I drink

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Alone and drunk.

Submitted: November 11, 2007

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Submitted: November 11, 2007




Grasping at the thin line

Between depression and suicide.

Torn in two by my

Split personalities.

Acquiring as much

Love and hate

As I can stomach.

I cant stand the sight of myself

Let alone someone else.

Everyone bothers me.

So I drink.

I drink to drinking.

I drink alone.

I drink to everyone

And to no one.

I drink to the girl

Who left for the

Bigger dick

Or more money.

Or less baggage.

I drink to the

Couple of friends

I have made in twenty six years

I drink again

To the girl who left

Always thinking she could

Find someone better.

I guess she finally did.

I drink.

I drink to dull the pain.

I drink to leave myself

If only for a night.

I drink to kill memories

Of thrown slices of pizza

Or tipped over kitchen tables.

I drink to remember

Your face when you told me

You were cheating.

Or when you lied and said you

Would love me forever.

I drink.

I drink to slander your name

If only to myself.

I drink to sleep without dreaming

Of the house we never purchased.

I drink to sloppily sign the divorce

Papers again and again.

I drink.

I drink to poison whatever’s

Left of my soul.

I drink to put out the stomach

Ulcer burning a hole in my insides.

I drink to numb my hatred

For the sloppy drunk

Landing face first on

The sidewalk after he’s been

Kicked out of the bar.

I drink because im not hungry.

I drink to fight off the urge

To call you again tonight.

I drink to fall in love.

I drink to keep people away.

I drink because there is

Nothing else for me.

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