The Battle of Semois

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9th Platoon struggles to take over the small town of Semois during World War 2.

Submitted: July 04, 2013

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Submitted: July 04, 2013



With a glare upon the battle worn, and torn town, the Captain ordered a charge with his ninth platoon. His platoon was taking cover among the terrain around.

"Boy!" He shouted. "Today, Semois will be captured no matter what the Jerries throw at us!" (Jerries is a term for Nazi soliders during World War 2) The ability of General Patton's armored advance into the Third Reich depends on the flow of supply, and our job is to give them just that!"

"Full advance!" The Lieutenant ordered. "Move now boys, and don't stop for god's sake!"

The men gave a roar of cheers, and charged towards the town church with M1 Grand rifles, Browning Automatic Rifles (BAR), and Thompson sub machine guns in hand. The Lieutenat took half of the men and charged through a neighboring block full of apartments tensely while the Captain surged towards the church with baggages, along with canteens, banging. Then without warning, a flurry of gun fire met the charging soldiers from the church windows. The bullets struck a couple of men fatally as their targets fell over dead. One bullet struck a private in the arm, and he cried in pain as the remaining soldiers took cover un the scattered carts, trench holes, cars.

Another round struck a sergeant who was in bad cover near a wagon and died instantly in front of the Captain who looked around in horror as his men fell. Even the battle hardened officers felt his heart sick as another private nearby drew his final breath. While his platoon returned fire at the garrisoned Germans, the Captain radioed his lieutenant to strike the Church yelled.

"Alright men, steady, just hold the line!" the Captain yelled.

Just then a bullet struck the Captain's hand as he cursed outloud much like the rest of the men. The pain seared into every nerve of the Captain as he proud some water over the wound, and bandaged it. He gritted as he pulled the knot while the continuing firefight claims, a few more lives. The lieutenant was no where to be seen and morale was running low in the Captain's squad. Cries of pain echoed all around.

The ground suddenly started shaking, and suddenly a massive Panzer tank bursted through the cemetary walls. The men looked on in awe at such a mechanical feat, and fear also ran down their spines. Just as the Captain was about to order a retreat, a couple of artillery shells from the 105 MM Howitzers destroyed the church to rumbles. The men cheered, only to be silenced by a round from the unharmed Panzer. The blast destroyed a car, blowing two privates into bits.

Suddenly, the Lieutenant's men surged from every corner with sitcky bombs in hand. The turret of the Panzer tank turned while the top opened for a crew member to man the MG 42, but with a well aimed shot, the Lieutenat took out the gunner.  A blast enused and destroyed the tank in coordination with the cheers of the men.

"I believe all is done," the Lieutenant said with a hand on the Captain's shoulder.

"That is so, my friend," the Captain responded. 

As the Captain turned around a shot rang out and everyone took cover whilst shouting "Sniper!" Horror shrieked across the Captain's face as tears formed simultaneously. The Lieutenant fell on his knees as blood gushed through his chest. 

"Promise me that you will make it out alive," He uttered and with his dying words the Lieutenant managed to say, "John, you're my best friend." He collpased with a smile afterwards.

The Captain only screamed in pain, in cover, in the face of the death of his friend.


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