I never thought this day would come

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What did I witnessed?...

A question in need of an answer and an explanation

Submitted: May 03, 2013

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Submitted: May 03, 2013



I never thought this day would come...


*badump* *badump* *badump*

My heart is pounding through my chest. This can't be happening, it's not possible...is it?

What have I just witnessed?

I can't even see where I'm going, the world is a blur to me, all I want to do is escape from this
My eyes are filled with continuos tears. I can feel these same tears flowing down my cheeks, no matter how many times I would wipe them away more and more will keep coming.

These mixed feelings in me, I don't know what to feel anymore....

I calmed myself down and find myself at a park. I'm all alone and it's late at night


*gasp* My heart is racing again, I know I'm not alone anymore because I definitely heard a tree branch break. I immediately check my phone which is at low battery. This can't be happening at a time like this...

Whilst trying to call my friend even thought my phone is going to die soon I didn't realize someone was right behind me until...

...I felt someone breathing behind my neck...  this sent chills down my spine...

I then noticed their was something wrapping me around my waist which was really warm...

I turned my face around to see it was my...

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