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You and Kida were watching a movie at his house until he had to leave, but you ended up staying there to watch the rest of the movie and credits. When he comes home... he sees you asleep and watches your breaths.

Submitted: July 09, 2012

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Submitted: July 09, 2012




Note: This was from my other account.

Kida was grateful for this evening. He’d been waiting for his cell phone to ring – for bad news to come in.

There wasn't any ringing yet, which in itself might have been a bad thing, but Kida had decided not to think of that possibility at this moment. Why?

Simply because he had this evening with you over at his place.

You had started out on one side of the couch while Kida set up whatever movie it was what you had picked out. Kida, of course, invited himself to sit right next to you. It was an effective reminder to you that even though you have told him several times this was not a date at all or you would mentally throw up to yourself, Kida was still going to be as flirtatious as ever.

“[___]~" Kida sang, in that tone knowing how maybe scared you might be if you watched this, "If you feel scared at all, that’s what I’m here for!” He reminded you as the title flashed on the screen.

You laughed lightly. “This isn’t even a scary movie, silly,” You pointed out, looking over at him.

Oh, gosh. The way you were looking him in the eye right then made Masaomi want to kiss you right then. He restrained himself from saying it, though. If he wanted to convince you he was more than just your friend who flirted so many times with you, timing would be important.

“How do you know?” Kida asked, grinning like a wolf.

You rolled your eyes despite the smile on your lips. “Hush, let’s just watch this movie, okay?”

Kida complied, though only after he’d slung one arm around your shoulders. Instead of shooing it away, you merely shot him a glance. He took that as a good sign. He usually thought glances from you were good things, sometimes bad things though.

Gradually the two of you were watching less and less of the movie from glances that was exchanged. Slowly, Kida was pulling you closer and closer. andthen you were looking him in the eyes again, your bodies facing one another. Neither of you cared about the movie plot now.

“Masaomi,” you breathed out, your hands resting on his chest as if you were bracing yourself.

Kida rested his forehead against yours. It really felt like he was about to kiss you, and you wanted him to.

That’s when his cellphone went off. You could see him hesitate before he moved to answer it.

He spoke briefly on the line before hanging up. “Sorry, [___]. I have to go for a little while. A friend needs me.”

You watched as he got up, and said nothing. “If you’ll only be gone a little while, I’ll stay. I want to see the end of the movie,” You told him, you just really wanted to wait for the blond to come back.

Kida smiled at you. “Okay; be careful if you decide to go home on your own though. It's pretty late right now, and the gangs are out there at night, you know.”

“Yes, I know, stop telling me that, I'll see you later, Masaomi.” you waved off.

So Kida left, and you stayed.


When Kida finally came back later that night towards the time of midnight, he was surprised to see you still on his couch. The credits had run out several hours ago, clearly. Still, you were sleeping soundly on the sofa while holding your chest rather tightly as if it were in pain...

Kida stood still like a statue, watching as your chest rose and fell steadily back into it's original form like it was before it rose up as you breathed. He wasn’t even looking at it for his usual teenage boy reasons either. It was just that in that moment, the steady sign of breathing from your chest was how Kida knew you were still alive and with him.

He sat down on the edge of the sofa, careful not to wake you. One of his hands rested on your chest, between your breasts, not to touch them of course like he usually would want to do. He felt his breathing synchronize with yours as his hand felt every rise and fall of your sleeping breaths.

You were more alive to him than anyone else he knew, more alive than Mikado, more alive than Anri, and more alive than himself. Kida wasn’t going to let anyone change that at all. That was an absolute fact, even if he only realized it in that very moment, with his hand innocently placed on your chest.

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