A Separate Peace (Ballad)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

The story of A Separate Peace (love it!) in a poem form. Wrote it for an English assignment on the book, my teacher really liked it and asked to put it in the year book. (never did *sigh*)

A Separate Peace (Ballad)



In life, everyone has to face

Their share of trials, pains and sorrows

Each one of us has our place

Where we stand strong to greet tomorrow


The story begins with a man,

Returning to face his past

The things he never planned

But the memories always last


It all started with a tree

A simple object with a dark fate

And a boy who wanted to be

More of himself, it wasn’t too late


Gene strongly believed

That he and Finny were competing

Because he was deceived

Their friendship was depleting


Up high in the tree they climbed

Gene not wanting to be beat

Finny’s actions he mimes

Not accepting defeat


They escape from the strict school

For a day on the beach

They lay on the sand as the day cools

Gene, Finny does reach


“On trips like these,”

Finny said in the end

“You can’t bring who you please,

You have to bring a true friend.”


This struck Gene deep

And he didn’t reply

Maybe Finny was a friend to keep

Maybe the competition was a lie


But Gene’s mind was not swayed

And he would not loose

In the game they played

He would have to choose

Together they climbed to the branch once more

To jump from on high to the river below

But Gene, his desires did implore

He jounced the limb and not for show


Finny’s balance was gone

And he began to waver

Any help forgone

The moment he did not favour


“His leg is shattered,”

The doctor told Gene

His heart was tattered

But he didn’t make a scene


Finny was gone for a while

His leg slowly healing

He returned with a smile

For sports still feeling


The hearty athletic boy

Simply refused to hear

That the was not a ploy

To make them all fear


Leper soon left the school

To join the second world war

Not knowing he would be cruel

To this story’s core


The army quickly proved

To be too much

Leper eventually moved

He could not stand such


Gene soon visited

Not sure what to say

By Leper’s words he was riveted

So he yelled and ran away


Back at Devon,  Brinker blamed Gene

For the day of Finny’s fall

People there had seen

And could make the call


A trial was held,

In Finny’s favour

Both boys rebelled

Their answers they wavered


Finny grew furious

When Leper came in

He wanted the words to be Spurious

But he knew he couldn’t win


So one more time he fell

Down a flight of marble stairs

As far as Gene could tell

He was the only one to care


It happened to be a clean break

Better than the first

But Gene’s heart did ache

Cause it happened to be the worst


Finny died the next day

By small piece of bone marrow

It slipped away

Through his blood stream narrow


Flowing into his heart

Finny was lost

Gene torn apart

At the uninvited frost


The war soon passed

With Gene never taking part

A knife of guilt deeply stashed

In the deepest fathoms of his heart


We all make mistakes

But we can be released

All it really takes

Is a separate peace









Submitted: July 25, 2011

© Copyright 2020 yumenoko. All rights reserved.

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Unfortunate Cowboy

I jes' read this book...it's a good one, fer sure. Interestin' choice, makin' it into this...

Tue, July 26th, 2011 1:49am


Haha, Thanks! I was

Mon, July 25th, 2011 10:28pm



(stupid Mother and the wireless mouse) as I was saying, I was pretty proud of it, doesn't flow as nicely as I would like, but... I'm glad you like it.

Tue, July 26th, 2011 5:32am

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