Love is a son a hoe

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Submitted: October 18, 2012

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Submitted: October 18, 2012



The Definition of Love

Many of the states in our country forbid the process of gay marriage. For some reason, it is a disgrace, in the opinion of many, to the word of God. More than half of the states (31 states) have banned any type of same sex marriage, 8 states are considering the laws, and the rest fully accept same sex marriage.
Love carries a different definition for all people, and so does religion. Religion should not have the power to judge the love between two people, neither love religion. Same sex marriage does not affect others in so drastic a way, as it does not include any one other than the two people being wedded. The love between two persons should not be a barricade, as it is an emotion that cannot be tamed.
In the 1980's, same sex marriage was unheard of, an abomination. The most that gays were awarded with was hospital visitation rights. Nowadays, however much that society has advanced today in their views on same sex marriage, even domestic partnership is a rocky subject to be touched upon in some courtrooms. Today, in most recent times, the states are becoming slowly more understanding, but not all of them will be swayed.
Same sex marriage would not be changing very much, except maybe raising the anger in the people protesting it. There really is nothing wrong with same sex marriage, as it will be clarified as basically the same as regular man-woman marriage, except with homosexuals. It should be accepted in all states, as it is not affecting any moral code. Love is love, no matter who it happens to. Marriage is a bond between two people who are in love - it should not be taken away based on sexual preference. Homosexuals in America are born with the same rights as everybody else - they are not a different species, and should not be treated as such. Religion may play a huge role, to some, as they say it is ugly before God, but the pressure of religion should not be forced upon marriage. They should be given the full rights that marriage entitles.

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Love is a son a hoe

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