I'm not happy unless im sad

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This is me angry and depressed at the same time. Usually its one or the other and easier to deal with. It might not make a whole lot of sense to some but i understand it. I do think that you have to write for yourself, not thinking the whole time if someone else is going to get it. All i really know is when i was done writing this i felt a little better...Life sucks... If punctuation is off or the spelling is messed up im sorry but like i said i wrote it mad...and fast.

Submitted: March 12, 2007

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Submitted: March 12, 2007



Tonight I dine on the bleeding hearts of others

for they have been enjoying mine for far to long.

Shall I make it easy for all

and include stepping stones on my spine?

Or should I rise up in a thunder cloud of hate

and revolt against all that have devoured

every single thing i held dear.

Under the comfort of my smothering pillow

I scream and cry.

Within the cool wetness of my spit and tears

is where my hate and love reside.

Inside this haze of beer and wine and

my pink eyed screams i consider

the most obvious...

When and How to die?

Billiard halls of drunks and scabs

stand naked staring deeply inside me

They point and stare at my brightly colored shoes.

Dark red lipstick cover my face in an

after glow of perverted sex

and all i can think about is how to leave without waking

I trap myself inside a mindless talk

hoping behind it all i can find true brilliance.

It never comes...

Ignorance is far from bliss...

but im right next to it.

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