it has romance in it it is a short kind of story poem style

He chastens his love upon a fiery gaze, he turns impetuous over night. As the storm elaid, the woman try s to please the knight. Sleeping very still , everyone is happy when the light shone upon the hill. To show the life that should be led, by the village small. But things may change for better after all, love changed the woman's heart, a kind of bonding with one that you could not part. There lied the truest love that ever heart, felt at kindled core. A chain which will not break, even if you saw. Her fairy features could make one break the law, but for the man who loved her still sought her out to find her in a mill. all hopes lost said she , as she cried to thee. The love she dreamed , though she cared not for dangers nigh. Her hind'rance scorned, her omens did defy. She cared not in this moment sweet, as her and her lover came to meet. She came to swear enmity, with the one she loved. Their love was sworn with sealing kiss, at last they shared their nameless bliss. The swore an oath to live and to die together, as she was loved so was he. As they professed their love for eternity.

Submitted: November 23, 2010

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