reading. The guards stared at Nova as he gripped the letter tightly reading it with all interest till the last paragraph which read:

“You cannot deceive your own father Nova, surely you know better than that. It’s also interesting how you believed your own lies about an extraterrestrial intelligent civilization.

Anonymous was never the work of intelligent and a highly advanced civilization my son. You failed to assassinate me properly as you inherited my position in Exodia and you failed to control Paradisia. I have grown old Nova, but I do have one last trick under my sleeve and I am sure the globe will be surprised to see it coming from Anonymous. Prove you are worth a second chance, escape prison and meet me in my old mansion, I am sure you remember where that is. I hope you will not fail this one Nova.”




To Be Continued...

Submitted: July 24, 2013

© Copyright 2020 Yousif . All rights reserved.

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I liked the story, very creative. Also interesting idea on how the government will be in the future. I also like the Anonymous reference. But for people who don't know what Anonymous is, it will be confusing. I think you should take a paragraph or so to explain. I am also writing a science fiction novel, Oasis, and would be very gracious if you took the time to check out the first chapter. Thanks! Keep writing!

Thu, July 25th, 2013 3:18pm


Thank you for the feedback, I read your novel Oasis, great beginning its attention grabbing and vert interesting especially the simulated realities idea. Continue with it, good job :)

Thu, July 25th, 2013 9:08am

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