He Made me Do it.

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A young girl's confession about her gruesome crime.

Submitted: December 02, 2013

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Submitted: December 02, 2013



First off, an introduction, my name is Jenna. Well, I’m 17 and I live somewhere in California, I live in an ordinary house, with an ordinary family, and yea, my life is boring. Well, that was since I... well, lost my virginity...

I was 16 when I lost my virginity and I had a boyfriend named Brett, we were like one of those couples, you know, ordinary and probably boring, he doesn’t smoke which is mainly why I liked him. He drinks though, which is good enough for me because I drink too. We dated for about 3 months and boy! Wasn’t he demanding!

First, we were at the park, and we got a blanket placed down the grass and you know, typical picnic date. He lay down and tapped his hand beside him; I guess that's my Q to lay down with him, so I did. We cuddled and he told me scary stories, it wasn’t really scary but I think it’s cute so I pretended that I was scared and made him hug me tighter. Yes, I was in love with the guy.

One night we were upstairs in his house and we started to argue. He then suddenly slapped me and screamed at me. I was shocked because we were fighting about a stupid subject and he acted this way? I stood up and looked at him right in his eyes. Tears coming down my face, and his eyes looked down upon his hands and slowly walked towards me. He hugged me begging for my forgiveness and apologizing. I didn’t know what I was thinking and yes, I know, that should’ve been the perfect time to break up with him. But no, I took him back.

He was better, kinder and nicer to me. But, something seems wrong. We fought again but this time he has more rage. His eyes blazing with anger, I was of course mad too. I screamed at him and told him how much of a jerk he is and he said,

"SHUT UP!" And he raised his hand and he smacked me right in the face. I love him too much to let go. NOT YET.

More good things happened when I forgave him, more happy moments. Until one night, he took advantage of me while I was a little drunk; I never thought I’d see the day. When I woke up naked next to his bed, my head ached. I didn’t move, my eyes opened but I couldn’t move. I want to take everything, my things and run out of there, but... I couldn’t do it. I looked at his face. I don’t see any love; it's all darkness, anger and pain. I finally found the strength to move out of bed and get my clothes on. I was about to walk away, until....

"Hey, where are u going?" my body went stiff, I couldn’t move again.

I weakly said, "Going home baby."

He didn’t reply. He didn’t even said sorry, he didn’t even apologize! Anger ran straight through my veins and next thing I know I was strangling him.

“YOU TOOK ADVANTAGE OF ME!" He choked, saliva going out of his mouth, I can hear him suffering, OH THE PLEASURE! He managed to kick me away and I tumbled down the floor. I heard him coughed, I immediately stood up and grabbed the lamp and slammed it to the back of his head. He went unconscious, man, he was heavy, and I took some duct tape and tied him down the bed. I taped his mouth and slapped him to make him wake up. He didn’t. I punched him in the gut, WHICH for sure will wake him up. I smiled; I stripped his boxers down and grabbed the duck tape. I put some on his mouth and I looked down on his penis and felt his pubic hair. The sound of the tape getting ripped from its cover sent chills down my spine. I looked at him and I took the duck tape and placed it upon his penis.

He was begging to not do it, screaming through the duck tape on his mouth. I tapped down his chest, "I didn’t pull it yet. Calm down... will you?"I brushed my hands down his chest and grabbed the little flap of the duct tape that's on his penis.

"Ready baby?" I smiled and yanked it off. I looked at the duct tape and laughed; "Hey look, it’s your pubes." he was crying in pain and screaming out of pain. I took a knife I got from his kitchen and cut his wrists and the blood dropped down the bed."I’ll make it quick babe, don’t worry.” I then took the knife and stabbed in the chest 5-6 times, maybe more? I was having too much fun I don’t even know how many!  I threw the knife on the floor. I laughed and kissed him through his duck taped lips......I whisper, "Sweet dreams honey, I LOVE YOU SO! SO! MUCH". I brushed my fingers against his face and left.

It’s almost been a year since then. Since then, I’ve been all over the news. No one knows where I am, but I’m sick of hiding, I told my friend where I am and I’m sure the cops will be here in a few minutes. I’m writing this to let you know that there are guys out there, the type of guys who wouldn’t stop at nothing to keep you from escaping. I fought back, but I took the wrong step, I didn’t think of the consequences. And now, I am paying for them.


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