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just a though that's hiden within me or anyone

Submitted: January 02, 2012

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Submitted: January 02, 2012



Have you ever felt like a prisoner,

unable to escape form the confines of your own mind,

unable to scream and cry out in anguish, anger,

frustration, and sadness.

A prisoner in a dark, cold chamber of cold,

wet stones, stones of dead memories,

that seem fuzzy and unreal,

as if you where never there to begin with.

So what has become of this prisoner,

cold and dark, without a thought of the world around,

just waiting for the end of time or existence of a

place call life.

Feeling nothing but the blood running through

my veins, and waiting for my heart beat to stop,

to stop wanting to live and wondering why ,

why, why, why, why?

Why was I born when all i feel is loneliness, a

loneliness that no one seems to truly see.

I hide from the world, my friends and family,

and just about anyone around me, except

here, in my mind,

thinking of life, school and the people around me or

day dreaming of another world.

So in a way I have known.....

that I


prisoner of my mind,

body, and


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