A descriptive thing i had to write for English but it turned into a story starter :(

English Describing thing which is now a story thingamajig.

As I stand in the pitch darkness, my life flashes before my eyes like a shooting star in the twilight sky, I turn 360 degrees; a scream pitches through my ears, sounded like fingernails scratching across a chalkboard. A bike, tricycle. Pedals itself straight in front of me. I can’t see anything except myself on a glowing spot of ground. The smell of blood fills the room, I follow it. I see my Granddad, just lying there. I feel scared and alone, I finally know why I was sent to this place, I guess I just wanted to know what he looked like. As I stare at his body, flames overcome him, the ashes fly into 8 jars, my aunties and uncles enter to claim what is their possession.

I twist like a ballerina on the spot but as I, the ground shakes and falls. Out of the ground, a monster rose, but I did not understand, the face of my father was stuck to it. A corner calls to me like a mother calling to her offspring. I run to the corner and I sit, I start humming to myself, I feel safe, my mom puts her arms around me and tells me, “It’s going to be okay.”

As I cry with happiness, light conjures the darkness, I finally feel happy.

Submitted: November 11, 2009

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