For River_Blues

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A special erotic story made especially for River_Blues

Submitted: May 23, 2013

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Submitted: May 23, 2013




The time is 9:47 and River had just stopped by Bubble's house for a friend's night in.  "Hi Bubbles!" said River.  "Hey River, come in.  I'll get the snacks from the kitchen you just get comfy" said Bubbles.  River sat in the living room joined by Bubbles who came in with a bowl of mixed nuts and fruits and apple juice.  "So, what should we do?" River said.  "Maybe we could just play some games on the PS3 or watch a movie" said Bubbles.  "Oh, we could play Gran Turismo" River suggested.  5 races later, Bubbles has won most matches and River is getting jelly.  "Ugh, you're such a cheat" River complained.  "Admit, you're just jelly" snorted Bubbles.  The two playfully push each other side to side on the couch until Bubbles pinned River on the couch.  Bubbles felt an feeling within himself, he didn't see River as his friend but a girl he was having fun with.  River herself had a look of desire in her eyes, some yearning that she had to keep to herself was beginning to burst out. 

Suddenly Bubbles gave River a soft kiss on the lips, but he backed away immediately. "I'm sorry, that was wrong." River got up next to Bubbles and looked him in the eye and said, "No, you shouldn't apologize I...I just.." Before she could finish her sentence, she held Bubbles and kissed him, no longer needing words to describe their feelings. Bubbles held River's head gently and kissed her neck, working his way up to her ear to say, "I've always wanted you."  Getting up, he took River's hand and led her to the bedroom.  There he slowly took off her clothes. occasionally kissing her on the cheek or licking her ear, but he left her panties on.  Taking off his shirt, he laid River down on the bed and spread her legs.  River looked up curious about what Bubbles is going to do.  Blushing, Bubbles licked River's lips through the panties.  He grabbed both of her legs from under so he could keep River still and restrain her a bit.  Bubbles then teased her, by using the tip of his tongue to brush along her labia.  Noticeably, River was being overwhelmed by this, she could feel the pressure from his tongue but not the tongue itself.  Bubbles acknowledged this and slowly slid off River's panties, giving an affectionate and lusty look as he did.  Looking at River raw, he took his tongue to the bottom of the lips, licking her up while slowly sliding his tongue inside.  Bubbles heard River softly moan, he knew that what he was doing was working but little did River know that he was just getting started.

Slowly prodding River with his tongue, Bubbles moved his right thumb to rub her clit, and using his left hand to rub River's hips.  River was confused with this new experience but loved it nonetheless.  Bubbles brought his tongue deeper inside and moved his tongue around, licking her urethra and vagina.  He enjoyed licking her like this and brought his hand back in to rub River's labia near her clit, he could feel her getting wet.  Bubbles stopped licking and he said, "you're getting wet, let me lick you dry." Using both of his hands, he spread River's lips revealing her moist pussy and used the tip of his tongue to get her dry.  River was moaning louder now, deep in pleasure as she felt his tongue going around her, occasionally tickling her clit.  He saw it was time and sucked on her clit, his tongue licking whatever it could inside.  River began shaking her hips, unable to control herself as she moaned more.  Bubbles grabbed her leg again with his left arm and began sliding his finger inside of River's vagina, his finger sliding in with ease.  River shook more, making it hard for Bubbles to keep his hand steady, he knew he could push her into cumming.  Now just licking her clit, he motioned his finger to go faster making River moan even loader, he was almost there.  He switched out his finger for his middle finger and kissed River.  River knew what Bubbles was doing, he was restraining her from moaning and slid his finger faster, it pleased her but made her body go wild at the same time.  As Bubbles was kissing River, he could still hear her moan slightly, his finger was getting tired until suddenly River's pussy lips grasped it.  He felt his hand go wet while hearing River's muffled screams of pleasure.  Bubbles waited for River to open her eyes, when she did he took his middle finger and licked her cum off of it as she watched.

They both looked at each other for what seemed like hours, he gave her a kiss and got behind her legs again, this time though, he was on his knees.  Bubbles unzipped his pants, his hard cock ready to burst from his boxers.  He took off he boxers, his cock exposed and ready to go inside of River.  He gave her one last look before sliding himself in.  As he pushed himself inside of River, he felt a rush of pleasure wash over him and noticed River was bit tight. She moaned loudly as River felt Bubbles inside of her, she could feel his hard cock rubbing inside of her tight pussy.  Bubbles slowly thrusted his hips as he brought himself closer to River.  Face to face, both panting, they shared another kiss.  Bubbles held River close to him as he kept thrusting, he caressed her hair and looked at her lovingly.  Together the two shared a breathtaking passion they never wanted to end, they smiled as they felt each other about to cum.  Bubbles was thrusting into her like a mad man ready to burst and River filled with ecstasy, was ready to gush out.  The couple came close for the final kiss but instead of a deep kiss, they simply kissed each on the lips and came.  Bubbles gave out a cry of heat and pleasure, his cum quickly filling inside of River and coming out around his cock.  River hugged Bubbles as she came again, she screamed as she squirted all over Bubbles, her cum dripping from the bottom of his shaft.  Both exhausted, they laid facing next to each other and watched each other still panting.  They cuddled as they drifted off to sleep together, both happy of showing each other's love.

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