In the end

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I wrote this yesterday because I was feeling sad, I wrote this because I felt lonely. I can't talk to others and express how I feel and what I want but dear fans, I will always write how I feel and will always write stories.

Submitted: April 18, 2013

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Submitted: April 18, 2013



As the school bell rang to dismiss all the eager children one boy sat. As they all ran past him he just walked slowly and thought of his life. His social life was horrible, he had few friends left because he made the others mad. He never meant to do it he just tries too hard. He questioned himself on why he was so alone, why no one cared. He knew the answers, he'd said them a hundred times, and thought them thousands more. He knew in his heart, his cold, dark, light-beating, heart that it was true. He didn't have many friends because he wasn't good. He wasn't bad by any means though, he just felt so. He felt no matter what he do he'd be alone forever. Then a girl walked by, her hair lightly curled, face with a smile. But something was off, and the boy knew it. She walked with a slow sadness about her, he only knew because he two walked the sadness. This was his greatness, he solved others problems. He thought that solving everyone's problems would solve his own but it never did, but he never stopped. He walked faster, trying to catch up to her and he did. "Hi, are you new here?" he said to her, seeing it isn't someone he recognized. "Yeah, I moved in during the weekend, how could you tell?" "I just didn't recognize you that's all." "Oh, I thought you'd recognize me, we went to middle school together." "We did? How come I don't remember that?" "I don't know but tom, it's me carol." Tom had heard enough. The images of carol flooded back to his mind, all of them painful. Carol had been his crush but she had moved away before he could ask her out. "How come you moved away and then moved back after three years?" Tom asked after many seconds of silence.  "My dad had gotten repositioned but it didn't work out well, he tried to find work but the only suitable work was here farming." "I'm glad you are back, we really should hang out more." Carol responded to that with a smile and a nod. "That would be great."

It has been four years and here stand Tom and Carol, best friends, teammates, work buddies, and today adding the title of husband and wife. Dear reader, In the end even the saddest boy will find someone who loves him, and when those two meet, it is like it was destined.

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