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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

it is a story about a boy and a girl. the girl has weak health, but wants to be an actress and the guy wants to be an actor.


This is the story of a girl and a boy who will be world leading famous actors and actresses with no flaws. Not only in acting but they were talented in anything you can name, but every one has some flaws. The boys name was Kei Sakura and the girls name was Hana Sakura. The boy and the girl lived happily with their parents and older brother, Ren, and sister, Mizuki. On the day of their 6th birthday they overheard their parents and sister taking that they will tell them the truth on their 12th birthday.
Kei: "Hana, don't worry. No matter what happens, we are still family. Stop crying now."
Hana clings to Kei as she cries: "Okk...."
Kei pats Hana's head and she calms down: "(Kei's thoughts: "Now at least I know she is not my sister, but I still care about her.)"

6 years later a week before their birthday........
Mother (Age:54): "KEI, wake Hana or you will be late for school."
Kei (Age: 11 about to be 12 in a week): "OK!!"
Mizuki (Age: 30): "Why are you all noisy first thing in the morning?"
Ren (Age: 32) : "I haven't slept yet, but Mizuki, aren't you going to be late for school? Think of the example you are setting for your students."
Mizuki: "Shut up Ren-nisan."
Kei goes over to Hana's bedroom: "Hana, wake up or we will be late for school."
Hana rolling on her bed: "Kei-nisan, 5 more minutes."
Kei: "Get up or I am leaving you behind."
Hana (Age: Kei's fraternal twin): "REN-NISAN!!!!"
Ren runs over to the bedroom: "What is wrong Hana?"?
Hana: "Kei-nisan is being mean to me."
Ren: "How can you be mean to your little sister, Kei?"
Kei: "Aren't you all spoiling her way to much?"
Mizuki going to check all the commotion: "Now. Now. We all know that you two have a sister complex so bring the noise down. You are bothering the neighbors."
Ren: "I admit that Hana-chan is a really pretty and my cute little sister who goes after me, but I don't have a sister complex unlike Kei."
Kei: "Shut up, Ren-nisan."
Father: "ALL OF YOU SHUT UP!!!"
Hana looking cutely: "Good morning, Daddy."
Father: "Good morning, Hana. Kei get the breakfast ready for Hana after all she has just recovered. Mizuki, keep a eye on Hana at school and take care of her."
Mizuki: "Yes, Father after all I am the school nurse."
Hana gets ready, eats breakfast, and gets her stuff for school: "Kei-chan, lets go."
Kei and Hana walking to school: "Hana, didn't I say to quit the chan part. Just call me nisan like this morning."
Hana making a sad face: "Really. I can't call you Kei-chan."
Kei unable to resist his sister's cuteness: "I guess it is fine. Are you sure you can go to school yet after all you just got better after staying in the hospital for a year now."
Hana: "I will be fine, if anything happens Kei-chan and Mizuki-nee-sama are there at school to take care of me. On top of it I have gotten a lot better and my bones hurt less too. I don't get dizzy that much too...."
Kei interrupting and pats Hana's head: "Okay, but be sure that you don't over exert yourself okay."
Hana smiles: "Okay."

They reach the their school.....
Boy A: "Look, Hana-chan actually came to school."
Boy B: "Look at her she is the ideal girl and on top of looks she has the brain too."
Boy A: "Yeah. Her silver colored hair reflects the sunlight and her golden eye shines too."
Girl A: "Hana-chan is beautiful, but her brother is hot."
Girl B: "His caramel colored hair shines in the sunlight and his silver eyes reflect the light."
Girl A: "He is the ideal man for every girl."
Boy A joining the girls conversation: "Their whole family is like that. Their older sister Mizuki-sama is pretty. Even while being a nurse at school, she still has her job as a part-time model."
Girl B: "I heard that their brother is the famous Manga artist Ren-sama and on top of being a writer/artist he is also working as a part-time model."
Boy B: "I bet that Hana-chan and Kei-kun are going to enter the entertainment world too."
Girl A: "Hana-chan and Kei-kun are already model though so they should soon be debuting, but Hana-chan has a weak health.
Kei: "Hana, don't you feel that they are talking about us."
Hana: "I think so. I was hoping that they will put me in the same class as Kei-chan. I have not been to school since the school started in August and I am transferring in March."
Kei: "I don't think they are going to put twins in the same class though."
Hana feeling a little faint: "We can do something about it later."  

As expected they get put in different classes. Kei is in class A while Hana is in class B. By the way Kei and Hana attend a private entertainment school where everyone is trying to enter show biz. 
Kei walking Hana to class: "Hana, just call me if someone does anything to you."
Hana: "Kei-chan, you are being over protective."
Kei and Hana reach the classroom. Kei: "Hana, bye."
Hana smiles: "Bye, Kei-nisan."
Kei leaves: "(Thoughts: I hope she will be fine."
Teacher: "Everyone quiet down. We have a new student today. She was supposed to be attending with you all since the begining, but was hospitalized so she will be joing us from today. Come on in."
Hana walks in quitely and bows: "Hello everyone. I am Hana Sakura and it is a pleasure to meet all of you. I hope that I can be friends with everyone of you and I like to sleep so if I ever nod off in class please wake me up. I love chocolate too. You all can just call me Hana if you want."
Mei (Girl): "She is cute."
Kudou (Guy): "She is that model from that famous children magazine."
Teacher: "Hana-san, why don't you sit next to Mei on that window sit on the back."
Hana: "Ok."
Mei: "Hello, Hana-chan. I am Mei Kurosaki, but you can just call me Mei."
Hana sitting in her seat: "Hello Mei-chan. I hope we can be friends."
Mei: "Of course."

Submitted: April 27, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Yui_Anonymous. All rights reserved.

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Please comment ideas I could add to the story and if you like the story or not.

Thu, April 28th, 2016 12:19pm

Lim Zane

I wish to know the ending of this story...

Mon, October 29th, 2018 12:34pm

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