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Intentions is about two young adults, named Andrew and Emily, whom met up after moving away years ago. This time, things have changed, people have changed, and their intentions aren't the same.

Submitted: July 02, 2014

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Submitted: July 02, 2014



I n t e n t i o n s

Written by Yuddha Maharaj

January 26, 2014



[Emily and Andrew are sitting in a diner while waiting for their food. Emma ordered a glass of water and Andrew ordered one milkshake, a basket of fries to share and a hot dog.]


You sure you don’t want anything?



No, I’m fine. I ate before I came.



[Confused] Oh.. okay. [Grins]

Uh, are you sure you’re okay? You seem a bit off.



[She is looking down but snaps out of it and looks back up and smiles]

Of course I am! I’m here with you, aren’t I?



[He smiles really big at this point. He reaches out to touch Emily’s hands]

I’m glad we’re doing this. I missed you so much.

[Andrew touches Emily’s hands]



[She looks down at Andrew touching her hand and moves it away quickly. She then brushes it off by smiling and giggling]

Sorry! I just.. It’s been a while since I’ve been intimate with someone, nonetheless have someone touch my hand. I know that sounds weird.



No! No! It’s fine. I understand. It’s going to take some time to loosen up.




[She watches Andrew closely while he sips on his milkshake. At this point, she becomes a bit hesitant and agitated]



[He gets his food and starts eating]

You want some? [Hands her the basket of fries]



I already told you, I’m not hungry.



[Takes back the fries]

[Teases her] Okay.. if you say so! These fries are some of the best in town.



[She looks at Andrew and nods her head in a sarcastic manner then chuckles]


[Andrew and Emily are finished eating and drinking. Emily gets up first and tidies herself. Andrew then gets up and puts his jacket over her, being the gentleman he is. Emily is hesitant, but keeps it on.]

[They both get into Andrew’s car and drive off to their destination, although Emily has no clue where.]





[Emily observers where they’re going but does not say anything. They reach their destination]

Is this your house?



Yeah. What do you think of having a glass of wine and just.. relaxing?

[He looks into Emily’s eyes and smiles]



[She looks at Andrew while squinting her eyes in suspicion]

Relaxing, eh? [Raises her eyebrows]



[He coughs out of surprise and gets nervous]

OH! No, no! I didn’t mean it like that, I- [Emily cuts him off]



Relax.. I was just messin’ with you.

[Punches him on the arm in a flirtatious manner. She turns her head and looks out in front of her for a few seconds]

[She turns her head back towards Andrew]

Wine sounds good.


[Andrew quickly gets out of the car whilst Emily is still sitting inside. He goes over to Emily’s side and opens the door for her and takes her hand while she gets out. Emily grabs her stuff and they both walk into Andrew’s house.]

[They enter the house. Andrew quickly takes off his shoes and puts them in the closet. Emily takes off the jacket Andrew gave her and threw it on the couch. Emily sits down on the couch while Andrew runs to the kitchen to grab a bottle of red wine and two wine glasses. He comes back out and sits beside Emily while putting the bottle and glasses on the table in front of him.]



[Emma looks at wine bottle]

Cabernet Sauvignon.

[She looks at Andrew]

You’re a man of taste.



[He grins]

I try.

[Emily holds up her wine glass while Andrew pours her wine. He then pours himself a glass.

They both hold up their glass mid length and look at each other.]



I really like you, you know that?



[She stares at him with a serious face]

[She lowers down her voice/whispers] Cheers, to that.


[They both raise their glasses and cheers. Andrew takes the first sip, while Emily watches Andrew. She then takes a sip of her wine while still looking at Andrew.]


[They both put their glasses down. Andrew suddenly gets up to put some music on. He starts playing James Blake’ Wilhelm Scream. He sits back down beside Emma.]



[He looks into Emily’s eyes whilst fixing Emily’s hair by putting it behind her ear]

You’re beautiful.



[She blushes a bit and looks down. She smacks her lips together and looks back up]

You’re a nice guy. Has anyone ever told you that?



Surprisingly, not many. [He laughs]


[They start talking about what they’ve been up to and what they hope to do in the future. They get lost in conversation. Emmily then gets up.]



I’m going to the washroom for a second. Pour me a glass for when I’m back?

[She smiles and kisses Andrew on the cheek]


[Emily grabs her purse and walks to the washroom. At this point, Andrew poured the wine and is sitting back, relaxing, while a smile grows on his face.]

[Emily is in the washroom and splashes water on her face to wake herself up. She looks at herself in the mirror, observing the details on her face. She takes a deep breath and smiles. She walks out to meet Andrew.]


[He looks at Emma in fascination and smiles]

Are you okay? [Smiles and chuckles]



[She walks over to him and pulls him up standing]

Yeah, of course. I’m great, babe.


[Andrew’s arms are holding Emily’s waist. They are both slowly dancing to the music. Andrew leans in to kiss Emily. They start passionately kissing. Andrew starts kissing Emily’s neck, then continue kissing on the lips.]



[He takes a break and looks at Emily]

I’m glad you came, Em.



[She kisses Andrew then looks back at him]

Me too.

[Andrew looks at Emily in fright and in shock. He begins choking and gasping for air. He looks down and looks back up at Emily. Emily drops the knife while she watches him fall. She twists her head and watches his face in sadness]

Me too.

[She walks towards the door and looks back at Andrew on the floor. She closes the door]


The End

© Copyright 2019 Yuddha . All rights reserved.

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