The Profound Reality

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Based on true dreams I've had literally. Creepy... O_O

Submitted: March 21, 2014

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Submitted: March 21, 2014



During lunch time I was in the library standing at the bottom of the stairs staring at a group of guys hanging in front of the library toilet then going in together. I assumed they must have been dealing something. Not caring what they were doing I casually walk out the library sitting alone on the silver seats.

Suddenly out of nowhere a group of my classmates walked from the corner of the school to the back of the library. Then it was like they just teleported in front of the library sitting with me continuing their conversation. The conversation was interrupted when one of the girls told them how badly she had to go to the toilet. The weird thing was another classmate came out of the library interrupting the conversation saying the same exact thing as well as going together. I sat there confused calmly watching them.

One of my classmates sat next to me. A girl I was not fond of nor was I close to her invited me to her 18th Birthday party. This gave me a surprise but I assured her I wouldn’t be able to attend. With not much persuasion she left walking off. There I was sitting alone again listening to the nature sounds when suddenly a phone started to ring. Seeing as it wasn’t mine I picked it up in case the owner was calling it and I could kindly return it. Clearly I was wrong, not being able to say a word because the guy on the other side kept talking I stayed silent. It was really awkward but I tried to find the right moment to tell him. Instead he started singing at that moment I felt like hanging up letting them deal with this later together.

But there was a background noise which attracted my attention. The singing was slowly fading with the background noise becoming louder. The noise sounded like the background noises from horror films at a suspenseful scene. The noise gradually grew louder with the singing silence. The noise turned to a loud creaking whisper. My heart was racing, I was terrified the noise grew louder and louder that it didn’t seem to be coming from the phone anymore but instead it felt like someone was standing beside me whispering through my other ear.

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