The Night on The mountain

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Kami is a freshman in high school. on her first week of school she meets a bot named Derianu they end up going out.
and for once she thought every thing was good, but every thing changes when she meets his american friend Drew. she starts to like him. Derianu and her goes out to a race and the next day they brake up. now he wants to go back out, he's alonely without her. In a way she wants to back out but one thing stands in the way, and that thing is Drew.
Derianu finds out She likes Drew so he tries to get them to go out.

Submitted: November 01, 2006

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Submitted: November 01, 2006



 Kami woke to a knock on her door. she thung her blanket off her and went and open the door. it was her sister, Hoshi. " Time for school." " yeah." she closed the door. she went to get ready. this was going to be her first day in high school.  She smiled. Kami had black hair and her eyes were green. she was 16. she couln not wait till she went into the school. but first she had to call her friend Shinerure. " Hello?" a sleepy vioce said. " you up?" " yeah. so whats up Freshman?" " Nothing." " got to get ready for school." "  yeah  bye." they hung up. she ran down stairs. " going to school." she left with a smile on her face.

when she got to school and went in she bump into a boy. " Oh sorry." he said. " It's aright."" Well name's Derianu Eberetsute.." he said helping her off the ground." Kami Shiparudo.." she said with a smile.

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