Diary to Become A Star : New School, New Song

Diary to Become A Star : New School, New Song Diary to Become A Star : New School, New Song

Status: Finished

Genre: Children Stories



Status: Finished

Genre: Children Stories



Ella is a 13-year-old girl who loves to sing. Her best friends is Amelia, an actress-to-be. Her 2 other close friends are Jessica, a girl who thinks she is talentless, and Stella, a girl who wants to be a singer but cannot write her own songs.
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Ella is a 13-year-old girl who loves to sing. Her best friends is Amelia, an actress-to-be. Her 2 other close friends are Jessica, a girl who thinks she is talentless, and Stella, a girl who wants to be a singer but cannot write her own songs.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Diary to Become A Star : New School, New Song

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Ella is a 13-year-old girl who loves to sing. Her best friends is Amelia, an actress-to-be. Her 2 other close friends are Jessica, a girl who thinks she is talentless, and Stella, a girl who wants to be a singer but cannot write her own songs.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 04, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 04, 2013



Author saying Hi I’m Yuki and this is one of my first stories and I’m not a professional Author, I hope you like it… =.=


Diary to Become A Star New School, New Song


My name is Ella Shimmers (13 years old). My dream is to become the No.1 pop star in the country. I can play a guitar. Now to the story…


Dear Diary,

Today’s the first day of school. I love it here at St. Holly Middle School. First, the Principal, Mrs Talkalot, gave a speech about how she would make the school better and guess what I sat there for a whole of 1 hour! :’(

Well, I wouldn’t say it was boring. I wasn’t even listening to her. I was talking to my best friend, Amelia Stage. Her dream was to become a very successful actress though Mrs Stage wants her to be a newscaster instead. Amelia and I weren’t at all excited for school, in fact we were comparing how late we slept in the holidays and last night (and I sooo won her! I slept at 1 last night! No one will beat that!). Just then, Jessica Long ,my good friend, finally arrived.

“Whazzup, Jess!” Amelia greeted her (Amelia greets everyone like that. Annoying, right?). Apparently, Jess woke up late today, then the bus broke down and when she arrived the gate was closed and the security guard went for breakfast and there was no one to open the gate for her (Poor her right, her luck is always down. She was even bullied a lot in elementary school.)

By then the boring talk was over (YAY!!!!!) Next, was a discipline talk by the discipline masters (NOOOOOOO!!!!!! Another 1 hour in the hall with no air-con!) When the talk was over, we ran out of the hall like sweaty pigs and into the class. Our homeroom teacher, Mrs Gracie, ran through the class rules briefly (whatever the rules are, well I wasn’t paying attention again). Amelia, Jess and I were talking about what Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) we were going to join (well, it wasn’t a mystery I would choose Guitar and Choir while Amelia would choose Drama). Jess has nothing she wants to be when she grows up (mostly cause she’s convinced she is talentless).

After that the bell rung (Yipeeeeee!!!!!), outside the classroom was Stella Sparks, Jess’s bestfriend. We ran to the cafeteria for our lunch, and the topic of ECA was brought back up. No surprise that Stella was joining the choir with me (her dream is to be a singer too. But unlike me she can play the piano really well, her problem is she can’t write songs). Still Jess didn’t make up her mind about what to join. The rest of the time of school was pretty boring…

After school, I had to take a bus home and guess what I had grand tour around Hollow Wood (the place I live in), cause I got lost in it (I just realized how big I actually is). When I got home, My mum, Sally Shimmers, started nagging like an old grandmother saying that I actually went to the mall or something (geez! Why does she always like to scold me for no reason, is her hobby or something?) Then, I walked into my room where my sister, Nina Shimmer (9 years old), was choreographing her dance moves (I know it’s a weird hobby, but her dream is to be a dancer after all).


Dear Diary,

Second day of school and classes still don’t start (Yahoooooooo!!!!!!) In fact, today we’re doing art! I bought abnormal stuff like pattern punchers and border punchers (they were weird cause everyone else bought colour pencils and markers. But well I’m weird). We were grouped into groups of 6 for the art. Other than Jess, Amelia and I, my group had Jennifer (gosh! There were 3 of them in my class and 2 of them are BFF), Mary (she’s nice and even sacrificed her stickers to put on our artwork) and Joella (hey my name’s in her name).

After that was lunch again, Stella joined us of course. We were chatting about the camp and other friends when Stella screamed about how she hates her class (Well Stella doesn’t like talking to people so she has no much friends).

Then, we went back to class (almost late for assembly). Mrs. Gracie reminded us about the swimming lessons. Of course, Jess was scared out of her wits even though her swimming lessons were next semester (mine are tomorrow). Well, she does have terrible hydrophobia, poor her. Ms Melody, the music teacher, also told us that the class was going to be split into 2, one will take Music lessons, others take dance lessons.

Soon, I was on my way home again. This time I took the wrong bus (ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!). Why am I soooo careless!!!!! By the time I found my way to the Hollow Wood, it started to rain like crazy (WHY?????). I had to run home in the rain and I got lost again! (WAHHHHHH!!!!!). By the time I reached home I was covered in mud and it was dinnertime. My parents instructed my 21-year-old nanny, Caroline, to get me towel and some hot soup.


Dear Diary,

I woke up early today around 4am. I had a great dream last night. I dreamt of lyrics of a song (Yay! Finally something good)!

It goes like this:

I thought I knew you, but I wrong. I thought we were in love, but I was wrong. It was all in my head. A fantasy, a dream that would never come true, a fairytale.

I was the new girl in school, you were the popular one, all the girls screamin for you. All I could do was gaze at you. But you came to me and asked me out. I was overjoyed. But now I know. It was all in my head. A fantasy, a dream that would never come true, a fairytale.

Why did I have to fall for you? Why did I have to step in when you were with her? Why did you live me broken hearted? It was all in my head. A fantasy, a dream that would never come true, a fairytale.

It was all in my head. A fantasy, a dream that would never come true, a fairytale. A fairytale. A fairytale.

Today, I had to take a bus home (bad idea. Never take a bus to school), I got lost on the way there (not again!!!). I ran into the school just to see the gates close in front of me (no way! Why does it always turn out like this). Amelia saw me from her class window and signaled me to climb over the gate (I’m a black belt at karate). I did as she said and guess what I was fine and made it to class on time before the teacher arrived for the attendance (I was late but the teacher was late too, I’m finally lucky).

Soon, it was lunch, Amelia and I was laughing about how I made it to class by climbing over a gate (I was awesome :) and amazing). Well, that was until Stella came over and said, “You really have to stop using karate to your advantage! Do you wanna be a singer or a karate instructor?” I quickly defended myself by telling her it was just harmless fun and there is no real rule in school about climbing over gates (I’m great at arguing and debating!). After hearing that Jess started to laugh and Stella decided to stop trying to discipline Amelia and I. Suddenly, Cheryl Focoru, the most long-winded person we know arrived. She started nagging about how the school rules should be followed to be able to keep peace and prevent school chaos.

A little later we were all sentenced to 4 hours of detention (bummer, it’s all my fault). While Amelia and I talking about the ECA, someone opened the door. It was Catherine Rose, the school’s chairman’s niece (what’s she doing here?). She signaled us to get out and told us, “I’ve helped you guys out of detention, focus on your ECA audit next week.”

Well, I don’t know what that means but we just ran home. My folks weren’t at home so no one knew bout my detention (it’s a good thing, right?).


Dear Diary,

Today’s the ECA auditions (guitar had no auditions). I was up early for school today and made it in time (>.<) . The rest of the gang was there (Jess decided to take on news letter making). Soon, it was all over, Stella and I passed with ease and there she was again, Catherine Rose! We walked over to ask but Amelia and Jess came over to tell us they passed their auditions too!

I went home to tell my parents but they weren’t there they just went on a business trip to LA for the next 3 months. Nina was going over to my grandma’s house while Caroline stayed with me at home. I think I was going to cry! How could they just go without telling me, they just left a note! Why? I didn’t feel like doing anything today. In fact, I felt like sleeping all day. Well that was until Amelia called, she heard my voice cracking and told me to wait while she got here (she lives in the apartment beside mine, she can climb into my room by the window).

When she found out everything she suggested I skip school tomorrow, but I rejected the idea cause I wanted to prove to them I wasn’t someone to be depressed cause of them (plus if Amelia or I weren’t in school the bullies from our school would come after Jess. I was just going to cry for a while and later put on a smile and forget about it.

Amelia was pretty worried about my dinner so she forced me over to her house for dinner. Well… I’m fine I guess…


Hi Diary,

Today I was put a really happy face on, and I knew I did it well too cause other than Amelia, Jess and Stella didn’t speak a word about my parents.

Well, Amelia asked me when I arrived at school, I just told her I was fine, but she insisted I was still feeling upset (and she was right, but I wouldn’t admit that). Other than that she never spoke a word about them the rest of the way.

However, something we realized. Catherine was following us. She was staring at us. The worst thing was she was only particularly looking at Stella (and indeed Stella was really freaked out).

During lunch, we held a meeting about this problem. Stella asked why would Catherine be following her. Jess suggested it was cause she wanted to ask her for something (what an innocent answer. Amelia and I were already thinking she wanted to bully Stella, but we went with what she said). We made a plan that after school, we’d let Stella be alone in the Music Room singing a song, but we’d be close by just in case Catherine tries anything.

And so the plan proceeded. We let Stella be alone in the music room and guess what Catherine really went in to talk to her. We ran in immediately after that. Catherine turned back to see herself surrounded by us (with no way to escape *evil smile*).

She finally spoke, “Fine. I’ll tell you guys why I was following you. I want Stella to join my band, GIRLZ, as a back up singer and she can play the keyboard.” Upon hearing that, Stella agreed without a second thought. They were going to meet up today and we were all invited to see the band.

After a while, Amelia and I decided to head back home. Again Amelia was afraid I wouldn’t sleep cause I was sad so she made me sleep over at her house (I slept in the guest room).


Dear Diary,

Today we had to group ourselves into groups of 4 for the camp tomorrow (teammates can be from different classes). Of course, Jess, Stella, Amelia and I were a team. But something was wrong! Stella was really really sad. Later Catherine and her band members (Amber Stewards, Laura Marina and Kyara Recca). They explained how much people did not hear their song and others said it was so-so.

I was pretty sad for them and I even tried saying it was only their first try so it was ok. But Stella was still down… She was down all day in school. She was so sad we didn’t even feel like discussing about the campfire performance each group had to present (it could be a solo performance too).

When Amelia and I were back at my house, we started to discuss about the performance. I suggested Amelia act out a play, but she said we didn’t have enough people for a play. Then, Amelia said I should perform an original song. I didn’t mind doing that and we could also write a song to cheer up Stella. After a whole evening of songwriting we finally got a song.

Forget about the rest

You wanna hear what the others say. I get it!

You wanna be the star everyone would listen to. I get it!. But still… Listen to rest, you’ll just get sad. Do what is best, just forget about the rest.

I know you wanna be the best! I know you wanna hear from the rest but still… But still… Listen to rest, you’ll just get sad. Do what is best, just forget about the rest.

I’m guessing you’d think I’m mocking you. You’d say I’m just tellin you “you’re not good enough”. But no! Listen to rest, you’ll just get sad. Do what is best, just forget about the rest.

But Please!!!!!! Listen to me and I say “Listen to rest, you’ll just get sad. Do what is best, just forget about the rest.”


Dear Diary,

Stella and the rest are still sad. Jess told us that they don’t even have one subscriber or comment that said they were good.

Amelia and I were practicing for the song today, while Jess tried to cheer Stella up during that time (in vain though).

Later that evening Jess ran over to us, she had a broad smile on her face. She said that Stella would join GIRLZ in performing on Campfire night (girls from other teams can join other group members for campfire night. What is the purpose of putting us into teams right?)


Dear Diary,

Today’s the campfire Night (I’m really excited to perform)! Even Stella is pumped up about tonight! Well, everyone is. Before long, Campfire Night Performance started and right before my performance was the GIRLZ.

After their song, everyone applauded for them (that must have felt good)! As Stella and I passed each other on her way down the stage and on my way up the stage, Stella whispered good luck to me.

Without hesitating, I just sang my song and had fun doing it (I loved every moment of it!) and after my song, everyone was chanting “encore”, clapping and cheering.

I looked over at Catherine’s face and I could see the annoyance in her face. Stella was really happy for me and even clapped and cheered for me. Amelia and Jess were chanting with the crowd.

When I hopped off the stage, Amelia, Jess and Stella ran to congratulate me. Suddenly, Catherine walked over and asked me, “why does your voice sound like Merrow Nova?” I immediately exchanged glances with Amelia and I said it was a coincidence.

But still… for her to see through me so quickly, she must have loved Merrow’s singing…


Dear Diary,

Today’s Saturday. Amelia came over to my house. “Still for Catie to tell that Merrow and you are similar that’s not easy.” Amelia said. “Yeah, I know. I still have a long way till I reach Merrow’s level…” I responded. “You’re kidding! Merrow’s just like you! That’s what my sister said. You love to sing, write songs and play your guitar when you’re down! Don’t forget Ally and Merrow were best friends too.” Amelia praised me. “Merrow and Ally disappeared together too, have you heard a thing from Ally?” I asked hopefully. Amelia shook her head (I guess this was a sensitive topic, after all Merrow and Ally disappeared 2 years ago).

To be continued

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