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5 years after the events of Chosen. Greg is dealing with the loss of his old comrades Misty, Camden, and Steven. As the only survivor from the old series, he gives up on God's destiny for him and endulges in alcohol and sex. But after an unthinkable string of events, a cataclysmic foreshadowing, and revisit from one of his 3 dead friends he finds himself fighting the fight he left behind again.

Submitted: July 14, 2010

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Submitted: July 14, 2010



The filth had been accumulating for quite some time now. The dishes hadn’t been washed in weeks and the trashcan was flooding over. Enough Dishes were left on the table for roaches to enjoy a food paradise. Only recently had it gotten this bad but usually it’s barely any better. The front door swung open and Greg slumped his way inside, almost drunk and tired, still holding his beer. He had a cut and bruising on the side of his forehead, likely, from fighting at a bar not far from his apartment. Once he was fully inside he shut the door and plopped into the closest chair. He closed his eyes and held his head.
“When is this gonna get old?” A voice said from across the table. Rather than jump up in a terrified frenzy, Greg looked up calmly and realized it was exactly what he expected it to be.
“Leave me alone.” Greg said as he stood up and headed for his room. He walked into the room and shut the door. Not to his surprise the angel was waiting in his room for him.
“You’re a mess.” The angel said.
“Okay. Maybe I am. Can I go to sleep now?”
The angel stayed silent as Greg walked to a side of his bed and began clearing the clothes from the top of it.
“It’s been a year and you haven’t once asked what his sentence was.”
“That’s because I don’t care to know.”
“Yes you do. You just won’t admit it. Instead you indulge yourself in alcohol and gluttony…” The angel stopped when he noticed the pair of panties on Greg’s floor. He picked them up and dangled them in the air. “And cheap whores I assume…”
“Well if you hadn’t killed him we wouldn’t be having this problem, would we?”
“We killed Steven because it was the best move for us to make! If we hadn’t this world as you know it-“
”Would be gone… that’s what you keep telling yourselves. But if you had listened to me…” Greg paused and then continued with “Why am I explaining myself to you.”
He said and then laid in his bed and turned in the opposite direction from the angel. Once he did he didn’t hear the angel’s voice any longer. He didn’t have to turn around to realize he was gone. He closed his eyes and immediately began to relive the tragic events from a year ago.

Greg and Steven ran down the hallway as fast as they could. Finally, they ran into a room and shut the door. Steven locked it and Greg walked a little distance forward, holding his head in frustration.
“It’s gonna be okay?” Steven said trying to calm him down.
“No. It’s not. You know that. I know that…” Greg disagreed.
Steven stayed silent and looked for a chair to sit in, to rest his own nerves.
“After everything we’ve done, how could it end like this? AFTER EVERYTHING WE’VE DONE FOR THOSE BASTARDS!”
“Calm down!!! They’ll hear you!”
”They always hear us. That’s why its so frikken hard to stop them. The only reason we’re safe now is because of The Mark.”
“Don’t remind me.” Steven said. Silence filled the room for a few more seconds before Steven fell on the ground in pain. His eyes began to glow blue and a strong blue light began to glow in his mouth. He began to scream in agony. Greg, knowing he could do nothing to help him, stood with a look of concern printed on his face. He looked away after a couple of seconds and began to “hope” Steven would survive this one. After about a minute the light faded and Greg’s hopes came true. Steven returned to normal, breathing hard. Seeing that he was okay, Greg ran to his aid. He helped him up and suddenly The Mark he had spoken of burst into flames. The Mark, which was in the shape of a beast, disappeared.
“That’s our cue.” Greg said and no sooner did the door explode. Behind it was an angel holding a flaming sword. Greg and Steven wasted no time and jumped through the window of the building. Steven levitated the moment they almost hit the ground and landed them safely on the ground. They looked up, momentarily, and ran to the nearest car.Steven burst the window open with his telekinesis and then got in the passenger’s seat. Greg got in the driver’s seat and Steven started the car with his power over electricity. Greg quickly pushed down on the gas and the car sprinted into the distance but not before the car owner came running out of a clothing store, across the street, screaming for his car. 
Greg looked back to make sure they weren’t being followed and then focused on the road, again. He looked at Steven, who looked completely drained, and asked,
“Are you okay?”
“Yeah…” Steven answered breathing a little easier.
“It’s getting worse.”
“Yeah it is.”
“How much longer do you think you have?”
”Not long… I’d say about 24 hours.”
“Just enough time to get to Colorado.”
“Is that where the sword is?”
“Yeah. We should be there by tomorrow morning.”
“Tomorrow morning!? We don’t have that kind of time.”
“I know but every time you use your powers you speed up your clock. One more time and 24 hours could turn into 2 minutes. So this is the fastest way transportation we have.”
Steven stared at Greg for a few more seconds before sitting up in his seat.
“If I don’t make it through this…”
“Don’t! I don’t even wanna hear it. Your gonna make it through this. I promised, remember?”
”Yeah… Greg, if the sword doesn’t work. Kill me yourself.”
“These powers weren’t meant for me. That’s the only reason this is happening. I’m not The Chosen One. Camden was. I’m just a vessel for HIS powers. The world can do without me.”
“No I wo-“
“You heard what they said back there! One more attack and these powers are gonna rip through me like paper. ANYONE will be able to get the powers then. And they’ll follow the same fate as me. It’ll be an endless cycle until finally someone kills the vessel with the powers inside. That’s the only way to destroy the Chosen powers. It needs to end with me. No more innocent people should die because of HIS stupid mistake.” Steven said referring to God.
“I’ll take the powers before I let the angels, or myself, kill you.”
“If you do that then I’ll die for nothing. I know that’s not what you want.” Steven said grinding his teeth. Greg, with no further rebuttals, stayed silent and focused on the road.

Greg opened his eyes as if awaking from a bad dream. He got up and put his face in his hands. He inhaled and exhaled slowly. He then headed for the bathroom. Once inside he shut the door and looked at himself in the mirror. He had grown so much older since that day. He had grown facial hair he didn’t have before, giving him a rugged look, and his arms and torso were more defined and muscular now than they were 5 years ago. He was 23 years old now. It’d been 5 years since Steven and Greg were given a hint as to when Rapture would come. They had faced a powerful demon that foreshadowed the very coming of the day said to bring the end of the world. Ever since that day Greg had trained harder than ever. His powers of empathy and premonitions were passive so he needed a way to defend himself physically. Unlike Steven who learned a new ability with every demon they fought, Greg’s skills took years to learn. Since Steven died Greg had stopped hunting demons. Fighting only the demons that purposely crossed paths with him. As a result of his distance from the supernatural world, Greg’s premonitions began to become more and more less frequent. The power of his empathy had lessened so much that you could barely tell it was there, whether on a human level or his own supernaturally high level.
Greg cut on the water facet and splashed a handful of water on his face. When he opened his eyes again the bathroom door was shut. The bathroom light began to flicker and the room grew colder. All the while Greg never took his eyes out of the mirror. As if nothing was happening.
“So, have you reconsidered my offer.” A female demon said, now standing behind him.
“Not at all.” Greg replied.
The girl was cute and brunette. She looked like a perfectly normal teenage girl but she was so much more than that. Trish was a demon of The Mark. Demons Lucifer sent from hell to begin his distribution of The Mark of The Beast.
“C’mon. It’s not like you haven’t used it before. You see how good it did you then.”
“None. Considering he’s dead.”
“But that’s not our fault. He was dead the day he became the Chosen One. You know that and so do I.” Trish said and placed her back against the wall.
Greg and Steven had used The Mark to escape the angels on numerous occasions. The Mark was the only way of hiding oneself from the eyes of the angels and God himself. However, this wasn’t the primary use of The Mark. The Mark is a type of insurance used on those who owe him their soul. People sell Satan their soul in exchange for favors such as money, fame, death of an enemy, or even the life of a loved one. Greg and Steven used The Mark, but didn’t place it on their bodies. Greg and Steven found demons of The Mark and killed them in specific areas. Any area where a demon of The Mark is killed will temporarily leave a Mark of The Beast. Cloaking that location from the eyes of God and his angels. Until they are vanquished, however, Demon’s of The Mark are the only demons completely invisible to the eyes of God.
Trish rose up from the wall and stood behind Greg.
“C’mon baby. You know you wanna join us. After all he did to you.” She said raising Greg’s shirt up and gently rubbing her hands on his stomach.
“He’s takin’ everything from you. Your friends. Your family. Your happiness. All in exchange for you helping him fight my master’s hordes off everyday.” She said continuing to seduce him. Finally, Greg grabbed her hand and threw her into the wall on the opposite side of the bathroom. Demons of The Mark were physically the most frail of any demon. However, their presence carried with it the strongest amount of demonic energy and therefore caused the malfunctioning of electronics and their telekinesis made them almost untouchable. Also, their strong-minded demons and know almost every way to manipulate the human mind and body.
“Get out! I told you I’m not on your side or his. Your no more trust worthy than he is.”
“That’s a shame. We had such high hopes for you. You did so well when you became a demon way back when. Destroying all magic and all.”
“Get out or I’ll put you out.”
Trish giggled a bit and said, “Sweaty. You know you don’t have what it takes to kill me. That was Steven’s job.” She said and analyzed the anger building in his eyes.
“But I can tell when I’m not wanted. See ya around.” She said and made her way out of the bathroom door. Greg followed her out only to discover she was gone. Unsurprised, Greg walked back over to his bed and plopped down. He couldn’t sleep. Not after that flashback. He got up and headed into the kitchen. He took out a whole bottle of vodka and a small glass. He sat down at a table in the kitchen. He opened the glass and began to pour some into the glass. He got up and sat in his window. He looked at the moon and the moon was looking back at him in its usual luminous glow. He began to drink his vodka in more than the usual, and safer, sips. Before a minute was up the glass was empty. He got up and got ready to fill it back up.
“Greg…” A voice called from behind him.
Recognizing the voice, immediately, Greg said “I was wondering when they were gonna send you.” And then turned around. However, when he did the only sound he heard was the wind, eerily flowing through the house. Completely dismissing the thought Greg put the glass back down and laid back in bed. Only a second after closing his eyes he heard a voice again. This voice was completely different from the masculine voice he had heard before. Still, this voice was just as recognizable as the first. He opened his eyes and saw Misty sitting on the edge of his bed. Blood trickling down her stomach.
“It’s your fault your alone.” She said before vanishing just as suddenly as she had appeared. Greg jumped up before hearing her voice again. This time beside him. He looked next to him and saw Misty, this time looking more fatigued.
“It’s your fault your alone. I would’ve been here. But you let me die.”
“You told me to let you die…”
“And here’s the consequence. You’re here. Alone. All of your friends are gone. Dead. Because of this war you can’t seem to fight.”
”I stopped fighting when Steven died.” Greg said.
“Do you miss me?” Misty asked after a pause.
Greg followed with another pause and said, “Yes.” After his response Greg’s figment disappeared, back into his imagination. Greg grabbed the sleeping pills and ate them, then sat back and closed his eyes. After another hour of restlessness he fell back into the day his life changed forever.


The museum halls were quiet and empty. The museum artifacts stared silently at the duo that was making their way through it. Greg and Steven made their way down several halls of the huge museum, Greg holding Steven by his shoulders to help him walk. Steven was getting weaker and weaker by the hour and it wouldn’t be long before he had his final combustion. Greg was following a museum map that was leading him to the location of the sword.
“Okay… run this by me one more time.” Steven asked Greg.
“That sword. If my research is correct it was built to extinguish separated entities such as poltergeist, possessive demons, or even parasites that inhabit themselves within the body of its victim. If I stab you with it, it should separate you and the chosen powers, which is a separate entity from you.”
“And what’ll happen to the Chosen powers.”
“They’ll be absorbed into the sword I’m guessing. If the sword isn’t powerful enough to destroy the separated entity, it’ll absorb it.”
“And what book did you read this from?”
“What book do you think?” Greg said, hinting at Misty’s old spell book.
“Figures. That book was written by angels remember. They’ve lied to us before.”
“Yeah. Like that time they told me the primary powers of a Seer is a graviton. I’m stupid for believing that.” Greg said, expecting Steven to tell him he wasn’t.
Instead Steven said, “Yeah you are.”
“Wow. Thanks.” Greg said.
“What’d you expect me to say? That demon that was inside you, giving you your graviton powers almost killed us. I wish I had been there when they told you that I would’ve said ‘what shouldn’t the main powers of a Seer be to see.’”
“Yeah whatever. Well it didn’t kill us, did it? We came out on top. Just like we always do.”
“Yeah… we’ve been through a lot, haven’t we?”
“It’s been a fun ride. Steven said as a tear fell down his cheeks.”
Greg stopped walking and said, “Don’t talk like that. Your not gonna die. I promised.”
Rather than argue with him, Steven looked up.
“Is that our sword?” He asked pointing down the hall at a magnificently silver bladed sword.
“Yep. Let’s go.” Greg said and they headed to the room occupying the sword. Once they were inside Greg helped Steven sit his back against a wall and he walked over to the sword himself.
“How’re we gonna get to it without setting off the alarm.” Steven asked.
Immediately Greg smashed the glass around the sword. As the glass shattered the alarm went off loudly. The entire building glowing an almost foreshadowing red color.
Greg then grabbed the sword and said, “We’re not.” As a response to Steven’s question. As Greg had anticipated the angel’s appeared around them.
“Wait!” Greg said to the angel’s before they could incinerate Steven.
“If this doesn’t work then feel free. That’s the offer.” Greg said.
“You have less than a minute before the powers tear from him and likely into you.”
“I know. That’s why I need you to shut up so I can concentrate.” Greg said, silencing all 3 of the angel’s in the room.
“Ready.” Greg asked Steven. Steven nodded his head and Greg plunged the sword into him. No blood seeped down the blade. Greg let go of the sword and stepped back.
“Did it work?” He asked just before a huge blue blast shot him across the room. The angels’ defended themselves from the blast with a magical shield. The Chosen powers whipped out of the immobilized Steven like a huge serpent being subdued by a predator. Steven’s eyes glowed blue as the powers continued to seep from his body. The sword began absorbing the powers creating a huge blue wind that was contrasting with the red glowing of the room. Suddenly, two security guards entered the room but were both burned alive by the chosen powers. Electricity hit all the walls as the Chosen powers fought the sword for its independence. Greg stayed down in the corner, on the ground, somewhat safe from all the chaos that was taking place around him. Finally, after a huge blast of blue flames the sword absorbed the powers. Everything stopped. Even the alarms had stopped because the chosen powers had halted all technology in the building. The only source of light was the now glowing sword. Greg got up and slowly walked toward the sword. The angel’s had been fossilized by Chosen powers. Steven stood, still impaled to the wall, in disbelief.
“We did it.” Greg said in uncertainty. After a brief moment of peace the glowing sword burst open and the Chosen powers spewed back into Steven. The sword broke in defeat and began to disintegrate. Steven fell to his knees as the Chosen powers made him their next victim. They began ripping through him. His mouth glowed blue and his eyes did the same. His skin began to rip and a blue light began to shine from underneath the cracks in his skin. He screamed in unbelievable pain. Greg, with nothing else to do begged Steven to stay with him. A white light glowed from behind Greg. He turned around and was knocked out of harms way by the hand of an angel. Greg got up immediately from the opposite side of the room and began running to Steven’s aid.
“Do it!!!” Steven yelled at the angel. “Do it!!!!!!!” He repeated. The angel held his hand out and shot a blue fireball at the doomed Chosen One. The fire incinerated him just as Greg arrived to help him. He looked at Greg momentarily before becoming ash and The Chosen Powers vanished into nothing. Greg, realizing he was to late, completely ignored the fact that if he had made it in time there would have been nothing he could do. The lonely Seer stood in horror at the fate of his friend. The angel turned around and looked at him. The angel made a pointless attempt to apologize before Greg punched him in the face.
“Don’t you dare apologize to me.” He said and fell to his knees at his friend’s ashes.


Greg tossed and turned in his sleep before jumping up in terror. He relived that one night, every night now. No matter how close he came to moving on, that dream would always bring him back. And remind him that he was destined to be alone. The thunder from the storm outside was loud and gave Greg an immediate headache. The rain was thudding against his windows so hard it seemed as if they would break. He went into the bathroom to get a Tylenol. He opened the medicine cabinet and then heard a knock at the door. He grabbed the Tylenol and opened it as he headed for the door.
“Who is it?” Greg called out. He got no answer. “Who is it!?” He repeated. When no one answered again he assumed it was one of the guys he fought in the bar earlier was back for more. He fearlessly opened the door. Shocked beyond belief, he dropped the bottle of Tylenol on the floor. They spilled everywhere on the floor, all finding their own resting places all over his apartment floor. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He refused to believe his eyes. The eyes that were seeing a drenched Misty, hair and clothes soaked with water, standing at his doorstep with a look on her face that matched his in astonishment.

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